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Concept Of E Commerce It Information Technology Essay

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Wordcount: 3237 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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You are required to choose an E-commerce website and asses it in terms of seven unique features. Which of the features does the site implement well and which feature poorly in your opinion. Provide your detailed findings and suggestion for improvement?

Assume that, you had bought two products through online. Explain why you choose to buy that product through online, pros and cons of online purchase.

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Nowadays most of the peoples in this generation will spend most of the time sitting in front of computer and online. At this moment, most of the peoples will use e-commerce website purchase things rather than go shopping mall and purchases things. In this question , students are required to choose an E-commerce website and assess it in term of seven unique features and explain in details which are the features are implement well and which features poorly in our own opinion, not only that, there are also required to give suggestion the improvement for the poorly features. The seven features of e-commerce such as, Ubiquity, Global Reach, Universal Standards, Richness, Interactivity, Information Density, Personalization and customization. Most of the e-commerce website will include those seven unique features, just a problem between which is good and bad. In order to have a successful e-commerce website, these seven unique features are important.

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Main body

Question 1

From the early and humble beginnings, where peoples are still using the traditional transaction and most of the companies does not have their own website, but nowadays e-commerce sees billions traded annually and not only small companies, even large companies also could not afford without a website. Indeed, for many companies, their presence on the Internet is their window to the world and they are also considering as e-commerce businesses. Actually what is e-commerce? E-commerce also called as Electronic Commerce. E-commerce is a type of industry where purchasing and selling of products or services are conducted through over the internet and other computer network. E-commerce are involves digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals. There are two categories e-commerce which are classified by nature of market relationship and classified by type of technologies used. In classified by nature of market relationship are included B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business) and C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer). Classified by type of technologies used are included P2P (Peer-to-Peer) and M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce).

Require having a successful e-commerce website, these are the seven unique features for the e-commerce website is needed. These are the seven unique features for e-commerce, Ubiquity, Global Reach, Universal Standards, Richness, Interactivity, Information Density, Personalization and customization.


It is available everywhere such as work, home and any other places via mobile device. When anytime Marketplace is created or extended beyond traditional boundaries and removed from a geographic location. Shopping can take place anywhere. It can reduce costs and save time such as parking fees and wasting time purposely go to the shopping mall and spend time to search for the items. It can make more convenience for customer. Global reach

Total numbers of consumers or users an e-commerce business can have. Technology Dimension Business Significance Technology reaches beyond national boundaries Commerce is enabled across cultural and national boundaries seamlessly and without modification. Marketplace includes potentially billions of consumers and millions of businesses worldwide. The next one is universal standard.

Universal standard

Universal standard is about to lowers market entry for merchants and search costs for consumers. It can reduce product search cost and by creating a single, one world market place, where price discovery becomes faster, simpler and more accurate. Easily to get the information about all the suppliers, prices, and delivery terms of a specific product anywhere in the world.


It can provide information richness which is more powerful selling environment for consumers. E-Commerce technologies have changed the traditional tradeoff between reach and richness with audio, video and text message. Instead of using traditional technologies like TV, radio and magazines, most of the peoples will rather use Internet and web get the marketing messages. In the internet and web are able to provide millions rich marketing messages for audiences.


Consumers or users can be interacted the content in a dialogue that dynamically adjusts the experience to the individual, and make the consumer a co- participant in the process of delivering goods to the market. It is quite similar to face-to-face experience. Comparing to the TV or radio, it is on a massive global scale.

Information density

Information density amount and quality of information available to all market participants, it can reduces information cost and raises quality Information processing, storage and communication costs drop dramatically while accuracy and timeliness improve greatly. Information becomes plentiful, cheap and accurate. For example, price discrimination in which a merchant can sell the same goods to different targeted market with a different price.

Personalization or customization

In this features are allow consumers personalized messages to be delivered to individuals as well as groups personalization of marketing messages and also allow consumers customize the products and services based on individual characteristics and consumers needed.

In this question are required to choose an e-commerce website, the e-commerce website that are going to choose will be www.ebay.com.my. What is eBay? EBay was founded since 1995 which is an American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California.

