Invention of the mobile phone

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I will be discussing on the invention of mobile phone (cell phone) changed the lives of people.

In 1973, one of the employees of Motorola, Dr Martin Cooper was the first person to make a call on a portable cell phone to one of his rival, Joel Engel, a AT & T Bell labs head of research. But the people that introduced cellular communication are Richard H. Frenkiel and Joel S. Engel in 1947 (Ideafinder, 2007).

Since the invention of this technology (mobile phone), it has affected our live positively and negatively too, but the positive seems to be more.

The positive impact on mobile phones on the society:

Employment: With mobile phone, companies have been able to employ people within and outside each country. The employments have to be divided into mobile phone manufacturer and network providers; you can see for example Motorola the number of people they have employed since mobile phone came out fully than when they were no mobile phones. And also network providers like T-mobile came out because of the mobile phone and they have employed people massively too.

New and improved businesses: With mobile phones, our businesses have improved, you do not need to travel always to make some contacts, you can as well order your goods and we can book appointment with our business associates.

Time management: Time is money, the time you should used to go different place will be reduced, and you can be anywhere and contact the people you should visited.

Making life easy: Unlike our land line telephone, you can be anywhere and make your call, for example you just arrived at grocery store and unfortunate to you, you forgot the list you wrote what you will buy, you do not need to go back home, you can easily call your home and ask them to text you all the items on the list. Also when you are going to a place for the first time you can easily call once you miss your direction (Spencer, 2007).

Advanced Technology: We can see with mobile phones we can easily browse the internet, send SMS and MMS message, take picture, play games, video an incident, check our mails, and so on (Jackson, 2010).

The negative impact on mobile phones on the society (Titus, 2010):

  • We have seen in many cases accidents have occurred making call while you are driving.
  • Some do believe that the mobile phones emit microwave radiation and this may cause cancer for the users.
  • Also we have seen how people bumped into others while they are walking and the time making call, this will distract them.

Who gained from this adoption?

I will say everyone gained from this because it all made life easy for us. For companies, mobile phones manufacturers and network provides also gained tremendously.

Who lost out?

When you talk about losing out, in terms of business, I will say it the national carrier that have been enjoying monopoly on the land line telephone, that means everyone must go through them and also buy their line. With the adoption of mobile phones, that monopoly has drastically reduced. For example, in my country Nigeria, NITEL has been enjoying the monopoly before mobile phones came out in Nigeria.


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