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Dirt bikes usa

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The small company Dirt Bikes USA based out of Colorado is planning to look for more ways to grow in the economy of the motorcycle industry. They are skeptical and worried about expenses and how they are going to obtain information to provide a solution efficiently. Dirt Bikes USA will go through a transformation on running their business more efficiently. With my evaluations and help I will decide on what kind of internet tools and technology that will be most effective for the organization and its employees. I will be discussing intranet systems and two other tools for the internet that can be provided for the organization. I also intend on discussing the benefits in using wireless technology and the kind of impacts it will have on the organization. The tools that will be utilized will have benefits for the organization as well. The cost efficiency of wireless networks versus the cost of wired networks will also be discussed to give the organization an option of using a more cost effective system. This will reveal the pros of wireless networks and the cons of wired networks.

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     I recently have just evaluated the organization of Dirt Bikes USA and have come up with recommendations on solving problems. While Dirt Bikes USA already offers their employees internet with desktop computers it would be helpful to establish a private network through using the organizations existing network infrastructure combined with connectivity standards of the internet and software made for the World Wide Web (WWW). Laudon and Laudon (2009), states that intranets are private networks created by the use of internet networking standards and web technology. With the use of intranets it is secure and private and has a firewall for protection, which helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network. WWW and intranet software technology are similar to each other.

Intranet Benefits

     While having access to information with the touch of a button can be very important in the marketing and sales department. There are many benefits received by the marketing and sales department using an intranet. These benefits are having access to the following: researching of competitors, information of products, reports on sales, and marketing analysis.

     The human resource department can benefit extremely from the use of intranet because they could cutback on the usage of paper. The department could start uploading all of the company applications, company handbooks, company benefit package, and much more that will lead to saving the money normally spent on large amounts of paper.

     The manufacturing and production department of the company will benefit from the use of intranet by keeping track of the schedules of production while helping maintain and coordinate production. They can keep track of all their inventory of parts in and out of stock through the intranet. If the organization were to upgrade the intranet to an extranet suppliers would know when parts are needed for the company and customers could place their orders to the suppliers if needed.

Helpful Tools

     Throughout my investigation I found that as a minimum there are two other tools for the internet that will be useful for the employees at Dirt Bikes. The first internet tool is a Voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. According to Laudon and Laudon (2009), with the use of a (VOIP) phone system it could help lower the company’s cost of communications by 20 to 30 percent. A VOIP phone system is a popular platform for corporate networking and voice transmission. I would suggest having more than one telecommunications and computer service infrastructure to save on long distance phone calls and even get rid of private lines, but having one of each of the infrastructures is needed to offer tremendous savings for Dirt Bikes organization in communications.

     Another tool for the organization would be the Apple iPad. With the iPad the organization can create formatted documents, spreadsheets with charts and formulas. The iPad also connects over Wi-Fi connection and 3G services so you can email photos to your clients and find out on the internet recent news on the competitors. It’s a great tool to have around the shop instead of going back to your office to type an email you can type an email write in the power of your hands.

Wireless Access

     I believe that it is important for Dirt Bikes USA to install wireless networks, which would allow wireless internet access to the employees and also provide the company with the capabilities of having voice data communications. By having Dirt Bikes USA install wireless internet it will lead the organization in profit increase while also saving employees time. Besides voice communications, technology has grown where cell phones are now capable of sending information through instant messaging and e-mails. Cell phones are also now capable of searching or researching information on the WWW. The use of cell phones could help the outsiders of the organization with access to information from just about anywhere.

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     With the use of Bluetooth in the organization is another way of using wireless networks. A Bluetooth is a wireless device that allows wireless phones, printers, and computers to communicate with each other with the least amount of power needed to function. Having lower power to function would make a Bluetooth best used with handheld computers, personal data assistants, and cell phones.

Wired Networks versus Wireless Networks

     I believe for Dirt Bikes USA wireless networks are they way to go and they way of the future because an employee can have access to the internet from anywhere in the building, while wired networks limits you to a specific docking station or office. The only benefit of a wired network is that they work faster with larger files to upload and can tend to be more reliable than wireless networks. Wireless networks sometimes have problems with signal strength while wired networks do not unless a wire happens to become loosened. With the use of wireless networks it would be a fraction of the cost to have installed, compared to the wired networks because of all of the wires need to be ran throughout the building. The bottom line is that the use of a wireless network would be more cost effective for the organization.


Throughout my investigation I have determined and recommended many solutions to Dirt Bikes USA would benefit from. Using intranet systems in your organization would benefit the following departments: Manufacturing and production, human resources, and sales and marketing. In my determination I have also presented two more internet tools that if used would be valuable to the organization. The two internet tools that were presented are VPN and the Apple iPad. With the use of these tools it will be cost effective for the organization. I have also brought attention to wireless networks technology and the influence it will have on the organization. I compared the cost effective advantages of the use of wireless networks compared to wired networks to be considered by management. My analysis will help in saving the organization a lot of money, which in return will create higher profits for Dirt Bikes USA.


Laudon, Kenneth C., & Lauden, Jane P. (2009 by Pearson Education, Inc.). Essentials of Management Information Systems (8th ed).,: Prentice Hall.


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