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According to the question that Icon College required two computers for two different purposes. One computer will deal with programmers' related to the graphic designing purpose and the next one will used for general purpose such as desktop publishing .It is therefore understood that the computer to be used for graphic designing will require high performance CPU more memory and graphic related software .The computer used for general purpose will not require high performance and any specialized software/programmed the detailed specifications for all hardware and software are given below:

Budget estimation:

Investigate and identify the key components for computers to meet the above requirements (processor type, associated memory, backing store, peripherals etc) Remember that we have to include all the necessary hardware to fulfill all the requirements.

According to the case study I have selected following components for both machines.

Components of computer for general purpose:

ASRock 478 p41945gc/m/asr motherboard Intel socket M-atx 800fsb



Hard drive: 80GB ATA (Seagate)

CD-Rom: combo drive - Floppy drive

Nvidia Vanta AGP graphics card

Integrated Ethernet controller

Integrated sound card

OS preinstalled and COA sticker: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3

Screen: 17" (43 cm) WideUXGA 1920x1200 (1200p) RGB LED LCD

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 Standard Keyboard and Optical Mouse

Nvidia Vantaa AGP graphics card

Integrated Ethernet controller

Integrated sound card

OS preinstalled and COA sticker: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 Standard Keyboard and Optical Mouse

Component name


Cost £



ASRock 478 P4I945GC/M/ASR Motherboard Intel Socket M-ATX 800FSB


Because CPU uses cache memory to store instruction so that higher cache memory is recommended


Intel Pentium 4 SL5VH 1.7Ghz Socket 478 400 FSB CPU


Processor gives the faster result


1024MB DDR1


This is very supportive.

Hard drive

80GB ATA (Seagate)


There is enough space in this.


combo drive - Floppy drive


It is useful because it can write data as well.


17" (43 cm) WideUXGA 1920x1200 (1200p) RGB LED LCD


This screen is big enough for our purpose.

Components of system for Graphic designing purpose:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-650 Processor

- 3.2GHz

- 2.5GT/s DMI

- 4MB Intel Smart Cache

- Dual-core processor

Operating System: Genuine windows 7 64-bit


- DDR3

- UP to 16GB expandable memory

Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce G405 with PureVideo®

Up to 1GB dedicated memory

Screen type: HP L1908w - 19" - widescreen TFT active matrix LCD display

Hard drive: 1.5TB SATA 3G hard drive - 5400 rpm

Optical disk drive: Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe


Read Speed: BDROM: 4x / CD: 48x / DVD: 8x

Write Speed: CDR: 52x / CDRW: 12x / DVD+/-R: 8x / DVD+/-RW:

Memory card reader: 15-in-1 memory card reader

USB: 8 x USB 2.0

FireWire: 1 x FireWire IEEE 1394

Modem/Ethernet: Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN

Wi-Fi: Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n

Video interface: 1 x DVI (VGA via adapter)

Audio interface: 2 x audio ports

6 x analog audio ports

1 x digital audio port

TV output: HDMIExtension card slot

3 x PCI-Express x1

1 x PCI-Express x16

1 x MiniCard


- Onboard sound card: Integrated Realtek ALC888S Audio

- High Definition Audio 7.1

Keyboard & Mouse:

Yes, wireless keyboard and mouse

Additional features:

TV (analog and DVB-T) tuner card

Size: Height:38.7 cm

Width: 17.5 cm

Length: 41.4 cm

HP Pavilion p6790uk - Black

Component name





Intel® Core™ i5-650 Processor

- 3.2GHz

- 2.5GT/s DMI

- 4MB Intel Smart Cache

- Dual-core processor


It needs a lot of work and it has higher cache memory so it is appropriate.

Operating System:

Genuine windows 7


For our purpose windows should be genuine.


- 6 GB RAM

- DDR3

- UP to 16GB expandable memory


Most of work is graphic related so ram should be strong because it store actively running programme.

Graphics card:

Nvidia GeForce G405 with PureVideo®

- Up to 1GB dedicated memory


Because it supports graphic.

Screen type:

HP L1908w - 19" - widescreen TFT active matrix LCD display


It is good for graphic related progranmme.

Hard drive:

1.5TB SATA 3G hard drive - 5400 rpm


Graphic work need a lot of space so a high capacity hard disk needed.

Keyboard & Mouse:

Yes, wireless keyboard and mouse


It is easy to work with.


Answer to question no.2:

It is understood from task 2 components of both machines are purchased; now I am expressing my intention to build the PCs for the college. Following are the main parts of the computer and they are briefly explained by me, by connecting them we can assemble a PC and I have also describe about different types of windows that which window is more use full for our different kinds of purposes.

