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In this report there is a fine introduction of Smart Phones and their importance in our lives that how it is influences our daily routine work and also this report contains the role of E-Commerce and Web 2.0 in the trade of and Firstly there is overview of Smart Phones is given then how it is influences our daily routine and then there are some descriptions of software’s which are being used in Smart Phones and also some of Smart Phones manufacturers names.

Secondly in this report there is discussion how in next few years smart phones will take over all the digital devices and will be only one digital device we may own.

Thirdly it has shown that what is E-Commerce and Web 2.0 technologies and how Amazon and EBay websites are using these technologies to expand their businesses all over the world.

In the last conclusion is given followed by the references.


Smart phone is a mobile phone which offers advanced technologies with functionality similar as a personal computer. While offering a standardized platform for application developers a smart phone performs as complete operating system software. Secondly, there are also very advanced features in smart phones such as internet, instant messenger and e-mail and also built-in keyboard are very typical. Because of these reasons we can say a smart phone a miniature computer with the similarities of a simple phone.

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With the growing speed of technological advancement, Smart phones have become the essential components of our daily performance. As we look for convenience, we also respect the devices, which can combine multiple features and which give us more mobility and entertainment. As the whole world is going into the new phase of technological performance, our needs become more sophisticated. On the one hand, we need speed, quality, and effectiveness on the other hand, these features should be combined in a solution small enough to carry it in the pocket.

Smart phones have come to exemplify one of the wisest and the most convenient technological ideas in the history of mankind. The unique combination of features makes Smart phones extremely usable and useful for different purposes. In business or in pleasure Smart phones expand our capabilities and help us resolve our problems in timely manner.

This is because of the growing speed of all decision-making processes in business and life that technological companies have come to the need for developing a new unique technological device. Usually, “a Smartphone combines the functions of a cellular phone and a handheld computer in a single device. It differs from a normal phone in that it has an operating system and local storage, so udders can add and store information, send and receive email, and install programs to the phone as they could with a PDA Yuan. A Smartphone may also be referred to as a cellular…

Overview of Smart Phones

These smart phones today can do almost everything. Faster networking systems, attractive and powerful applications and the technology literate users are making these smart phones very powerful these days. Huge markets are adopting the smart phones due to their flexibility, more productive features and better connectivity to the world in terms of internet. Along with many benefits, smart phones are increasing the value of the wireless technology, including the mobile phones, wireless tablets and the notebook computers.

Some smart phones have the keypad similar to a notebook PC, this type of keypad is known as QWERTY keypad. The QWERTY keypad smart phones are easy to use and recommended when the user has to always type a lot. The other type of keypad is the on screen keypad, which is actually a touch screen keypad; this kind of keypad also comes in the form of buttons, which are not in the touch screen but below the screen of the smart phones. The touch screen smart phones are no doubt very advanced but they are a bit difficult to use when compared to a QWERTY or embossed keys keypad (Jackson 2010; Alejandro, X).

Smartphone Operating Systems

There are many operating systems which are being used by companies to introduce their smart phones but most important system is Symbian which is really popular these days and every other smart phone has this software. Some software are listed below:




Unique Operating System

Apple OS

Smart Phone Manufacturers

In this new era of technology, there are a lot of companies who are manufacturing not only mobile or cell phones but even they are trying to put their all expertise in manufacturing smart phones. Every company has different technologies from each other and trying to be number one in Telecommunication Field. Some of the main smart phone manufacturing companies are

  • Apple
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • HTC
  • Vodafone
  • Black Berry
  • Motorola

Some examples of Smart Phones are

  • I phone
  • Blackberry
  • X-peria
  • Nokia N8
  • Samsung B3410
  • HTC

Will Smart Phones become the single most important digital device we own?

Technology is getting really advanced today and it is becoming an essential part of life. There has been also a great and very vast era of the evolution of mobile phones from simple and bigger mobile phones, which were able to send and receive calls and send and receive the text messages only. The smart phones are more likely to be the hand held computers for configuring the daily schedules, saving large documents, for watching videos, listening music, using internet, using world wide web, video conferencing and much more than a human mind can think.

Smart phones are getting really popular in this advanced world. Everyone wants to carry his own personal data and information with him all the time which smart phone makes possible. It is being accepted that in the future smart phones will take over all the other digital devices in next year’s such as laptops, personal desktop computers and notebooks.

Today smart phones carry all the features of digital devices as well as a common phone features. Smart phones include the projector video sharing, music player, high megapixel cameras and better navigators.

