Attributes And Skills Required Information Technology Essay

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This assessment analyse being a Good Project Manager while the technology has revolution at both side on hardware and software. In today's business world everyone has to work in a group of people and someone need to lead and control the group, and the work they have to complete. As a BSc student I am delighted to work on that topic to make a research and having skills on being a Good Project Management. In my point of view as a part of our study System Management has a massive role for our carrier. I decided this topic cause of my interest in this sector whereas I have small experiences in a different companies observing by my managers at past. This assessment was reconnaissance for me to follow the ingredient information. These are the duties of being a Good Project Manager.


When functional structures are transformed into project or matrix organisations, the process must be carefully managed. Individuals in the organisation need to develop new attitudes and ways of working in order for the organisation to take advantage of the benefits the project structure has to offer.

Members of project teams need to be carefully selected and mobilised. The issue of team leadership is also an important one to consider as the leadership role in a project team can be quite different from traditional leadership in a functional organisation. Project team leaders are not always practical experts, so they need to be skilful in association and the representation out of suggestions from members of the team who are practical specialists.

As project teams will most likely need to work to tighter time schedules, team development needs to be facilitated and members need to develop the skills to manage themselves and their own processes.( Dr. Nicholls,2007, Warwick Manufacturing Group)

Forming project teams has some unique advantages:

• It provides an opportunity for individuals to work with new people, possibly from other functions or even from outside the organisation.

• It allows people to learn and demonstrate skills they do not normally use.

• It provides development opportunities for individuals.

• People are likely to respond positively to the challenge of project working.

Figure1 : Project Manager Phases

However, it is equally important to be aware of some difficulties you may face:

• Time schedules are likely to be tight.

• You may need specialists in disciplines you know little about and, therefore, have to take their technical competence on trust.

• Politics! Managers might refuse to discharge their best staff.

• Key people you need / want may be unavailable when you need them.

• Varying commitment from team members, some of whom may not even want to be there.

To understand the growing need for better project management, especially for information technology projects a project is temporary strive undertaken to create a unique product, service result. Regarding to that strive operations is work done to sustain the business, a project ends when its objectives have been reached or the project has been terminated. Project might generate for large or small group of people, on the other hand can take a short or long time to be complete.

A good Project Manager has a unique purpose. Manager has to work with project sponsors, project teams and other people joint in the project to reach project goals. Successful PM's needs to meets three goals. These are scope, time and cost. Scope goals are: What work will be done? Time goals are how long should it take to complete? Cost goals are what should it cost? These are the project manager's duty to balance these there often conflict between them. On the other hand PM's has to have a skills and attributes required to be an effective project team leadership.

Figure2: Scope, Time and Cost Schedule

Attributes and Skills Required


Communication skills

Negotiating skills

Contractual skills

Legal Awareness


Project team blend

Leads teams to accomplish project goals

Technology understanding

Evaluation and decision making

Management of people

System knowledge

Planning and control skills

A part from required attributes and skills to become a good project manager, there is a person who makes leadership for the project must be open for changes and improvement.


The definition of technology also implies a process that involves the elements of strategic management. Therefore, the definition of management of technology should also reflect this systematic, strategic approach. Such an approach requires an integration of different disciplines to the management of technology. The below figure illustrates the various disciplines that can influence the management of technology and innovation.

Figure3: Project Life Cycle


The successful project manager knows what to do, how to do it and they can also do it whilst many may want to Project Management as a carrier path choice not everyone in capable of being a good project manager. This is exactly the same as not everyone being an engineer, artist or CEO. "The project manager is essential to a successful project and so they must be selected [or develop] carefully of course, the project manager is not solely responsible for a successful project, or project failure, but they have a very significant part to play" (The Management of Technology and Innovation a Strategic Approach, Garry D. Bruton, Margaret A. White, 2007) On the other hand Project's manager has to prepare their route to follow by Planning, Leading, Controlling and Organising. According to that briefing PM's should follow the every step in disciplinary.

"Management of technology is defined as linking "engineering, science, and management disciplines to plan, develop and implement technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organization" (National Research Council Report, 1987). Therefore we define the management of innovation as a comprehensive approach managerial problem solving and action based on an integrative problem solving framework, and an understanding of the linkages among innovation streams, organizational teams, and organizational evaluation. It is about implementation managing politics, control and individual resistance to change. The manager is an architect/engineer, politician/network builder, and artist/scientist.


As far as I am concerned in that point as an example the company I used to work as an order collector, we weren't use any PDA's while we visit our customers to collect their order. We were taking our orders manually, but nowadays we start to take our orders with the PDA's which is connected to our main server and while we confirmed our order by PDA's main server take our order item details and send them to accounts to prepare an invoice, to the telephone sales assistant desk to keep the data what we sold to this customer and other copy to warehouse to make the delivery ready. This style works on symmetry with business organization on any or all steps of a software and system implementation project to minimize these risks which are wrong order and ensure maximum return on technology investments by our general manager.


While technology has revolutionize, business software development is lying face down to risks like feature strain. Selection of high-maintenance technology, deficient understanding of user requirements, time and cost overruns and bad project management. In efficiencies during the software development life cycle may present a business from realizing full benefits from its investments in technology assets. In this point of view technology has a high cost for the company whereas it gives more effortlessness.