Factors and Recommendations for Integrated Inventory Control System

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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics is a guide of principles. The purpose of Code of ethics is for helping professionals to conduct business with integrity and honestly. Code of Ethics may have mentioned the value of organization or business. It can also include the info about how professionals are supposed to approach and handle problems. The code of ethics rules is based on company’s core values. It also includes the standards which the professional held. Code of ethics are also known as “Ethical code”.    

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Business ethics refers ethical principles to guide business operations. Common issues get faced by business ethics are discrimination, employee-employer relations, insider trading and bribery, environmental issues etc. there are many laws that helps setting the basic ethical standard in the business community. To develop a code of ethics it is depending on the business’s leadership. Both trade organizations and businesses have code of ethics to follow by their members and employees. (Chandler, 2017)               


The integrated inventory control system is designed by Bottler company. A consultant was selected to provide consultation to the teams. This teams are working in serval areas of New Zealand. The system was evaluated, and consultant found out that the system is not sufficiently tested although it passed by contracted test. Due to that Bottler company now need to provide consultation to their teams and clients about this inventory control system. According to Bottler company suggesting that this system will provide them a good profit. However, there are also some risks that needs to get concerned by bottler if in case this system fails and that leads harming both employees and clients.

Task 1:

Bottler company is providing telecom service and they have different departments. As the company provides other services such as internet, social app and could. My responsibilities revolve around employees and clients. My duty is to provide direction to the clients about usage of this services and achieve business goals and to overcome business issues. Bottler company has code of ethics to follow. As a consultant I need to provide strategic guidance for clients regarding to the code of ethics.


Task 2:

Following to this given scenario in what Bottler company is having some issues with their Integrated inventory control system. For bottler company its important not to have any loss due to system failure. As a consultant, I should give guidance on overcoming on issues and do updates on system so that it doesn’t face any failures. As we follow the code of ethics, the employees and I need to inform bottler company and clients about all risk while deploying the system. Bottler company is planning to implement the integrated inventory system so the major risk is that the failure can lead to data loss of the company’s and client’s data. Providing this service with this risk will violate the code of ethics. As a consultant the other duty is to implement updates to the system for minimalizing the risk that can affect the clients. This step is one of the codes.

Ethical issues:

Ethical issues are a set of principles used to provide guidance about organization should conduct the business. Because of increased business ethics, company can suffer from an ethical issue. If there aren’t any directions and guidance, the possibilities of ethical issues occurrence increases.


Bottler Company has a new manager now and as a ICT consultant I had a conversation about dealing with market sensitive data. After this conversation I the ICT consultant is not sure whether to include about the cousin of ICT consultant who is working for marketing firm. This cousin has a range of customers and also have shared portfolio with consultant. By setting up his own company, ICT consultant wants to give training to the non-profit organizations. But to do that the first step is to discuss this proposal with Bottler company’s new manager and discuss about this situation. The major concern by the manager will be that this deal should not have any risk and must not affect Bottler company’s business.

Task 1: 

For a company and organization, it’s important that the information and company data should not be shared and doesn’t get unauthorized access by another company or a person. Now that the new manager of Bottler company has discussed and shared some important information of Bottler company, its ICT consultant’s responsibility not to share it with anyone. But as explained in scenario it will benefit the Bottler company if ICT consultant share this information with cousin for providing training to no-profit organization. This deal can be a personal benefit as well for ICT consultant, but this process will be proven as ethical issue. So in this situation consultant needs to follow code of ethics to prevent any harms for Bottler Company.

Task 2:  

As we can understand from scenario the conflicts of interest are between consultant and bottler company. As manager discussed with consultant, now ICT consultant have sensitive information about bottler and the plan is to start a company with his cousin for training non-profiting organizations on dealing with sensitive information. But by this manager of Bottler Company is concerned that this shouldn’t affect Bottler company and its data’s confidentiality. ICT consultant thinks that discussing this with cousin will benefit the Bottler company but for that first ICT consultant should take permission from Bottler company and as an ICT consultant, I should be careful about what to share with the cousin so that confidentiality and privacy of Bottler stays riskless.