Assembling a computer:

Mother board:

CPU (central processing unit)

(Intel Pentium 4 SL5VH 1.7Ghz Socket 478 400 FSB CPU)

Of cores 1

L2 cache 256KB

Clock speed 1.7 GHz

FSB speed 400MHz

Random Access Memory:

In this system there using 512 MB DDR memory, there is enough this memory because that section has basic office demand, like printing some text or emailing.

Hard disk:

The hard drive is used for saving the data, in this section only used for text documents and for some presentation work so there this space is enough for using.

General features

Brand Seagate

Model Momentous 20GB-2.5"-ATA-100-4200epm

Buffer size 2MB

Spin speed 4200 rpm

Data transfer rate 48.3 MBps

Drive transfer rate 100 MBps

Positioning time [ms] 12 ms

Latency time [ms] 5.6 ms


Intel® Core™ i5-650 Processor

- 3.2GHz

- 2.5GT/s DMI

- 4MB Intel Smart Cache

- Dual-core processor

2 cores /4 threads

3.20 GHz up to 3.46 with turbo boost is a clock speed measure how fast system performs any activity. Clock speed shown in GHZ that mean million cycles per second.

Cache is a fast storage area where the processor places frequently accessed data. Intel® Smart Cache is Intel's performance-maximized data storage, which allows each processor core to dynamically utilize up to 100% of available cache and obtain data from the cache at higher throughput rates. By keeping more data closer to the processor for fast execution, overall performance is improved. This is of particular benefit when running rich media titles and games, as well as everyday productivity applications.

Available on the Intel® Core™ processor family, Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) delivers more efficient use of processor resources and improved performance on multithreaded software. This allows you to run demanding desktop applications simultaneously while maintaining system responsiveness. For example, Intel® HT Technology helps multimedia enthusiasts create, edit and encode graphically intensive files while running background applications, such as virus protection software, without compromise to performance.

RAM (random access memory)

The DDR3 components are twice as fast as today's highest speed DDR2 memory products.

The first computer systems equipped with the advanced DDR3 memory technology are expected to arrive in 2007.

The main advantages of DDR3 are the higher bandwidth and the increase in performance at low power.

The DDR3 SDRAM devices will offer data transfer rates up to 1600 Mbps (megabits per second).

The supply voltage for the memory technology is being reduced from 1.8 volts for DDR2 to just 1.5 volts for DDR3 targeting a work day equivalent of battery time. The voltage reduction limits the amount of power that is consumed and heat that is generated in connection with the increase in bandwidths.

Graphic card:

Graphic card use for image color purpose, and in graphic work it is very important and makes good result.

Hard disk:

1.5TB SATA 3G hard drive - 5400 rpm

SATA is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA physical storage interface. SATA is scalable and allows for enhancements to the computing platform. These include easier integration, faster performance, and more efficient design.

Enhanced performance (faster transfer rate and NCQ)

Enhanced reliability (expanded CRC and latching connectors)

System integration flexibility

Easier system build-up

Simplified cabling

Elimination of jumpers

Improved overall system airflow

Enhanced reliability

Flow chart :

Answer to question no.3:

The main implications and the impact of critical issues in upgrading computer devices that are normally recommended to upgrade to enhance system performance and various types of security threats are given below.

There are two types of computers:

Branded computers e.g DELL.

Non-branded computers.

The main problems occurs there when upgrading a computer the people don't know either it is branded or non-branded. They put the components of non-branded computer into branded computer which never support the components of each other then machine creates different kinds of problems this is called Compatibility . The people should be aware of their computer in order to solve this problem.

The second big problem is that there are many different company's those are making different components of computer and each company has its own quality with different prices , low prices always attracts people as a result of it their computer's suffer . Third class Company's should be banned in order to solve this problem.

Some solution for problems:

• Compatibility Testing - we should test before using the software, is software performing well in a particular hardware/software/operating system/network/etc. environment.

• Integration Testing -This type of testing is especially relevant to client/server and distributed systems.

• Localization Testing - This type of testing focuses on language.

• Regression Testing - Testing of program following modification to ensure that faults have not been introduced as a result of the changes made.

Answer to question no.4:

Data Backup

The copying of data for future use if computer lost the data or failure of hard disk this process is called backing up.

Some common ways in which data can get lost are:-

Virus infection

Human errors

Operating system or hardware problem

corruption of software

Accidental Deletion

Some different ways of saving data :

College server

Hard drive




Use of saving data in these ways:

Saving data in these ways help us a lot if we lost our data by any fault if we have a backup in anyone from these then we are safe and we are not facing any problem.

Some precautions to avoid the problems:

Virus checking:

Viruses are unwanted files which corrupts the data .Virus normally comes through websites and games and images as well.

Health and safety:

We should take care of ourselves such as take a break after some time and do not use computer for long time.

Security checks:

Everyone have to follow the laws.

Antivirus should be installed in all computers.

Firewall should be installed for stopping irrelevant website opening.

Everyone should be logged in by his ID and password.

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