Implications & Justifications

Today smart phones are the devices which provide all the facilities what a user need in his daily life, such as e-mail, notebook, Bluetooth, gaming panel, high resolution camera applications, Microsoft office suite, television and many other computerized applications that a human being can just think of. There is also a lot of perceptions about that smart phones will take over the other digital computerized devices like laptops, personal computers and notebooks. The technology used in smart phones is getting really advance day by day. Technicians are committing their time to explore new technologies and putting them into one simple device called smart phone for the beneficial future of human being.

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Smart phone are the best digital devices of present which provides what a human need. Everyone try to have a smart phone instead of having a simple phone because by a simple mobile he can only do call or text to other numbers but having a smart phone is beneficial by this we can do our office work on MS Office, can check our mails any time anywhere and there are a lot of more things that we can do with smart phones.

There is no doubt that in future Smart Phone will become the single most important digital device we own.


Due to the popularity of smart phones technology, it is being expected that smart phone sales will continue to grow in next year’s and some of the improvements vendors are making to help convince consumers to pick up a new device include dual-core processors and better video capabilities.

E-Commerce & Web 2.0 Technologies


Selling through the websites is the best method of increasing trade worldwide.The business done electronically is called E-Commerce and it includes many different activities both in business-to-business market and in the business to consumer market. It includes trading of goods and services electronically, online delivery, transfers of funds electronically. It includes both products and services.

Commercial transaction of goods and services is e-commerce; good services are exchanged electronically not physically between parties. It has a very big range of communication technologies i.e. e-mail, internet. After consideration the importance of internet people prefer to shop online because it makes shopping easy and saving of time.

Web 2.0

The web 2.0 is known as the next generation or second generation of the internet web. The web 2.0 allows users to use internet in more enhanced way such as publishing of videos or audio on the internet, sharing of files and photos. This term was used in 2004 for the first time; it is also a collaboration of different processes of business and the technology to provide more flexibility to the marketing. It is of much related to the social networking such as,, and many others; while it also refers to the video and audio sharing on internet such as,, and many others. It is a vast term which is many steps ahead when the internet was launched and after many years or launching of internet there was only web 1.0 (O’Reilly 2005; 2010).

Role of E-Commerce & Web 2.0 Technologies in EBay’s & Amazon’s Popularity

Amazon and eBay are those companies which are pure e-commerce companies which are using web 2.0 technologies that allow users to shop online without any physical relationship.

These websites are security protected and facilitate their customers with every possible way. By using these technologies we can buy anything online by sitting in comfort of our home anytime in 24 hours with complete security and satisfaction. Amazon is one of the best website where we can buy about anything which is necessary in our routine life and they also provide free home delivery of whatever you buy online.

This enhancement in technology allows consumers or businesses to use the web more efficiently and with flexibility even if the consumers do not have any experience (Chaffey 2008; 2010;; 2005; Phillips 2006).

These website provide low cost products to their customers who can buy that products with only 1 click in safe and pure atmosphere and customers can also compare the items with one to other products so they can decide easily that which product suits their nature. E-Commerce has made it very easy to shop online for these types of websites. These websites allow shoppers to shop online and provide complete satisfaction.

Life is so busy today and mostly people has no time to spend on shopping and and made it easy to shop online without any physical interferences. These websites are becoming very popular and feasible for the shopping purposes. The e-commerce is increasing the revenue of and eBay each year, because of the awareness among the consumers and the more enhanced and easy to use web 2.0 portals, which makes it attractive for consumers to purchase through e-commerce (Andam 2003; 2010;; 2005; Phillips 2006).


Today life is so busy and everyone is trying to complete his own needs. No-one has such time to look around him and think for a while to what he/she wants. The economies are becoming stable and unstable sometimes. To overcome the needs of consumers of bigger digital devices, smart phones are solving the issues. We can use smart phones for a lot of purposes of routine life and because of this we don’t have to carry heavy weight laptops and digital dairies, we can save anything in our smart phone so we can get benefits of this anywhere any time.

This advancement of technology shows that smart phones will take over the other digital devices easily. Similarly, with the passage of time everyone is getting more busy in their routine life and no one has such time to visit physical markets for shopping. So this online shopping made life so easier to explore new adventures and find out what we need.

E-commerce and web 2.0 has made it easier for the people to use the web with flexibility even if they do not have much experience to use the internet. These enhancements and technological changes are making people’s life easier.

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