Privacy and Security:  

When it comes to Privacy and Security a company should be more careful on handling customer data. As we know and understand todays way of living all sharing, researching, purchasing is happening by internet. People are used to share everything on social media as this is the trend. Its not that important to worry about Privacy and Security when it comes to the social media, but people are sensitive about their personal data being shared. According to some surveys, its proved so many times that some big companies share their user’s personal data with another organization for their profit and that result in compromising the conditionality of user. This includes user’s contact details, their browsing history, their internet cookies, devices that they use etc. therefore a Company should be more protective about the privacy and security and the user also needs to understand that how they can prevent this kind of risks by not giving details to unauthorized web sites and companies. (DOC, 2018)


ICT consultant had an interview with another company for a part-time job. The Company B offered the ICT consultant the job with a good pay scale. But to get accepted for this job ICT consultant needs to explain the strategies he will follow and use while designing a product for the company and this is relevant to ICT consultant’s current job. The ICT consultant has a responsibility that the data of newly recorded product should be retained with and authorized person hence when required this data can be given to another authorized person. The training books of that in designed production should be also made by consultant. For better analysis and review each part and process of the product should be maintained and recorded. When consultant reviewed these records, he found out some gaps. The data sheet is not proper as some data was not accounted. To find out what is missing, the ICT consultant is using the Bottler company’s computer but could find out any leads, but ICT consultant got to know that this computer is not secure as there are not any security software configured.

Task 1:

Bottler Company is facing issues regarding of its data’s Privacy and Security. To reduce the risk and safeguard the confidentiality, Bottler Company is required to install and configure some security system in their systems. These computers are used to record that information for the product so preventing an unauthorized access will be helpful for Bottler Company. Since these systems and devices are having such sensitive data, there should be some level of restriction on the access of this devices. For the employers of Bottler company as well. As mentioned in scenario ICT consultant was unable to locate the missing file from the record and to prevent this situation happening again, all computers and devices should have all activity recording system so that missing file can be located easily. This will also increase the Privacy and Security of Bottlers inside information. Sensitive data of Bottler company will be in great danger if Bottler doesn’t safeguard the data.

Task 2:

Organizations and employees are expected to perform all the task while following standard of conducts and this information is available in Code of practice. Company like Bottler can protect their information, data and products by having awareness of what actions they can take if their security and privacy is compromised. This information is mentioned in code of practice.


IT code of conduct and practices:

Its not necessary to have IT code of conduct and practices while comparing company to public companies. Still it’s very much beneficial for a company to have one code of conduct. The code of conduct consists values as an external statement and internal guideline. This shows the corporate values and the commitments of the company.

Just like code of ethics, code of conducts represents and organization’s values, missions and principals. The different is that code of conduct link all this to the standard of professional conduct. The code of conduct expresses the value which company or organization wants to promote to their employees and clients. By doing this code of conduct also requires desired behavior as a result to that code. Hence Code of conduct turn out to be standard code where organizations and employee’s performance gets measured. With help of professional practice, it also allows employees to support daily decisions making. It empowers employees to face and solve ethical dilemmas.


So many employees of Bottler company are working in a team, as an ICT consultant you did not have any updates about the teamwork whatsoever. As an ICT consultant its your responsibility to report all the obstacle and issues faced by this team to finish the project on given timeline. But as the employee are working in a team, they have their perceptions that lead to failure to meet the processes and deadlines of the organization. As I am ICT consultant, Bottler company is expecting consultation for new updates in tech. and they have provided me important access regarding Bottler Company’s clients. As consultant is following all the legislation and standards that were applied by the organization, I am still required to attend some training and courses to work on this new update. As client’s organization standards are working in different field they are required to follow. My cousin is also interested in specific data and topics about Bottler Company.

Task 1:

To adhere to regulations for Bottler’s company In the above scenario, first thing is that there should be a good communication between the employees. As the consultant is not receiving any information and updates from the teams of Bottler company, it can lead to potential risk. The teams of the company should be working together to achieve their goals in given and planned timelines with minimal amount of failures. It will be so much better if all the team of Bottler company have a conversation with consultant about the issues and obstacle, they are facing so that as ICT consultant I can give some guidelines that could help them in their tasks. 

Task 2:

Maintaining the competence is important for a organization if its related to IT. As we can see in scenario all teams of Bottler company have own perception and its not meeting the deadlines of the project, ending at failure. Reporting is a responsibility of consultant hence IC consultant must follow professional practice to the competence is this situation.

