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The aim of this research is to recommend at suitable network and IT equipment for Sustainable Products Ltd. This study will examine the type of hardware and IT equipment used in today's market. The research will examine what hardware should be purchased as well as making sure SPC are fully aware of the legal and ethical responsibilities in professional practice today.


Research and recommend what IT equipment should be purchased and the quantity.

Research and recommend low specification PC's.

Research and recommend Medium specification PC's.

Research and recommend High specification PC's.

Research and recommend what laptops should be purchased for the sale staff.

Research and recommend what type of printers should be purchased.

Research and recommend what routers, switches, and servers are needed.

Research any other accessories that may be needed


This is a short report recommending what hardware and IT equipment should be purchased for SPC. This will include an in-depth view explaining the equipment chosen and their purpose.

Research will be carried out to examine which type of hardware and IT equipment will be deployed. Research will be gathered using the internet as this is guaranteed to find the latest equipment in today's market.

As well as recommending hardware and IT equipment this study will cover the British Computer Society Code of Conduct.

British Computer Society Code of Conduct

British Computer Society (BCS) is the leading professional body for people working in IT. The British Computer Society is a professional organisation where members adapt to the codes of conduct and codes of practice. The BCS code sets out guidelines for professional standards.


It is important when taking on any piece of work that the work is your own. Teesside University has a strict policy on Plagiarism. The work shall be my own. The work will be checked using Turn it in software.

Chapter 2 Tasks

The presentation got underway by first allocating roles among the group. James Dickinson was to recommend a suitable network for Sustainable Products Company Ltd. James Ellis looked at the IT equipment and the hardware side of it. Vanessa Forte looked at the software side. The costing of the equipment along with the labour was done by Stephen Oliver. Finally the legal and ethical responsibility was discussed by Robert Morrison.

Chapter 3 Research

The research will help determine which IT and hardware equipment will be best suited for SPC.

The Dell OptiPlex 380 is a low specification PC. It provides cost-efficient, powerful, expandable desktop solutions to organizations with simple networks. It has a good speed processor and good size memory. This PC will be used for spreadsheet and general office software as well as stock control software. The Dell OpiPlex 380 will be issued to the Sales manager, Warehouse staff, delivery staff, and the Production manager.

The Dell OptiPlex 780 is a medium Specification PC ideally for environments that demand a stable platform, and excellent management capability. It has a dual core processor running at a faster speed than the Dell OptiPlex 380. The Dell OptiPlex 780 provides more memory which is useful to run and load applications faster. This PC will be best used for accounting software, stock control software, and general office software.

The Dell OptiPlex 780 will be issued to the accounts manager, company buyer, and the administrator.

The Dell Precision T7500 is a high specification PC which will be used by the design engineers. It is designed for maximum scalability and performance on large data sets and complex multi-threaded applications. The Dell Precision T7500 comes with 6GB memory for handling large data with no difficulty. Dell Precision T7500 is designed to be used with CAD software.

The Dell Vostro 3500 Laptop will be issued to the 4 sales staff. It comes with a good speed processor to be able to manage applications. The Dell Vostro 3500 provides good size memory to help run applications faster. This is useful for the sales staff to not have to wait for applications to load when they are with their clients.

During the research 5 printers are necessary for SPC. An all in one mono printer with a scanner and fax will be issued to the manager director. A maximum of 2 mono laser printers will be used for the main area and in the stores area. A colour laser printer will be used for the product manager. Finally an A3 printer will be used for the design engineers.

SPC will have 13 hosts. To supply this, a Cisco 24 port smart switch will be installed. A smart switch is recommended due to no configuration required. IP's etc will be configured automatically.

A Cisco 861W Integrated Services Router will be issued to network the systems.

A HP Media Smart Server is recommended to store and share files within the company. The HP Media Smart Server is powered by an Intel Celeron 2.2 GHz processor, backed up with 2GB of DDR2 RAM. It comes with a1TB of internal storage.

A graphics tablet can be used for the design engineers. This is due to them working with CAD software they may want to draw their designs.

Docking stations is recommended for the laptops so the sales staff can turn their laptops into a desktop. Simply plug a single USB cable into a laptop and they can connect to internet via a wired connection.

Chapter 4 Problems Encountered

During the group presentation a major concern was encountered. A member of the group did not contribute to the presentation. This was a setback due to more work being allocated to the remaining group members. The remaining group members responded and acted professionally about this matter.

Chapter 5 Conclusion

In conclusion to this report the aims and objectives were completed. By researching the objectives a better understanding of what hardware should be issued to SPC. The recommendation of hardware and IT euipment to be issued is as follows.

PC's and Laptops:

3 Dell OptiPlex 380 PC's to be issued to Sales manager, warehouse staff, Delivery staff, and Production manager.

3 Dell OptiPlex 780 PC's to be issued to the Accounts manager, Company buyer, and the Administrator.

2 Dell Precision T7500 PC's to be issued to the Design engineers.

4 Dell Vostro 3500 Laptops to be issued for the sales staff


2 Brother Network Ready Duplex Mono Laser Printer HL-5350DN for the main area and stores area.

Brother MFC8370DN All in One Multifunction Mono Network Laser Printer with Fax to be issued to the Manager Director.

Brother HL-3040CN Network Colour Laser Printer to be issued to the Production Manager.

Brother A3 MFC-5890CN Printer to be issued to the Design Engineers.

Switches, Routers, and Servers:

Cisco SLM2024 24-port Gigabit Smart Switch - SFPs.

Cisco 861W Integrated Services Router.

HP Media Smart Server EX490 Server.


Wacom Intuos4 XL Cad Edition A3 Graphics Tablet

Kensington Universal Docking Station

There are a few constraints that need to be considered in producing the presentation and report. The first constrain is the time. The deadline for the presentation was 14th February 2011. The deadline for the report is 6th May 2011. The second constraint was working together as a group and making decisions together.

More time could have been allocated to rehearsing the presentation. All though the group had two practice sessions more could have helped improve the presentation pitch.


Dell OptiPlex 380:

Processor - Intel Pentium E5800 (2M Cache, 3.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)

Memory - 2GB (1x2GB) Non-ECC,1333MHz DDR3

Hard Drive - 250GB (7,200 rpm) Serial ATA2 Hard Drive

Graphics Card - 256MB ATI RADEON HD 3450 Graphics Dual DVI and TV Out

Dell OptiPlex 780:

Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (3M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)

Memory - 4GB (2x2048MB) 1333Mhz DDR3 Dual Channel

Hard Drive - 320GB 3.5inch Serial ATA (7,200rpm) Single Hard Drive

Graphics Card - 256MB ATI RADEON HD 3450 Graphics Dual VGA and TV Out

Dell Precision T7500:

Processor - Intel Xeon E5620 (Quad Core, 2.40 GHz, 12MB Cache, 5.86 GT/s Intel QPI)

Memory - 6GB DDR3 1333MHz ECC-RDIMM (3x2GB

Hard Drive - 500GB (7200 RPM) SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

Graphics Card - 1GB GDDR5 ATI FirePro V5800 - 2DP, 1DVI (1DP-DVI, 1DVI-VGA adapter)

Dell Vostro 3500 Laptop:

Processor - Intel Core i3-370M (2.4GHz, 3MB)

Memory - 2GB 1333MHz DDR3

Hard Drive - 250GB Serial ATA

Display - 15.6" 40 cm High Definition (1366 x 768)

Graphics - Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator HD