Database design and development assignment

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I am a student studying IADCS (International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies) offered by NCC Education at Myanma Computer Company Ltd….. ( MCC) in Yangon. I have to study Three core subjects and Three elective subjects and one project. In Database Design & Development, we have to do assignment and sit for an exam to pass. This is the assignment of this subject. As I am the student of IADCS, I have to do this Computer Forensics Assignment. The assignment title is "RESEARCH DEPARTMENT DATABASE DEVELOPMENT".

Database Design & Development Assignment


I want to say a word "Thanks" for my father and mother and all people who help me in this assignment duration. I want to say thank you to U Sann Lwin,U Nyein Oo, U Yar zar Aye Cho and Daw Aung Thandar Lynn Myint .They help all students in IAD 38 sections. They told that to finish the assignment in time and to be finishing the assignment in time and to be finish completely. So we tried to finish the assignment in time and completely. I want to say that I thank the all lecturers who teach me.


Relational data analysis addresses the logical groupings of data and the relationships between them. It is strictly rule based technique which takes a bottom up approach. Products of RDA are a set of normalized relations and ultimately an entity relationship diagram (ERD). It is alternatively called normalization or third normal form analysis. All results of analyzing of relational data are recorded in Normalization process. Purpose of RDA is to design a database that fits the user's purpose. If database structure is not thoroughly examined, users may make demands for other ways to use the database after loading the actual data. Such modifications tend to be very time-consuming and inefficient.

In Task 1 ERD will show Internal Employee and External Employee is many to Project Detail. Project Detail is one to Internal Employee and External Employee. Project if many to Project Detail. Project Detail is one to Project. Agency is many to Project and Project is one to Agency.

In Task - 2 Primary Key in Database are Pno (Project Number) & Eno (Employee Number) & Ano (Agency Number). Foreign Key is Ano (Agency Number) in Project table.

In Task - 3 the purpose of normalization is to eliminate the redundancy from data. Therefore it can achieve integrity and consistency of data. There are five stages for the normalization of a relational database.

  1. 1st normalization form - 1st normalization involves the removal of repeating groups of data. Data is divided into the fixed part and the repetition part which is overlapped with other repetition part. 1st normalization can calculate data items by other items and do not have to be included in the database.
  2. 2nd normalization form - Data is separated into those data items which the whole functionally and partially dependent on the key items. It affects only relations with non-key attribute which has more than one attribute in the key.
  3. 3rd normalization form - Dependencies between non-key items are concentrated. This take out of any attribute which value is always one value of another attribute and do not reference to the key. Remaining anomalies resulting from functional dependencies have been removed.
  4. Optimization - Data are consolidated from many full set of attributes compiled for each normalized relation. Combine any relations with identical keys with no duplication and their attributes being pooled. Remaining anomalies have been removed. Calculated attribute has been removed at the outset. Normalization Data Fields are _ Pno, Ano, Eno, Pname, Pduration, Sdate, Edate, IEname, EEname, Role, TotalCost, GrantAmount, Outcome, FunAmount, FunDate, whours, EEname, EEaddress, EE_Wcompany, EEcost, IEname, IEage, IEaddress, IEnationality, IEqualification, IEresearchteam, IE_eocdate, IE_Pname, IEgrade, IE_Sdate, IE_Csalary, Aname, Aaddress, ACon_person, Atelephone.

In Task - 4 Using a Database Management System (DBMS) MySQL set up all of the above normalized tables, and populate them with well-designed test data. Write the test data in all noarmalized tables in MySQL (DBMS Software).

In Task - 5 Using Structured Query Language (SQL) printouts of SQL code for each query and the output produced run the query in the database. First query display the full name of all of the employees (internal and external) currently working on at least one project for the Research Department along with the project(s) they work on, and their roles in each project.

Second query display all the projects are received funding from a funding agency. The result can display the name of the project, the names of employees involved, the name of the funding agency, the funding contribution from the funding agency, the name of the project manager, the project total cost, and project end date.

In Task - 6 I could explain my have made when analyzing, designing implementing the above database. I can work Project possesses one funding agency. Funding agency have possess many project in this assignment.