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Dubai Waterfront Properties is a company which is at present one of the largest waterfront and considered one of the largest man made development companies in the world. It mainly concentrates on artificial islands and building of canals. Dubai Waterfront Properties are becoming so much popular and successful that it is going to occupy Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai which is considered to be containing highest population of emirates in UAE. It is working in various water related project in UAE like one of the most important project of Dubai Waterfront Properties running at present in which Nakheel has a partnership of 51 percent.

Marketing, Sales and Human Resource Department of Dubai Waterfront Properties is one of the most exciting and constant work requiring departments of the company. This department accounts for marketing of these properties with efficient advertizing, attracting information to the customers so that they get attracted towards these properties. This department also accounts for labor turnover in the company and number of business units needed for product and other purposes. Marketing, sales and Human Resource Department also account for process of recruitment, selection and training/development of staff that occurred during the placement of the new arrival to the company.

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In case of my placement for the internship in the company, the process for recruitment, selection and training and development was really exciting. It was not a single step procedure that happened at the time of placement. There were three stages occurred at the time of internship placement. First stage was the written exam. This was a general aptitude test. After passing this general aptitude test, second stage was Group Discussion in which one topic was given and on that topic a group discussion between 6 members in each group was done. After clearing this stage, final stage for the internship placement was Personal interview.

There is a huge labor turn over in the company and this labor turnover is mainly divided into two types, one is the labor at the official level and one is the production unit. Production unit is really massive because there are large numbers of labors required for construction purposes and in case of labor turn over of the official labors are concerned, it is much lesser in number but the procedure for selection is of high standard.

At the end of every month, there is a stock taking process that occurs in the company where inventory is matched and report is prepared. For the security of cash and prevention of fraud in the company, there are some regular procedures which are followed like burglar alarm, security sensors, etc.

There are mainly two types of channel of communication; formal and informal channels of communication. These provide a mechanism for the customers to directly reach to the company with out much effort. In case of formal way of communication, postal address of the company is given on the website so that customers can send various queries and also an enquiry form is online available on the website which can be filled by the customers to address their problems to the company. In case of informal way of communication, Telephone number of the company is given at the contact us page of the website. (

Mainly UAE market is served by Dubai waterfront properties which serve the people of the country with various important and lavishing services like free holding of the properties, leasing and renting options for the customers, construction of canals and artificial islands. Major demand of the customers or critical needs of the customers is that they want lavishing life style with reasonable cost and Dubai Waterfront properties are known for providing them the same.

Various technologies for Marketing, sales and human resource department is used by the company. These technologies are like SEM and several other are used. Main functionalities of SEM is that it is used for making a constrained marketing report for the company. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. There are both efficiency as well as inefficiency of this technology that it make the marketing research work very easy but the inefficiency of this technology is that this not as good as manual working.

There are few key service standards that are taken into consideration in providing good services to the customers by the company. These service standards are:

Ø Freehold properties

Ø Option to sell the properties

Ø Renting or leasing the properties

Under free hold, standards are set and customers are allowed to buy these properties from the company. Dubai Waterfront properties are known for the production and construction of wonderful locations. There is another standard set by the company about option for selling the properties. Under this, customers who want to sell their properties can contact to the company and follow the procedure. Renting and leasing services are also given to the customers. These service standards are relevant to the marketing of the company because all this is done due to marketing of the firm.

There were mainly two types of leadership observed in the company. One is for the office employees and one type of leadership for the ground level of employees which are labor or the production unit. For office level of employees, participative leadership was seen. In this, every employee had the right to speak up his or her views in and these were always taken into consideration during taking of any important decisions. In case of leadership for the ground labor employee, leadership style that is followed is situational leadership style which means that all the decisions were made according to the situation. In most of the cases, orders were given to the employees and they had to follow them. Main reason for such type of leadership is lack of literacy among ground level employees.

During the period of internship, I observed that marketing unit of Dubai Waterfront Properties has a lot of work do. Before, I used to think that production department should be mostly recognized for the work but this was false, it is very difficult to sell something to the people. Marketing and sales department has the same work. I saw how marketing people always think something different to promote the properties and show that they are different from the rest of the builders. It is very annoying to sell something to these stubborn customers. That's what marketing department does.

Dubai Waterfront Properties work on the business strategy of become world's largest waterfront company. For this purpose a detailed work procedure runs in the company. There is a proper hierarchy in which the company functions. Dubai Waterfront Properties unlike other companies follow a tall business hierarchy in which lower level of the employees do not have much interface to the higher level employees and this is quite obvious for a construction company because ground labor force can not have interaction with the official employees. Work is carries differently in all the departments, production department, marketing, sales and human resource department and finance department all help significantly in working of Dubai Waterfronts properties.


Expectation vs. Learning Experience: At the initial of the internship, I expected that it will be a lower level work given to me because I am not that much experienced in the field and I would have to sit idle in the company but this did not happen I got the lower level work but along with that the learning experience was amazing. I got to know the professionalism in the work and how to proceed to get success which will surely help me in future

I have decided to make my future in this department of Marketing, Sales and Human Resource. In this internship, I got to know the challenges and excitement which is there while working in this department which makes life really worthy to work for.


There are few suggestions that I want to give to the student going for the internship next that you should be a little bit prepare to face any kind of work in the company. It is not that you think that you are not liable for the work that you are doing. Best part is that you will get a very good exposure of work and working atmosphere in the company. I would recommend you to go Marketing, Sales and Human Resource Department of Dubai Waterfront Properties for your internship.