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Human Resources Management


Executive Summary

Uniquely Neish Shoetique is a lady’s only shoe store located in Portmore St Catherine Jamaica owned and operated by Athena Brown in partnership with Neisha Thompson and Tiffany Palmer. Uniquely Neish Shoetique is a legal business in Jamaica, so they don’t have to worry about getting put out of business due to no license. Portmore needs an upscale lady’s shoe store because the other stores have an inadequate selection. Now, a lady who needs a unique special kind of shoes often must travel over to Portmore to find what suits them. Uniquely Neish Shoetique will have a selection of different styles of shoes and these include Loafers, Sandals, working class shoes, Pumps etc; all these are unique, different from the rest and its designer branded. The sizes can be said to be cost prohibitive due to the restocking of all different styles.

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Uniquely Neish Shoetique has a very unique business model and what this does’s is that; it allows a wide selection at a cost of restocking one size per style. They have a special relationship with the wholesaler which means, Uniquely Neish can receive the ordered sizes for customers in two days or they can do the overnight rush shipping at an additional cost. Being that Uniquely Neish Shoetique is a small business it has over 100 clients which is good for a start knowing that they only started 4 years ago. The marketing plans is not so much effective but if it was they can gain more than enough clients that will bring other people along through word of mouth; for example effective advertising, targeting the right people etc. Uniquely Neish Shoetique is not so much Technology inclined as they are still fairly small so they only use the basic Technology they know how to use.


The purpose of this research was to create two companies and do a brief overview of each in which we would have given the two companies a legal names, create a business profile and to also state whether or not both companies are Limited Liability Company or a partnership company. In this research readers will notice what type of services offered by both companies, what makes us stand out from the rest, what makes us unique and where we are located, how much employees do we have including management and the expected vision, mission, goals and objectives of the two businesses.

This assignment was to also answer the assignment questions and link it to the second business.

Now Rosetta English Consultant Firm is based overseas in the UK it is a limited liability Company and what we do is that, we help small businesses to create efficient plan to meet their goals and to briefly look at existing and start-up businesses. We are hired by a small group of investors who wants to purchase a small business enterprise and I am a senior manager in Rosetta Consulting Firm who will do the necessary assessment of the performance and nature of the small business as well as to provide recommendations to best improve the business.

The company I choose was Uniquely Neish Shoetique Located at 6 Retirement Road, Cross Roads, Kingston 10 they are Offer wide rages of unique styles in shoes for ladies only such as sandals, loafer and dressy shoes. These are costly but it’s all about the quality of the product they are selling as well as the brands. The number of staff in this business is 10 inclusive of owner and managers. It is a partnership company with Athena as the CEO who is the leader and decision maker, Neisha and Christina works as Human Resources Managers, Samantha is the Line Manager, Tiffany deals with Marketing and Kneka is responsible for Finance aspect of the business and a total of five employees. These six employees report to HRM and every other top level management reports to the CEO.

The limitations of this research would be that I had problems with my laptop and the information.


Rosetta English Consulting Firm has been in business for the past 12 years. Our specialism is in helping Small Businesses to improve the performance and potential of the business enterprise. Our business is well known in Birmingham because that’s where our business first started in 2001 and where we still are today. We have 15 people on staff right now but we intend to recruit more employees as our business grows over a 5 year period. We get hired by small groups of investors (private partners) to find a business for them to aquire. It is for me the senior manager consultant to seek out a business and do some checks on it

The Business I choose to aquire is Uniquely Neish Shoetique and it’s a Partnership Business located in Portmore inside Portmore mall. They don’t own anywhere for themselves, it’s just a rented studio for the time until they can grow. Uniquely Neish Shoetique is all about unique designer shoes for lady’s and it’s owned and operated by Athena Brown. What makes us different is our name which spells unique in everything we do or choose to do. It is a kind of upscale lady’s store that sells products like Loafers, Sandals of all different design and styles, good quality work shoes, canvas etc. they do night rush orders for at a additional cost for all those who want the shoe ASAP. We are not large in numbers but we are working with what we have now until we can recruit some more employees to fill new positions as we grow.


  • To understand the difference between Personnel Management and Human Resources Management
  • To understand how to recruit employees
  • To determine and understand how to reward employees in order to motivate and keep them
  • To analyze the mechanism for cessation of employment


This information was collected from online websites. I was there going through the questions for term paper 1 and started to think ok where should I start looking? I do not have any text books and neither am I near any library to get information for these questions. Anyways, after a while I stated to search for notes online from our school page and ended up finding the questions that had web links attached to them and that’s where I got some ideas and information from.