It was started as a place to trade collectables and hard-to-find items. Today eBay is a global marketplace where businesses and individuals can buy and sell practically anything, but mostly eBay is more on a type of e-commerce which is consumer-to-consumer. Peoples can get information without register in the website, need to register only when peoples wants to buy or sell the products. Peoples can buy what they want in eBay, it is because for everyone. They can buy the things that they want with a great price. These are the example items can found in eBay, electronics, designer fashion, your favorite toy, rare antiques, new cars and furniture. When peoples are looking for those items, they will look for eBay website. eBay also is a best place for peoples to sell things, millions of peoples in this world will just sell things on eBay every day for make some extra money, clear up clutter around the house, start their own business and jump-start holiday savings. At the same time, peoples are no need to worry about the products that had been sold will go wrong, eBay will have many programs in place to help you trade with peace of mind, such as feedback system, buyer protection program and dedicated security center.

EBay is one of the e-commerce website including all the seven unique features of e-commerce technology and significance. But eBay are not perfectly can do well with all the seven unique features; it has great and poor too. These are the seven unique features of e-commerce will list in sequence from greatest to the poorest. Ubiquity will be the greatest for eBay; it is because eBay are available to everywhere as long as you can online then you can get the information of the products that you looking for. The second will be global reach; eBay is available for everyone in the world, so the number of the users or consumers will be a lot, it is under a global reach level, but there might be some problem that can be reconsider is the users or consumers will be too many and it is hard to be maintain the users or consumers, the marketplace is too wide. Thirdly, universal standard, peoples can get lower cost on eBay and easily to find supplier on eBay, but the price is not fixed and some more consumers have to pay more for the eBay commission. Richness will be in the middle, eBay will just provide information with text and photos, the information sometime will not be so accurate, in order to improve the richness in eBay, it should require sellers to provide a video for their products to make the products information more accurate and clear.

EBay quite poor in interactivity, it is hard to have a contact with the sellers; eBay should prepare a more convenience program that allow consumers to contact sellers instead of just reach messages to the sellers. EBay very poor in personalization and customization, it is because eBay is consumer-to-consumer method, so the products sell in eBay mostly is second hand, it is very hard to customize the products for the consumers, they should prepare a form in the website for consumers to write down what they want to change for the products. Lastly, this is the poorest features for the eBay, information density, better do not expect the products will be quality, the items that sell in eBay most probably are second hand or third hand or even more, eBay should compulsory to the seller to have warranty for their products, and improve the limitation, set limited years for the products, for example, if a products that had been more than 10years, do not allow the seller to put in the eBay and sell it.

In my opinion, the most important is about the information density feature for eBay, if they can give warrantee for the quality of the products, this warrantee will enroll more peoples use eBay to sell or buy things.


In conclusion, nothing is perfect in this world, so every e-commerce website will have well and bad, does not have any e-commerce website can fully do well for all the seven unique features. They can only do is keep ask for feedback and suggestion from the consumers or users and keep try to improve the weakness to be better and better, to have a better quality of the website, the more users and consumers only will be enrolled. Especially, eBay is one of the e-commerce website that for the whole world with consumer-to-consumer method to serve consumers, although it is quite convenience to get the products information for peoples needed, but peoples who going to buy products from eBay better do not give too much expectation for the products quality, must be aware of it, it is because the products might not be exactly look as better as the photo provided in the website.

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In this question I am required to assume myself is a consumer of online purchase. I had bought two products through the online purchasing website. Why I want to buy those products through online? Why I don’t want to go to the shop and buy those products? In this generation online purchase are very common. In this question I do not only have to explain the reason why I want to buy those products from website, I also have to explain in details about the pros and cons of online purchase, which is the advantages and disadvantages of online purchases. Actually, there are not only advantages for online purchase, behind every advantage will also have disadvantage. Although nowadays online purchase are very convenience and more save cost, but there are also certain issues happens we have to be aware, maybe those issues happen will make our money lost and our privacy will be leak out. The answer will telling about we should aware and how to avoid our privacy information and how the hacker get our information and where they get from.

Main body

Question 2

The two products that I will choose to buy through online are desktop computer and mobile phone. Why choose online purchasing? It is quite convenience comparing to go to the shopping mall or those device shop for research, their prices and the equipment.

First of all is about why I will choose to buy desktop computer through online purchasing. Buy a desktop computer with a reasonable and even cheaper price and also specialist for games is not that easy, have to do search for many information and price list. If buying through online, no need to waste my time go to the shopping mall and computer center look for the information and prices, it makes me save time so I can take more time to check for the other brands of the desktop computer price and save cost, I no need to pay the extra parking fees at the computer shops and shopping mall, can just take the money that had saved to assembly more equipment for my desktop computer in order to make it run more faster because it is buy for gaming.

