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Creation of a Versatile Computer System: CPU and RAM

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Wordcount: 2221 words Published: 26th Jul 2021

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I have tried to create a versatile computer system that everyone can use, with a few exceptions. The CPU, RAM, Motherboard, etc. remains the same throughout each system, however certain people require different inputs, outputs etc. In these cases, I have changed the computer system slightly and recorded the price.

Link to website used: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/dG7cBP

All prices were accurate at the time this was created.

This CPU is an older generation but remains a great CPU. I could have chosen an i7 model for the hyper-threading but, along with the increase in price; other components may need to be upgraded to avoid a ‘bottleneck’. The 2.7GHz should provide a good level of speed, but overclocking is an option in case it is not fast enough however, this is not recommend for general work use due to the risk. Its power consumption is fairly low for a CPU, at 65 watts. The PSU is fully capable of supplying power to all of the components. It uses the socket 1151 (meaning 1151 pins). However, on this CPU, the motherboard houses the pins instead of the CPU itself.

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This cooler has a moderately sized heatsink and a fan to push (or pull) air around the CPU. It is compatible with the motherboard the computer will have too. Since I went with a mid-tier CPU, I needed a good level of cooling but nothing massive. This is why I settled for a heat sink and fan, compared with a higher tier water-cooled system. Another reason I chose a traditional heat sink of water-cooling is because of the possibility of water leaking and the management/replacement of water, which can be a difficult task to carry out safely.

I chose this specific thermal paste simply due to its cost. There are more efficient compounds available but for a much higher price. In addition, this thermal paste will last a long time if used correctly, which provides a great value for money.

This motherboard is a standard ATX motherboard, which fits the chipset on the CPU. In addition, I decided to spend a little more on this motherboard for its newer features. Since it is more modern, there is always the option to upgrade components. This motherboard does fit inside the computer case I have selected with enough room left for cable routing. It has four available RAM slots, which will be more than enough memory for everyone.

I chose to go for 16GB since some designing software stresses the memory. In addition, this memory is DDR4, the newest but only type of memory that the motherboard I chose supports. It runs at 2133 MHz, which should provide a good level of performance and allow for upgrades since it only uses two of the four RAM slots on the motherboard.

There are lots of different HDD’s available but I chose Western Digital since it is a well-known company. I opted for a 3.5″ HDD since they spin faster than laptop drives and my case has space for it. This means that the HDD will be able to read and write data slightly faster than other models. Furthermore, I chose 1TB which should be enough storage for a single work computer.

This graphics card is part of the newest generation of NVIDIA’s GPU’s. Although it is one of the lower-end cards, it can run intensive stress tests and benchmarks at a steady usage at 1080p. It is more than enough for designing software at HD resolution, with 4GB of VRAM it should be able to render and load these designs with ease. It is compatible with the motherboard and has room in the case to fit.

I chose this case since it can fit an ATX motherboard (The Z170 I Chose is an ATX). Also, there is lots of room for expansion within the case. There is room for an optical drive which may be useful. Furthermore, there is a lot of room for 120mm/140mm fans that will keep the computer cool and running stable. Finally, there is enough room inside the case the house the GPU.

I chose this PSU since it supplies 500W of power which is more than enough for the current system. In addition, it is an ATX PSU which is compatible with the case. It also is certified (even though it is only bronze) which shows its efficiency and that it doesn’t produce much heat. I chose to spend a little more money than what was necessary on the PSU since faulty or poor quality PSU’s can destroy other components. The total wattage of the computer is  ~235 watts. This means I could have bought a 300w PSU but along with that being barely enough, a 500w PSU also allows the computers to be upgraded without having to worry about power consumption.

Modern optical drives are compatible with most computers. I made sure my case supports an optical drive so there will be no compatibility issues or lack of space for this component. I could’ve spent some more money on the optical drive and chose a different model that may have been more reliable or come with warranty but I decided to save money since the optical drive won’t be used frequently anyway. The only time this will see use is when using older software that requires a disc installation.

Even though Windows 7 isn’t the newest Windows OS, many people are comfortable using it and grew up with it (or similar versions). The jump to 8/8.1 and 10 have drastically changed the layout and general use, making it harder to use. This is why I chose an older version that people are happy with. It is also 64-Bit which supports more applications and has more advanced compatible hardware.

I chose a standard HD (1080p) monitor. Asus is a reliable brand so the image quality should be great; this is especially good for designing software. I could’ve gone for a 1440p or 4k monitor but, for the price, they weren’t worth it. It has several ports that the graphics card supports so it can easily connect. In addition, if I chose a higher resolution monitor, I would also need to upgrade the graphics card due to the amount of pixels.

The keyboard didn’t require a specific model, I chose from a well-known brand that produced a well-received keyboard. It uses a USB 2.0 connection between the motherboard (which is compatible with the current motherboard).

I chose this mouse because it is from a trusted brand and the fact that it is wireless. This means that there will be fewer wires running across desks. This mouse works by using USB wireless transmitter. As a result, there may be a little latency between movement and it appearing on the screen, but I believe that having a wired mouse may cause problems as it can catch on objects and tear over time or even break the motherboard port if ripped out.

