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There are various type of human resource management policies within the healthcare organization which underpin in many various types these types are the section six- training and development.

Training and Development Policy


This policy is applicable to all employees and company. The learning and training opportunities will be available to the employees that are in line to the company with policies equal opportunity.


The integral part of the work is the development and training. This is the process of effort to the company in order to achieve their vision, and it’s the way to assist the company. The company will be able to recognise that long-term job security is unable to offer, this must need an employee support and efforts to be able to enhance long term employability.


These are the objectives of development and trainings in the company must be:

  • Ensure that all employees’ haves the skills, understanding and knowledge that is required for them to perform their activities and duty greatly effective.
  • Employees must ensure that all of the employees will be able to adopt to change even in a continuous acquisition for new knowledge and skills
  • The company must ensure that they possess the knowledge and the skills that will need for the future
  • employee must be encourage to accept a responsibility in their own action and to strive constantly to able to improve their work ways for benefits to their selves, the company and the customer


The development and trainings responsibilities activities is being shared into three parties: the individual involved the training provider which is normally this act through the human Resource function, the company this is represented by the manager individually. Development and training activities this will only be affective by the support and commitment for all of the three parties.

The employees must take the responsibility ultimately for the development of their own, provided by the company within the framework by

  • all of the development and trainings activities must be fully participated.
  • raising any needs for trainings that is arising from their present role with the supervisor and manager must be properly ensured.
  • reviewing openly their progress and raising any long term training needs for other forum that is appropriate and personals reviews.

Manager and Supervisor must encourage their teams and support actively to their teams in to their acquisition of new skills and knowledge through

  • development and performance by reviewing regularly
  • encourage and stimulate their staff, taking the deliberate and specific steps to involve, team workers and as individuals in their own development and training action
  • providing the necessary support just to ensure the development actions are completed and successful.

The human resource and training providers function must to ensure that the training is properly delivered in a cost effective way by:

Delivered in a cost-effective way by:

  • ensuring the development and training company activities will support the company business strategy and appropriate training are developed activities support the company business strategy
  • ensuring the maximum return to the company investment of money and time, developed activities and the resource to appropriate training.
  • ensuring that the complete evaluation and the proper training og the training and development activities are undertaken.

Investors in People

To develop the best practice in the development and training activities the company is committed.

Employee Development Support

For developing a new skill we all know that that this is important because this is to prepare ourselves for the continuing changes to our working environment. Today the employees are now very rare to have a single job. Today many of us now intend to be having the role of a broadened just to meet some customer of their needs. This is to ensure that all employees can be able to invest in their own future for personal development and to provide financial support. To the industry that won’t be able to provide long term employment and a lifetime job.

The Employment Development Support or the EDS is a process with three (3) step that is designed to encourage the staff to build a confidence in the stage of learning process.

Company Training Schemes

Kindly Residential Care Rest Home is operating both graduate development programmes and apprentice, which can provide a key source for the future workforce.

Study Support Policy

Some of the company provides an approach in order to support the employees that are undertaking further programmes education. This policy are reemphasize that there will be responsibility to the company on both individual to make the process of success.

Programme Enrolment Fees

This is the kind of company that is agreed to the employee by undertaking the further programme of the education; the company will be the one who will be paying.

Study Leave

  • for the minimum is one day study leave this is regarded that can’t be refuse by the line manager
  • in five days study leave a maximum that can be taken that can be match to the employee taking the 5 days holiday/annum
  • the study leave and the matching days holiday is included and can be taken to maximum up to 2 weeks prior the day in the examination. The annual holiday can’t be taken to employees annual holiday adjacently. For the employees who wish to get the study leave they must informed 3 months’ notice in order to approve the specific date of leaving to the line manager.
  • the revisions of course are funded by the company, but however in the days off are also included as a part of policy entitlement.
  • the human resource manager is the one who will grant the study leave at the discretion within the guidelines within the team leader or the manager.
  • for an employee with other event having to re-sit an examination and failing the human resource manager will be the only one to grant the further study leave.

Travel Costs

The sponsored of education programmes are the employees who were undertaking the company and shall be the responsible of the travel cost and from their study place. This also includes their parking space for the car.

Book Costs

The books that is purchased by the employee during their study course will be the responsibility of own employee.

Upgrading of Professional Membership

If the employee will upgrade the membership for recognition to the professional’s institution the company will be the one to reimburse the cost which the employee cost.

Management and Professional Development Framework

To ensure the future success of Kindly Residential Care Rest Home, a professional development and management framework can forms as a key part in the future management and development. The development of programmes shall encompasses the framework, a range of personal mentoring and skills module on the needs of individual basis to develop any necessary skills that may lead the organization to the changes of every business environment which where we work.

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