First, as ICT consultant I must review the issues that has caused communication problems between team and me. The solution is that there should be proper communication implemented between employees and teams so that they can inform about the issues they are facing to ICT consultant. As Bottler company requires consultation for the new update in technology, they have given info. Regarding to their clients to me. To provide best solution of problems, ICT consultant has to have updated knowledge about the technology and products.

Health and Safety: 

The New Zealand’s health and safety law for workplace is known as The Health and Safety work ACT 2015.

Health and Safety is a very important part of a company as it indicates how good organization. There are some responsibilities to prevent some risk that could cause illness, injury or even death. Organization can improve their health and safety performance with good leadership with the help of HSWA. This is very helpful for employee’s Health and safety. (Employment, 2019)

The Health and Safety at Work Act:

  • Responsibilities of each should be clear
  • Focus on managing the work-related risk and how to avoid any
  • Need to address the risks and the one who is responsible for causing it
  • Need to engage the organizations with their workers to make their aware with Health and safety


Bottler company is planning to build one workshop for repairing mobile phones. To do that first bottler should have ESD safe workbench or an anti-static equipment which currently isn’t available at bottler. In workshop there will be soldering iron and Hot air machine so ESD safe workbench and an anti-static equipment are required. There are not any tools available for tasting. Mobile phone and smartphones have some delicate parts so its important to be careful. Some customers directly sent their mobile phone tu bottler company and they didn’t get any backups. They aren’t informed that the data is lost.

Task 1:

Followings are the safety requirements:

  • Anti-static equipment is important as it reduces the electrostatic discharge while repairing mobile phones and it should be available in company since Bottler company doesn’t have any.
  • To protect employees from shocks from the devices, Bottler company should get electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safety workbench.
  • First-aid kits should also be available at the workshop as there are hot air machine and soldering iron
  • There should be some strict rules about wearing safety gloves and googles when required.

Task 2:






Accidental Fire


There should be fire extinguisher and fire safety equipment available


Damaged devices giving shocks to workers


Usage of ESD equipment and safety tools will prevent that


Workers can get burn while using hot air machine or soldering iron


Firsts aid kit should be available there and workers should be aware of the safety instructions.

Contract Management Issue:

The purpose of contract management in organization is to make sure that certain types of services and goods are available on time with requirements and cost mentioned in the contract. This is helpful for organization in development of a working relationship with suppliers for providing service deliveries. The extent and nature of contract management is depended on the contract and it can be different from another contract.

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The contract management isn’t an easy task so companies can have some issues concerning contract management which could cause into losing customers and supplies. Employees can get demotivated is there are some issues regarding to the employee’s contract.


When Bottler company hires any employee, he/she needs to sign the contract which mentions that the employee will get kiwi saver account. Even though it mentioned in contract the employer says that creating this Kiwi saver account is not compulsory. The contract says that the employee can take 10 sick leave in year still the employee got 13 sick leaves this year. However, for those extra 3 sick leave the employee got deduction from his salary. Overall Bottler company has clean record and they are obeying all KPIs and contracts. They do give bonus to the employees whose performance is good and getting better and they also have a performance improvement plans for employees who doesn’t perform good.

Task 1:

In the given scenario, its mentioned that the employee will have Kiwi Saver account and employee also need to contribute in that. Scenario also mentions that there are only 10 sick leaves are allowed per year still the employee got 13 sick leave. To prevent this kind of conflicts issues it should be clear in the contract whether it is mandatory to have Kiwi saver account or not. It is not mediatory than bottler should provide this account to the employee. Employees should be clear about the sick leaves and Bottler should inform about sick leaves limits to the employees so that employees don’t get any deduction in their salary.

Task 2:

Bottler company gives bonus according to employee’s performance. There are performance improvement plans if the employee’s performance is bad. In this case to evaluate Employees performance Bottler can use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that employees’ performance can be evaluated. This allows employees also to evaluate their own performance so that they can understand their performance and can work on that.

