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In September 2009 to March 2010 IADCS course, four assignments including that of SAD(System Analysis and Design) have to accomplished. This year SAD assignment includes six tasks, all of which are for developing computerized system for DVD Store.

Task 1 is the creating a process model for the DVD store system comprising. It include the context diagram of DVD store, a statement of the aims and objectives of the DVD store system and Data Flow Diagram.

Task 2 is creating a data model detailing the data structure required to support the information and process requirement of the DVD store system. It include Entity Relationship Diagram, Entity Description, Attributes and Relationship details.

Task 3 is for creation an Entity Life History for DVD item.

Task 4 is creating a database design for the DVD store. It includes normalization and data dictionary.

Task 5 is creating a prototype user interface. It includes two entry form and one searching form for the DVD system.

Task 6 is Creating outline training and plan Create a User Guide for the system. Otherwise, it is called by site preparation and creating a report for the whole DVD system from where.

(a) CONTEXT DIAGRAM (level 0)


Many kinds of entertainments are required in our life for many reasons. They can help us to make ourselves relax and have strength to face the day. Among them our system is about a loan DVD and sale DVD for people. We intend to loan DVD and sale DVD. We only wish our customer/member to be relaxed from all the tiredness they got form their works, schools and other places by watching our DVD. Also they can get fun, knowledge, and information, learn things about different cultures and any other useful ideas from our DVD.

As our country is a developing country, many kinds of business are changing their manual system to a computerized system in order to catch up the new information technology. We intended to make our system more effective efficient and systematic by changing our sale/loan process to computerized system.

(c) DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS (level 1)


  1. Purchase Order process
  2. After ordering, the DVD items will arrive from the suppliers. When occurs that items the manager need to check reorder level of stock is enough or not. And the staff make the payment to the supplier as purchasing process.

  3. Search Item process
  4. If the customers will search DVD item at the Search page, it can search by DVD Name (e:g Title, Director), DVD Type (e:g Action, Drama) and Price. If you buy this item, you need to check member or not. If not, you must register to a member.

  5. Registration process
  6. When the new customer will arrive, the staff will know it is member or not. If not, the new customer will need to fill customer information at the register form to become a member of DVD store. If the customer is already having at the member form, it can go on to the sale process.

  7. Sales process
  8. The customer can choose the DVD items as they like by searching at the searching page. The staff must check to the DVD item file and sale file and update when it is changed. If buy, the staff will accept buying and send invoice. According invoice, the customer need to make payment by cash.

  9. Loan process
  10. The member can choose the DVD items as they like by searching at the searching page. The staff must check to the DVD item file and loan file and update when it is changed. If loan, the staff will accept loan invoice. According invoice, the member need to make payment by cash.

  11. Payment process
  12. When a customer makes payment according sale item file, the staff will check the customer's cash to the Bank. When Bank will give information, the staff will take the payment. When the staff will receive the payment, the staff will record to the payment file.

  13. Report process

After all of above process or full a day, the manager will need to check all of processes and all files and reorder level for items and able to generate sales figures. And then, the system will produce daily report for total sales and for monthly, will produces monthly report.


Our assignment scenario is DVD Store system. This assignment is make good use of the Systems Analysis and Design.

According to the tasks 1, we have to analyst the required system using structured systems analysis methods. We have made the context diagram of the DVD store system. We have to do the aims and objectives of the DVD store system. This process is including many processes, they are: purchase order process, searching process, sale process, Loan process, receive payment process and report process. We have made the process descriptions, dataflow descriptions, data store contents, and external entity definitions of the system.

In the task 2, we have used the structured systems analysis methods to analyst the required system and we have to produce a data model. We have to draw the entity relationship diagram for the system. And then, we make the description of the all entities in the diagram. After, we have specified the primary and foreign keys for all entities. Then we have made the optionality and degree of relationships between entities.

For the task 3, we have to make an Entity Life History for a DVD item.

For the task 4, we have to make a relational database design for the system including. It is a set of fully normalized tables showing the normalization process for purchase order, reserve form, loan form and sale forms. After, we have described the data dictionary entries for all items included in the database design. The data dictionary entries are include the data elements, data structures, data stores and data flows.

In the task 5, we have made a prototype user interface for the DVD store system. It is create three forms. There are searching for an item of DVD, processing the Loan, and Member registration. Then include the validation checking and reasons for each prototype.



Strengths of our system

  • Our system is good for processing in a short way.
  • Our system is fast and user friendly.
  • We have so many reports to please shop owner.
  • User can search any DVD in this shop, like Loan DVD, Returned DVD, Available DVD.
  • Our system is quite perfect system and doesn't have many errors.
  • Our system is good in security and privacy to some important information of the shop.
  • Not all people can access the program, so all the database and records are only updated and edited by authorized person who knows the user log in and password.
  • Our system intends to please people from the tiredness from their life and give pleasure and fun.

Weakness of our system

  • Our system has no finance parts so we could not make anything about purchasing and selling our DVDs. We intend to add that part in the future in our system.
  • Our system is only for one PC only and could not use as a client server.
  • We cannot do anything about the reports about the money flow of our system.
  • Only the person who knows the user name and password of the log in boxes can enter into the program.


There are five site preparation methods for the installation of the system as follow:

Power Supply

Most small computers and terminals use the ordinary electricity mains. However, even with these some preparation is necessary. There is need the enough electrical power outlets and that the capacity of the circuit is sufficient for the expected load. There are also needed the machines being installed close to other electrical equipment which may cause surges on the circuits. If so, it may be necessary to put isolators in order to prevent damage to the computers or terminals.

Large machines may require special power suppliers and these will have to be installed by the local electricity suppliers. Uninterruptible Power Supply units should be used to allow the system to be closed down correctly in the event of a power cut, and to cope with power surges.

Heat dissipation

Small machines do not normally require air conditioning. This does not mean that the machines will run satisfactorily at all temperatures (or that the people operating them will). Heat is normally only a problem on hot days when the sun shines through windows and adds to the heat being generated by the machine. Where large machines are involved, then a full air conditioning system will be necessary.

Office alternations

The need for alternations to offices, or even the building of a new office, can arise for a number of reasons:

  • new large computer
  • company reorganization
  • air conditioning requirements
  • security requirements

Office Layout

With the introduction of a computer-based system, the manual routines of an office are bounds to change. As a result, it may be necessary to change the office layout to facilitate the new computerized procedure.

Office Furniture

With new computer equipment, it may also be necessary to provide new office furniture. It is particularly important to ensure that any ergonomic requirements of user are properly met. There is some office furniture as follows:

  • Office eq0uipment (desks, copiers)
  • Supplies (pencils, papers, tapes, discs, preprinted forms)
  • Phones etc.

System Requirement

Software Requirement

  • Microsoft Window XP
  • Microsoft Access 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

Hardware Requirement

  • 17" SVGA Digital Control Color Monitor
  • Pentium IV (2.4 GHz)
  • 256 MB DDR RAM
  • 80 GB Hard Disk
  • CD - RW
  • Keyboard (PS 2)
  • Mouse (PS 2)
  • USB 2.0
  • 180 Watts Speaker
  • Cannon Laser Jet LBP 1120


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