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Comparison of MS project 2016 & Oracle Primavera 6

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Project management has grown its root from traditional management tools to sophisticated management software which would make budget schedules and modelling much easier and fast. Oracle primavera and MS Project are two such most common Management software. Both the software has got its own merits and demerits and it completely depends on the enterprise which one should be selected. Some of the Features that can be compared are depicted in the table below.


MS Project 2016

Oracle Primavera 6


Inter project dependency:

Inter project dependency can be defined as the establishment of relationship between activities of different projects. Both MS Project and Primavera has the capability for external relationship between different projects.

MS project uses a unique feature called “Links between projects” to connect between activities of multiple projects. (Ten six Consulting (April 15,2013)).

Creation of Custom Fields:

 Custom Fields are used to customize a task or resource by further defining it by adding texts and later it can be filtered to make reports according to the stake holder’s needs.

(Ten six Consulting (November 25,2015)).

Ms project can be used to create import or insert custom fields. Furthermore, MS project can be used to add formulas to custom fields. (Microsoft office (2019)).

Primavera enables external relationship by enabling the feature for opening multiple project at one time for editing and there by activities can be linked in between. (Ten six Consulting (April 15,2013)).

A custom field or user defined field can be created using primavera. It can be used to tract specific information in activity resources, risks etc according to organizational needs which are not already accounted. A custom field can be created from administration home page in primavera P6. Unfortunately, primavera does not allow to add formulas the data should be manually added to the fields. (Oracle Primavera P6 (n.d))













Baseline creation:

A baseline can be defined as a reference onto which a project measurement can be compared. The baselines associated with a project are schedule baseline, project baseline, scope baseline, cost baseline and user baseline. Schedule baseline or in other words target schedule is a formal document which can be used to track and control the progress of a project in terms of schedule. Project baseline is an approved copy of project schedule and user baseline is informal document used for internal tracking. (Project Cub!cle (April 10, 2018)).

MS project Allows the creation of limited no of base lines for a project. (Project Cub!cle (April 19, 2018)).

Creation of Steps:

Step also known as sub-activity is the broken-down piece of a main activity. Activity is certain task which has definite beginning and end in a project. Decomposing an activity to steps increase the understanding of the project easier and enables the tracking of project progress.

 In MS Project there is no feature for dividing activities into steps and thus progress of steps cannot be tracked. (Ten six Consulting (April 15,2013), Project Cub!cle (April 19, 2018))


Oracle Primavera enables the creation of unlimited baselines out of which three project baselines and one user baseline can be assigned to a project. (Project Cub!cle (April 19, 2018)).

In Oracle Primavera P6 an activity can be decomposed to meaningful steps, weights can be assigned to the steps and thus percentage progress of each step can be calculated leading to the progress of the activity. (Ten six Consulting (April 15,2013), Project Cub!cle (April 19, 2018))



Project management software are not limited to MS Project and Primavera, there are numerous software available in the market. Some of them are described below

  1. Jira

Jira is a flexible project management software which can be used for planning projects, tracking projects, agile project management and so on. The key features of Jira are,

1.Agile Project Management- Jira has got features that enables users to use agile project management techniques. Certain features like Scrum board and Kanban board allows teams to deliver features with incremental and iterative value and gives the team in depth vision to output, cycle times and workflow respectively. Teams can also access some useful charts and reports such as sprint reports velocity charts to evaluate their performance. The portfolio for Jira aids the team to give timely updates to stake holders using agile portfolio management. (Project Management.com (March 29,2019)).

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2. Flexibility to users– In Jira a user has the freedom to create customized workflows or use the template available there by giving flexibility for each organization or user. The transparency of the software gives the user an idea of his workload compared to others. Workflows can be made for bug tracking, code review, release management, procurement, change management and so on. (Project Management.com (March 29,2019)).

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a cloud-based project management software which is commonly used for smaller projects where communication can be done in its own platform. The most important features of Basecamp are,

1.Creation of to-do list- A to do list can be created for each activity and it can be assigned to one or more person. Deadline for the task can also be assigned. Basecamp automatically sends email to all the people assigned for that task there by making them aware of their duties. Moreover, notes and file attachments can be added regarding this. (Basecamp (2019), Edupristine(September 25, 2015)).

2.Discussion Platforms- periodic meetings needed for a project can be done with the help of the software itself thereby saving time and money. Feature like Real time group chat helps in getting quick answers to quick questions. There are also options for direct messages and email forwards. Check-in question allows the team members to ask questions regarding the project. (Basecamp(2019), Edupristine(September 25, 2015)).

  1. Wrike

Wrike is an online project management software which helps in creating action plans from strategies. The main features of Wrike are

  1. Use of Templates- Wrike is equipped with lots of templates that the users can benefit from. The templates allow user to save time, improve planning by figuring out the correct questions to be asked and this may also reduce risk. Two or more projects can be compared far better if they are on the same template. (Jessica Colley (May 5,2019)).
  2. Automated Task Assignment- The software helps in assigning right task to right person based on the project details, this feature saves time and confusion among team members to find the right person. All the information can further be stored in the software. (Jessica Colley (May 5,2019)).
  1. Trello

It is a visual project management software which allows user to work in any team. The key features are,

  1. Visual Organizational tool- Trello enables user to create boards to represent projects, the boards can be further divided into work stages or grouping by creating lists. Cards containing work details due dates or attachments can be inserted to the list there by giving a visual interface making it user friendly even for a non-technical user. (Jose Maria Delos Santos(March 22, 2019)).
  2. Tracking and Management- Unlimited team members can be invited in a shared board and the user can move the card when the task assigned to him is completed thereby making others aware of the progress. Comments, attachments and emails can be send by the team members for active communication.( Jose Maria Delos Santos(March 22, 2019)).


  1. Monday.com

Monday.com is a cloud-based project management software which allows members to communicate each other with regards to the project. The main features are

  1. Same Page for all members- A board can be created for a company in which upcoming and ongoing projects are depicted. All the members in the company can access that hence people from other departments can see the progress of a project in some other department. Troubles can be easily identified by checking the pulse and hence eliminating huge risks and saving time. (Financesonline (2019)).
  2. Collaboration with freelancers and third parties- A board can be created and shared with the freelancer and the members has the freedom to restrict any person from seeing the board that is, the board can only be visible if its shared with another person. This feature enables easy communication with freelancers and the client can be notified when the work is finished by sharing the board with the client. (Financesonline (2019)).




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