Treaty of Waitangi:

Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement that was made between 500 Maori chiefs and British repetitive. The agreement was about declaring the British sovereignty in May 1840 over New Zealand. Treaty of Waitangi is written in two languages English and Maori. The treat of Waitangi is about proving right to Maoris in New Zealand after government of British was established. (History, 2017)


The Bottler company is making sure that the projects that they run have Maori input and by doing this they are complying with the treaty of Waitangi. By complying with Treaty of Waitangi Bottler company wants to make sure that they treat all Maori employees equally and consult them and respect their tikanga. Bottler company supports management decision and planning that Maori have contributed and Bottler company have respect towards Maori culture. However, Bottler company still needs to understand the Treaty of Waitangi’s three main principles Participation, partnership and Protection. Bottler company is also not aware about the issues of Maori and English version of treaty. (Teara, 2017)

Task 1:

Followings are the 3 Principals of Treaty of Waitangi and how Bottler Company can achieve all these three principals


The Partnership principal provides and idea regarding to organizations working together as a partner with Maori and other communities. This principal mention that how Maori Should be involved at all levels like Planning, Development and decision making. Bottler can follow this principal by Engaging with more Maori employees, include Maori employees in their project and give their opinion importance.


Obeying this principal will result in strengthening Bottler company’s relationship with Maori and other community employees. With this principal Bottler company will understand how to value knowledge and interest of Mario hence it could establish good environment with multi-cultural employees.


It’s a third principal that helps protecting Maori interests, values, Knowledge and other taonga. This means that Bottler can validate and value with the help of this principal. As mentioned in Participation principal, Protection principal also helps in establishing a multi-cultural environment.

Task 2:

As mentioned in above task, complying with Treaty of Waitangi can be proven helpful for Bottler company but in some cases only relaying on following this treaty can be not good for Bottler company. As in certain cases rather than giving importance to community Bottler needs to give the importance to expertise of employees in that specific project. So, if a Maori employee doesn’t have certain level of knowledge which is required in the project than it will be disadvantage for the Bottler to have that employee be the member of that project. And its not only about treaty of Waitangi or any other communities. Its about having knowledge and being worthy to be a part of important and delicate projects.

Task 3:

Following requirements will be helpful for Bottler company in the way to implement Treaty of Waitangi

  • The three principals mentioned in task 1 are Important aspects of Treaty of Waitangi. If bottler follows those principals, they can easily implement the Treaty of Waitangi into their system. Because of this rules Mario employees will feel connected with all other communities
  • As mentioned in scenario, Bottler is having some issues regarding to the versions of Treaty of Waitangi. To solve this issue, Bottler needs to consult with someone who is professional and got knowledge related to both version of Treaty.  
  • Even though the Treaty indicates the Maori rights, it does not mention if this implement should be there if the employee is not qualified.


IT Relevant Legislation:

There is some IT relevant legislation to protect and secure company’s privacy and information. This legislation protects against unauthorized accessing and copying of work. There are some rules that protects copying any company’s original work or product so if any company tries so steal or copy some other company’s original work or product, they will violate the Copyright Act 1994. There is some other legislation that establish that only an author can produce copies of his/her product and can public it. Only with his/her permission other person or company can public it.



Bottler company requires some strategies and advices from another company The Sage. Regarding to the company’s service, the ICT consultant is responsible to give a presentation. The sage is now ready to help Bottler company regarding of the strategies as the presentation is done. The issue is that Sage found out that the presentation given by Bottler company is quite like another company C who gave presentation. This Company C is industrial rival company of Bottler. Sage explained this similarity issue to Bottler company. Bottler company doesn’t have information that how an outside company have the information from inside and that means that the details is leaked since Bottler company is following the copyright legislation

Task 1:

As mentioned in scenario, Company C has copied some information from the Bottler company without bottlers permission and that resulted in violation the copyright legislation. Under the Copyright Act 1994. Bottler company can take some actions against the Company C in this situation. If Bottler finds out that this is inside work, they can charge that person guilty. If Bottler is having any damages because of this theft they can also charge fine to that company according to the Copyright act laws. Other legal action will be also placed if company C gets found out to be guilty.

Task 2:

Copyright Act 1994 is important for Bottler Company regarding to this scenario but apart from that Act bottler company should also understand the New Zealand privacy Act 1993. This Act Protects the Confidentiality and Privacy of a company from any unauthorized copying of their product and work. While handling situation such as this Bottler can take actions against a person or company who tries to steam information or product which is confidential for Bottler company. Bottler company have some sensitive data such as projects details, customer’s data, Information about deals with other companies etc., Bottler company should be having some awareness towards this legislation laws.   

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