There was not much information well detailed on these pages to do quote on quote so I tried to use my own words as best as I could because I wanted to avoid the plagiarism and not use too much of peoples words. At first I was only answering the questions and not linking it to the small business but then I had to go back and read over and ensure that’s it connecting to the small business. Due to Limited Information I somehow used my own initiative to complete the rest of the assignment.

The use of course syllabus was used as a guide to writing my objectives and goals. We had gotten a another piece of paper that I used to guide in creating my companies, writing what its products are, to create a vision, goals, objectives and mission for both companies. The Guideline paper also helped me to write my introduction as to what is to be written in it and the word limit.

Distinguish between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

It was said that Personnel Management and Human Resource Management deals with the managing of people within the organizations, which means it doesn’t have much of a difference between the two. Because Uniquely Neish Shoetique is just a small business and doesn’t have much on management team they do have a line Manager that deals with the welfare and satisfaction of its workers. Personnel management was said to be a more back in the days approach to people management and it is an everyday function. It focuses on increase in production within the organizations, workers satisfaction, and welfare of workers.

Whereas HRM deals with a more now a day’s approach of management and is a strategic function. It deals with motivation of employees, development and acquisition.

Personnel Management is centralized which means decisions are done only by top management as it only involve personnel management.

HRM in Uniquely Neish Shoetique is concerned with workers on every level of the business. Decisions are made once employees are involved they are more decentralized everyone inside Uniquely Neish Shoetique is involved in the decision making process; no one is left out.

When it comes on to Personnel Management in Uniquely Neish Shoetique it offers less training and development opportunities for employees whilst our HRM offers training and opportunity for development. Our HRM ensure that employees are given enough training that has to do with dealing with customers, using the cash register, adding clients to our client’s lists and how to find the right shoes and also take note of stocks that we are out off.

Those were some of the clear differences between the Uniquely Neish Shoetique Personnel Management and Human Resources Management. As stated before there’s not much difference but there’s a clear distinct difference between the two. One has more activities (HRM) associated with it while the other has less (PM).

Assess the function of the human resource

Management in contributing to organizational purposes

Human Resources Management is said to be a function within an organization/business that is concerned with recruiting and managing people in the organization. Human Resources Management comes with a lot of functions as well as activities that need to be performed. The function of HRM includes a few: Recruitment, Motivation, Planning and Growth, and Implementing HR policy.

Recruiting: Plays a huge part in Uniquely Neish Shoetique because it takes up a large part of the organization priorities. According to (Buzzle. 2014) recruiting begins with making the company’s presence felt in the job market by advertizing vacancies, participating in job fairs, or just going around in circuit at universities. Recruitment can be done both internally and externally. Internally is where workers within the organization can apply for the post and externally are those outside the organization.

Our HRM has to go through a huge amount of applicants is a big responsibility where they must ensure that they recruit the right candidates suitable for sales representative job positions. After that task is finish they have to schedule interviews to meet with the chosen applicants to see what they are all about, their qualifications, and individual traits and sometimes does a thorough background check.

Motivation: Uniquely Neish Shoetique is a ladies shoe store and we are not that much a big business but we ensure that we use monetary things to motivate our employees to come to work every day with urge to meet, greet new people and interact with them no matter how hard they can be sometimes. Motivation can come in the forms of monetary or non- monetary but in most cases workers motivation is monetary. Monetary means having to do with money, cash etc. If employees are not performing up to standard its HR responsible to do a performance check as well as to create a reward system for them to be motivated. These include things such as Salary Increase, Bonuses, award, paid vacations and flexible working hours. HRM should try to keep a bond between employees and the organizations at the same time and everything will be great within the organization.

Planning and Growth:

Planning and Growth will take place when there’s less conflict of interest happening in our store. HR policy should be in tandem with the business policy of Uniquely Neish Shoetique. Once all the employees and bigger heads in this shoetique are working together it will be a contribution to the success of this Business.

Implementing HR Policies:

HR policy is concerned with the safety and welfare of the employees. This can be checking for safety work clothes for the job, checking of equipments and work areas on an intermittent basis. Uniquely Neish Shoetique ensures that areas within the business are safe for employees as well as to ensure that the building is safe for everyday use. As a shoetique all for ladies there is no need for a man to be working there unless he has a passion for ladies things; so it’s expected that workers may become pregnant and when they are near to their due date we ensure that we give them, things such as maternity leave, insurance schemes, welfare funds, and recreational activities that are implemented for the welfare of employees.

Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource management

According to (Cite HR. 2012) front line managers are managers who are responsible for a work group to a higher level of management. Uniquely Neish Shoetique HRM responsibilities are as follows:

Management of Employees

Managing operational costs

Checking Quality

Dealing with clients

Measuring operational Performance

Line managers may sometimes assist in the recruiting and selection process as they work alongside HR. Some activities that were done by HR are done by Line Managers now these include coaching, grievances and discipline and performance appraisal.

