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Argument for the Abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in Human Rights

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  The border agency has crossed many legal lines abusing the power given and children of immigrants, if they are not being responsible for the power they were given then they should be abolished. My great Polish grandmother and grandfather on my mother’s side came through Canada to be documented. They were given the green light to cross over as a Canadian citizen and apply for American citizenship. Their experience was not as bad as my great grandparents on my father’s side Chinese immigrants coming by boat to California in hopes of a better life only to be dealt with distain being told that they don’t need anymore foreigner, similarly to a recent event in homeland security indicate that Homeland Security needs to be reformed because of their recently reported crimesof forced separationand attack on children.

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 Bill Barrow and Alan Fram stated in both their articles that the motivation to remove ICE is due to mistreatment to minors. Barrow also advised that Senators need to look into further allegation against immigrants. The Trump administration is undergoing scrutiny by the Senate Committee of the separation of migrant children from their families(Barrow). During this year tensions brought on by this mishap has divided the two sides. A hearing in July of 2018 asked the head of federal investigation to look into sexual crimes against immigrants in holding facilities (Fram). Grassley and Feinstein questioned the alleged sexual assault of refugees. Immigrant children taken in have been separated from family members yielding reunification. The current administration is burdened by border crossers and backlash that comes with it. Homeland Security and Health and Human Services came out with a statement shaming the cruelty of the separation of the children. New allegations suggest reoccurring abuse was before the President took office (Barrow). An official investigation took place by Health and Human Services charging U.S Custom Enforcers of physical and sexual abuse. While many families were reunited some were unfortunately deported. Administration officials have reunited the children and parents, after this event Donald Trump took to Twitter taking credit for a good deed (Fram).

Many Americans have argued that unregulated counts of families and how many people are in them pose financial burden if border control agents are unable to do their job. Loffman writes about his finding at an ICE facility saying while it’s a protective measure it needs a healthy reformation to prevent the humiliation of innocent people. Bernie Sanders and many others say ICE is a necessary evil when it comes to national security because of the incident on September 11th, 2001. However, the abuse they put children and teens through when detaining them calls for a reformation in the system. Other state senators spoke out against the misconduct of border agents and their abuse of power towards detainee’s children, apparently, this has been an ongoing battle since 2014. Children in custody at Roanoke detention center were hit, neglected, stripped, and humiliated. A civil rights violation has been given to the correctional facility however this detention center has had a violent history with Hispanic juveniles according to a recent statement earlier this year. The legal team has promptly denied all allegations of their abusive treatment (Loffman). The justification to treat these adolescents poorly is because they are associated with MS-13 according to Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy (Barrow). Homeland Security representative spoke out about maintaining civilized standards and that officers must keep their dignity while caring for children separated from families at the United State’s border by border patrol agents (Loffman).

  Customs Enforcer Thomas Homan expressed to news outlets that America has immigration laws that must be abided by because he believes that as a country it needs to establish its borders. Reporter Woodruff has commented on Thomas’s retirement after the long weeks of separation saying that legality is a grey area. The Officer has stated his remorse for his role in the separation of immigrants, children are withheld in custody while parents are detained and convicted. He acknowledges the moral challenge of doing a job and keeping family units together. Thomas Homan told interviewer Woodruff that he’s been in the force for 33 years. While he knows what right and wrong Officer Homan wants to let to let the rest of the world to know it’s absolutely unacceptable to grant undocumented aliens a pass in this country illegally only to hide out for 10 years then gain immunity to the law (Woodruff). The reporter for the climber on Lady Liberty would counter Woodruff’s argument with her ironic statement of wanting to fix the immigration crisis by using police brutality. In an interview with NewsHour, U.S Customs Enforcer told the media that if families are desperate to come to America they should apply for asylum to enter legally. In hopes of families listening, he states If they really are escaping fear and persecution, looking for relief in this country, why not come to a port of entry (Climber on the Statute of Liberty). Woodruff does give the officer a voice to defend himself because of the personal attack of his line of work, however the reporter of the climber on the Statue of Liberty bring the point of abuse to the forefront. The impact of immigration strikes morality and the burden of protection that is the dereference between the interview with former Customs Enforcer and the main point to the other articles the challenge of who should have protection.