I chose to buy a total of six fans (3 dual packs) since the case I purchased supports this many. The front of the case supports 2x120mm or 2x140mm fans, the top supports the same and the back has a 120mm fan as well as the bottom. The front fans can be intakes, along with the bottom, while the top and rear fans can be exhaust fans, blowing air out. Having the same amount of fans blowing in and out make the case have neutral pressure, compared with positive or negative pressure, which can lead to dust build up, or higher temperatures.

I chose to purchase a wired network adapter using a PCI-E connector that will allow the computer to have internet access using a wired (Ethernet connection). The motherboard I chose supports this type of connection.

Type of Work:

Designs kitchens in 3D

  • Wants a brand new computer built from scratch.
  • Has RSI.
  • Requires scanning in documents.
  • Two mobile devices for communicating.
  • Fully networked computers system.

I chose to stay with a mouse even though Mr Ramsey has RSI and this may affect his ability to use it. A mouse is this optimal choice for an input device due to its versatility across a number different uses, especially in design software that requires accuracy. However, I chose a vertical mouse since this might prove to be a great substitute rather than a normal mouse. A vertical mouse reduces the strain in the arm and keeps the arm in a relaxed state; this could reduce the pain from RSI.

This All-in-One printer can print, scan, copy and fax which should be enough options. As well as being wireless, the printer can print up to 22 pages per minute in black and 18 per minute with colour with a DPI resolution of 1200×1200. Again, this proves that this machine is fast as well as efficient. The only reoccurring cost is the ink that needs to be replaced occasionally.

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I chose this phone for communication since it is from a respected brand that has good customer service. This means that if there were any faults, it should be easy enough to resolve, it also means that the build-quality and specifications of the phone are competitive with other brands, meaning the phone has good internal hardware. Since Mr Ramsey requires two mobile devices for communicating, I chose to buy two of the same model since it makes it easier for him to use both as he doesn’t have to learn to use two different OS’s.

Deals with the customers and take down the requirements and measurements of the customers’ kitchens.

  • Needs brand new complete computers.
  • Aadi is left handed.
  • Require to take photographic evidence of the customer’s kitchens.

I chose this mouse because of its left-handed design. This means that Aadi can use this mouse normally. Even though the mouse is expensive, it comes from a well-known company that specialises in peripherals. Also, the mouse has a variety of adjustable settings, an example being DPI which can be changed to what Aadi prefers.

Petra, Aadi and Soolin all required a camera for their work; I decided on this CANON EOS. It is a DLS camera with 18 megapixels, which will provide a 1080p photo. In addition, this model has a sharp LCD screen to change the settings to what is preferred. Another reason I chose this camera is its wireless feature. Once Petra/Aadi/Soolin has taken photos, they don’t need to transfer them via a USB or SD card. Instead, the camera is a wireless storage device as well, meaning that the photos can be accessed from their computers without any physical, wired connection.

Confirms the order with the customer and looks after the payments.

NOTE: The cost of this Microsoft package is £11.30 monthly. A year of this works out at £135.60.

The reason I chose this package was that it included both the communication software (Skype) and the recording information software (Excel). In addition, this package comes with office essentials like Word, PowerPoint, etc. Since this is a subscription, Brian will be given an email needed to use this software; this means that the software can be used anywhere, as long as the email is provided. In addition to this, there are other benefits to the business premium package like 50GB for emails, 1TB Cloud Storage, HD Video Conferencing and more.

Contacts suppliers when stock is low and maintains the stock levels. Sends out the kitchen units and supplies to the customer with a delivery note.

  • Has a slight visual impairment.
  • Requires software to look after the records.
  • Each package has a barcode so it can be tracked.

Due to Tsai’s visual impairment, I thought I higher resolution screen could help him see the screen more clearly. Also, I decided on a 27-inch screen that is larger than a standard office monitor, which should help with his visual impairment. Furthermore, I decided against getting a higher refresh rate monitor. There were choices of 120Hz or even 144Hz but this wouldn’t really affect the visual impairment, it would just make transitions smoother and they are more expensive.

NOTE: The cost of this Microsoft package (£11.30) is a monthly recurring payment. A year of this works out at £135.60.

Like with Brian, the Office 365 Business Premium is a subscription-based software which will allow Tsai to look at records. Using network-attached storage (NAS) or a central server, Brian can wirelessly share any excel spreadsheets or databases with Tsai and vice versa. Also, Tsai is a warehouse manager which could mean he isn’t always sitting at a desk. Therefore, he can use the Office 365 software on a phone or tablet.

This printer will allow Tsai to create and print off any barcodes to track packages. It has an Ethernet and USB port, the Ethernet being for a connection to the internet to print of barcode designs and the USB for a connection to the computer itself.

This barcode scanner can identify barcodes and the package assigned to it. This will make managing a warehouse easier as rather than using serial numbers or other methods of recording lots of information, a barcode can be applied to all packages. This means that in the future, a database can hold all of the information and by scanning a barcode, information is given about the item.


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