Roles of Line Managers

Due to research done by Bath University they discovered that Line Managers play a key role in the implementing of HR policy’s simply because they have a positive relationship with front line managers that’s causes workers to be more committed to what they do, and they will always be high levels of satisfaction with jobs. Line manager’s roles is designed by HR but not carried out by HR. This role includes things like performance appraisal, Training, Coaching, guidance, communication and involvement, being open with employees and recognizing the contribution of employees. Front Line Managers need to build a strong relationship with employee’s in order to have high levels of job satisfaction as well as in order for them to carry out these roles and responsibilities they need to know how to reason with employees, be fair in all aspects of matters, be good listeners, ask questions if need to and deal with problems in a efficient manner.

Analyze the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on human resource management

Every business or organizations faces legal and regulatory frame work on Human Resources Management. Uniquely Neish Shoetique has to deal with these external factors or impacts. These External factors can be the Government, Economy, Technology and Demographics. HRM has to put these external factors into consideration into their strategy because these are factors that take places on a daily basis.

External Factors

Government: The government is the ones responsible for passing Legislations and Laws that must be adhered to Uniquely Neish Shoetique HRM tries their best to adhere to laws and legislation because they do not want to be fined or face the risk of being shut down. HR is constantly under pressure to stay in line with laws and legislations because these affect the everyday process of the HR department.

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Economy: Uniquely Neish Shoetique is highly aware of the current state of the economy. As a small business they had put into place strategies, to deal with sudden problems of the economy because it is one of the biggest external influences that may affect a business. They have to be aware of what’s happening out there in the world to be prepared for days to come and have something planned for economic downturn. State of the economy can cause Uniquely Neish Shoetique and any other businesses to not hire anyone at all so they have to be prepared for situations like these to combat them.

Technology: According to (Erick Friedman. 2013.) technology is considered as an external factor because once new technology is being introduced the HR department can start thinking of how to downsize and new ways to save. Due to the high increase of technology today there’s ways to do everything including cutting back and saving. Uniquely Neish Shoetique just started out, so need to know and understand how to cut back and save.

Work Force Demographics: Nowadays employees are different from those of back then employees. Retired persons are seen as old generation type of workers and the new generation is the current candidates so HR must create environment that will attract the new candidates as times goes by. New generation candidates are more modern so they know what to expect from a job such as benefits, compensations etc. So it’s for HR to provide these schemes for new candidates so that they are satisfied with their jobs.

There are a lot of businesses out there that disregards these external factors regardless of what it can do to their businesses but in order for their business to be long-term they must follow and pay attention to these external factors.


  • I would recommend that for this small business to survive selling unique designer ladies shoes they need to have some form of advertising going on out there such as, social media pages to do advertising about the business and to announce sales, on radio television newspapers etc.
  • Another recommendation could be to have online stores where ladies can stay from their home or offices at work and view the different styles or designs of shoes and to see whenever there’s a sale where there’s going to be a sale and what time the sale will take place. They could also try placing fliers in supermarkets, salons, nail technicians shop etc.
  • They may want to come up with ideas to get the shoes across to persons. For example; Island Delivery .The location of the store is in Portmore and even though Portmore is like a city of its own, a lot of people do not like going to Portmore or they might not be close to Portmore but needs a pair of those unique designer shoes, so they need some way of getting the shoes to clients.
  • Another recommendation is that they should try little kids girl designer shoes as well because mothers don’t mind buying a pair of unique shoes for their daughter’s.
  • Also try to build more client base list of customers who frequently shops there and to get more people onboard with those that are available in order to stay in the market. Need to be sure of ways to improve income coming into the business.


In conclusion to this research Rosetta Consultant Firm is a good firm that focuses on helping small business to develop plans and to come up with solutions to solve problems. That’s why they had put me the senior manager on the task to aquire a small business for the private investors. I Chose Uniquely Neish Shoetique simple because I realize they have the potential to go further to expand into something more profitable than this. I got to understand pretty much all the business and the fact that they are a small business there would not be much top level management.

The few that’s their may have to do two different jobs for now until they have grown to employ persons to fill positions that needs to be filled to take some of the load off anyone of the top management who ends up doing more than one job posts. HRM is doing a great job right now, handling the external environmental forces that can affect Uniquely Neish Shoetique as well as the recruiting and welfare of their employees. I would definitely consider this small business Uniquely Neish Shoetique a fit business to aquire. There are some areas where things are not clear but with proper guidance, and inputs can lead to a profitable leading Shoetique.


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