Through the online purchasing website can get all the information about the desktop computer including prices. For example, buying a dell desktop, I can just go to a e-commerce website which is sell dell’s devices and see which of the desktop computer are most suitable for gaming, I can check for the price in the website and try to customize that what I want for my desktop computer such as from 4GB RAM upgrade to 8GB RAM and 500GB hard disk space upgrade to 1TB hard disk space. Not only has that, buying mobile phoned also same, we able to check what the market price for the phone are, and the details for the phone that we looking for, see is it whether the phone really suitable for me or can get even better than that with the reasonable price, can have some packages through the online purchasing website and more convenience. This is why I will choose to buy desktop computer and mobile phone through online purchasing.

There are many pros and cons for online purchasing. pros is something similar like advantages of online purchasing and cons is something similar like disadvantages of online purchasing.

Pros of online purchasing

First of all, it is quite easy to shop through online purchasing. Peoples just needed to have an average internet connection and also some basic knowledge about how to use internet browser to run the e-commerce website. We can just type in their web domain name to browse their website, so that we can get the information about what they are offering, read reviews, make rational buying decision and make comparison with the product from the same categories. Would it be nice to get everything delivered at your doorsteps without you even stepping outside your homes?

Purchasing products through online we can get buying our grocery just sitting on our comfortable sofa and watch our favorite TV shows. We also can have some comparisons, read reviews, view user ratings and make uniform and rational buying decisions in online purchasing web. It is much more convenience for us to do quick comparisons, so that we can get a chance to search the entire positive and negatives of a certain product or service. Can we have discount through the online purchasing? Yes! Since there are many online shopping website exists, of course there will be many competition on internet between different shopping websites, but customers always the first, so many websites will offers many kind of promotions for customer such as, gift certificates, shopping points, discount and cash back benefits. Who will be the people who win those offers? We are the persons can won it. No hard cash for online purchasing, its mean buying products without paying cash. We can get the products that we wanted without paying anything in cash. Everything will be handled by our credit card or PayPal account. Especially, those electronic products like plasma television.

Cons of online purchasing

While shopping on the Internet can be a pleasing and rewarding experience, the negatives or disadvantages associated with Internet shopping cannot be neglected. Let us take a look at some of the disadvantages of online shopping. Firstly, online shopping actually we do not physically seen the items, which mean we can only see the items through the photo provided on e-commerce website, we could not see the items that we bought until it arrive.

Normally the photo of items that we see will be much better than once we have the item in front of us. Secondly, online security is quite weak, although online payments are safe but not always, there might have some of the e-commerce websites are not secure enough or do not encrypt our personal credit card date, if hacker has break into the sites system, our credit card data and information will be leak out. Thirdly, certain people’s computer might have spyware on their computer, if we using this computer to purchasing items through online purchasing, it is a risk of our credit card information and personal data been stolen by our own computer. Fourthly, it can cause spam issues on our email, when we bought something through the website such as, a digital camera. We are happy when we receive it, but days pass we will suddenly receiving a hoard of emails offering discounts, special schemes, promotions and so on from the website. When every time they have any special promotions or discount, the website will keep sending messages to our email, it is because after we bought products from their website, the website may do have a clause in their privacy policy document that our email able to share with third parties to send us relevant offers, it is quite annoying.

Lastly, sometime it may cause online connection issues, due to the internet connection unstable, or sometime there will be a time too many visit the website will cause internet connection problems, when we add items to our online shopping cart, after entering credit card information and submit it, at this moment the internet connection error, we may not know is it the order went through correctly or not. After refresh the screen it may cause double billing or double ordering.


In conclusion, buying desktop computer and mobile phone from website really very convenience for me, I can get more information not only for the brand that I looking for, at the same time I can also have more information about the other brand of the desktop computer and mobile phone, might be I can found there is another brand’s products price and features also reasonable than what I looking for. Beside this, the pros and cons given in the question I had learnt a lesson about how to safety buy products from online website. Before buying items through online, make sure our connectivity are going smooth and double check the whole computer it is any spyware in my computer, make sure the whole computer is clear and connection is smooth, only confirm the products that had picked and key in the information that are required that the website asking for. Choose the website that are most people use also very important, don’t choose the website that not common without confidentially and nobody’s know, or else our money also might gone without anybody’s knowing. So choose the website with high confidentially and most people know.


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