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Oracle e business suite.

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The other software solution, which I would recommend other, then SAP Business One, that could solve Rad-Tel’s problems is Oracle E Business suite. I believe Oracle E Business suite’s capabilities would be a perfect fit for company like Rad -Tel.

Oracle E Business suite, was designed by one of the world top leading software applications provider, with the mid market in mind.

Below is what we quote from a company, PDG CONSULTING that is specialising in Oracle E Business suite. This is their customer testimonial on Oracle E Business Suite: (www.pdg-Consulting.com)

“ Before we implemented the Oracle EBusiness Suite, we had six finance temps working with us. Now we don’t have any. That’s a very obvious cost saving. ” – Not-for-profit Organisation

The above statement has proven that Oracle E Business is not only relvant to larger organization, but would also be a perfect fit for SMB (Small Medium Business) or SME (Small Medium Enterprise) like Rad-Tel. 

What is Oracle E Business Suite?

Oracle E-Business Suite is a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package that allows organizations to manage key business processes. One of the latest version launched in Febuary 2007, Version R-12 of the Oracle E-Business suite is a web based application that can be managed or run from a single site. Like other ERP products, it allows the company to operate with a single database from a data centre. (Martin Murray -About.com guide)

Why Oracle E Business Suite is Cost Effective?

Oracle E Business Suite contains a number of product lines, which can be implement for their business use. Companies are able to chose the right combination that is suitable for use within their business processes, and pay only for individual application license separately.

(Martin Murray -About.com guide)

Why Oracle E Business Suite is a match for Rad-Tel’s needs?

Oracle E Business Suite Applications leveraging the internet technology, allows company with a global visibility and exchanging of instantaneous information across the supply chain. Companies can focus on running their core business function profitably, in trying to fulfill their customer demand, by delivering product of high-quality in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost .

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Oracle E Business Suite Application is fully integrated, with end-to-end internet based  solution desgined to help companies like Rad-Tel that run a factory or manufacturing plant to operate successfully as an e business with their supply chain management. Example of Supply chain solutions available in Oracle E Business are – from demand capture to delivery to customer service. More than 100 modules that are grouped into various Oracle E business product families are available.

(Bastin Gerald, Nigel King, Dan Natchek, 2002)

Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Help the company to increase their customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Oracle Financials

The applications include common Financials function like General Ledger, Cash Management, Payables, Receivables and etc.

Oracle Human  Resource Management System (HRMS)

The application help company to manage HR activities, example like, payroll, recruiting, time management, benefits and training.

Oracle Logistics

This application allows company to plan, manage, and control the flow of their storage of their products and services within their business.

Oracle Supply Chain Application

This application allows the companies to predict market requirements, help the company better in response to volatile market conditions.

Oracle Order Management

This module helps companies to streamline and automate their business’s sales order and management process.

Oracle Transportation Management

This module allows companies to do transportation planning and help in execution capabilities to their shippers and their third party logistics providers.

Oracle Warehouse Management System

It helps the company to coordinate the movement of their goods and provide them information throughout the whole distribution process.

(Bastin Gerald, Nigel King, Dan Natchek, 2002)

Overview of Oracle E Business Suite

Oracle E Business Suite (EBS) enable companies to model the landscape and products of their manufacturing plant or factory. These applications allow us to define the organization structure of the business, the products they manufacture, the parts they use, their manufacturing process, and changes to their products over time. Similar to SAP, Oracle’s strength lies in the intergration of its products.

(Bastin Gerald, Nigel King, Dan Natchek, 2002)

Case Study of a Successful Oracle E Business Suite

This case study of LG Electronic from Oracle is quite relevant to the case study of Rad-Tel, which also operates a manufacturing factory or plant that provide electronic hardware or software. The fact that a Multi National Company like LG Electronic also use Oracle E Business Suite tells us that Oracle E Business Suite is indeed a good ERP system, and scalable for both SME and MNC.

Case Study Example: LG Electronics Ltd (LG)

Overview of LG Electronics Ltd (LG)

LG Electronics Ltd (LG) is a company in headquartered and based in South Korea that design and manufacture consumer electronic systems. LG Electronics is recognize as one of the world largest consumer electronic company. (Oracle, 2008)

Problems of LG Electronics Ltd (LG)

The need for informed management get more important as the business of LG Electronics’ business goes global. There is a strong need for standardizing the distributed system across LG Electronics production and marketing subsidiaries worldwide. (Oracle, 2008)

LG Electronics Ltd (LG) was running eight instances of a legacy ERP system across the globe. And this made it difficult to integrate and determine if the data or information is accurate. (Oracle, 2008)

Close Collaboration Ensures Implementation Success

LG Electronics was working very closely with Oracle and its implementation partner LG CNS to ensure the success of the implementation.

Senior Managers of the three organizations held quarterly meetings to review constantly on the progress and address issues related to the project. Whenever a problem occur with a new module, Oracle would try to arrange LG Electronics staff over to the Oracle Technical Support Centre in India to work together with the Oracle technicians for a solution. (Oracle, 2008)

Enhanced Business Management

The outcome LG Electronics would expect from the Oracle deployment when it is complete in 2010:

  • Cut the time needed to just three days for closing worldwide account, instead of six.
  • Shorten profitability analysis time to five days instead of three to six weeks.
  • Increase overall worldwide productivity by 20.5%
  • Reduced the cost of maintenance of ERP System by 36%
  • Greater Visibility of the global inventory, sales and marketing costs
  • Greater flexibility for introduction, integration and separation of Business Process (Oracle, 2008)


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