 On July 4th, 2018 in New York City banners are hung saying ”abolishing ICE for Immigration” the climber hung the saying on the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal. Disturbing the peace, the climber was arrested for scaling the statue and putting themselves in danger. ICE abolishment brings potential difficulties with illegal activities. Conservatives back Trump’s anti-open borders rulings. Non-extreme activists want to negotiate a better immigration policy saying to reflect the Civil Rights Movement. After a few hours of coaxing from the police and park rangers, the climber did come down but investigators are unsure if the motive is related to recent protests. Six people were caught and brought in for the same crimes as the climber disturbing peace, self-endangerment and hanging banners on a national monument (Climber on the statute of liberty). Department of Homeland Security is responsible for deporting illegal crossing refugees along with vetting those that come legally (Woodruff). ICE needs to be for the greater good is the wide spread message of marches across the country it will continue says the Liberty reporter until deportation is stopped. Latino Victory Project, a political group that is against ICE and holds the belief that 2020 is when they will make their move for dismantling, the group already has presidential candidates in mind. The Justice Department is hardly involved with the ongoing influx in 2006. Joe Biden backed ICE to replace the old border services, he also supported furthering security. The former Vice President met with the Latino party to discuss concerns of the Trump administration (Climber on the statue of liberty). The White House is readying their agenda changes to immigration laws and unfair treatment, and/or completely abolish Federal Immigration Enforcement Agency. ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement had its reputation run through the mud by constant deportation (Barrow).

In the final article author Desjardins, a list of interviews by parents speaking out about the psychological trauma their children endured. Her article brings to light the damaged behaviours the children were exhibiting to further the reasons why ICE is unnecessary. The parents have filed a lawsuit against Trump’s administration. Barrow’s article brings up the point Trump’s Zero Tolerance for those seeking asylum from gang violence in their country which is what Desjardins agrees that denying is an injustice. When speaking to reporters a representative warned there may be stragglers held in detention centers. For example, Mrs. and Mr. Caceres had their son forcefully taken while seeking asylum but were detained. Three months later their son was returned to them, both were shaken by this ordeal crying out to the government about the damage that has been done. The parents reported the child’s clingy behavior and emotional fear of separation. Officials had a consent form to take the child away from parents, the twist was even if the detainee refused their son or daughter would be taken regardless. (Desjardins)

Similarly, to Loffman’s description of Roanoke centre Desjardins describe in graphic detail about the brutality against minors and adults alike saying they were starved, dehydrated, and beaten. Advocates were horrified by the countless testimonies of rape and torture amongst minors. There are also medical concerns that can permanently damage brain development, causing unhealthy habits, the risk of diseases, and mental disorders. Mrs. Jimenez a former detainee recalled women collapsing from starvation however, she also says one officer felt remorse and brought the inmates cookies. New York Hospitals treated children that were torn apart from parents treating their newly developed asthma, infections, and depression. Government officials reject the idea that it’s a bipartisan issue as this considers several lives of men, women, and children. The abuse is still being accounted for even after the fact of being reunited with loved ones now protestors and higher officials are pushing for change in 2020 in hopes of basic human rights (Desjardins).

Across the board the five articles agree that reformation is needed for the sake of lives and legality. If ICE is not being responsible for the power they were given then they should be abolished. The interview with Officer Homan and Woodruff conclude The Trump administration caused the distrust of ICE to worsen. Fram, Loffman, Desjardins, and Barrow’s interviews has shed light of the well being of the children involved and the deteriorated family life. Trump and ICE will be cut if abuse of power continues in America because humanity trumps Zero Tolerance.

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