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Were Germans To Blame For The Holocaust History Essay

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2016

World War I was over and the Germans were to blame but Hitler knew who the real persons responsible for the mishalf and the Jewish population would soon be annihilated because of this plan that Hitler executed and he would not stop until they were all gone. From a theory, to concentration camps, and eventually leading to the final solution this systematic plan was unstoppable any many will suffer while they watch it unfold.

Although Germany believed that they had not started the war, Germany was still blamed for the Serbian terrorist group The Black Hand and because of this Germany was responsible for the war becoming global. Germany sided with Austria because of their alliances and in turn this provoked Russia in which they feared of a tetanic expansion. Germany had a plan called the Schlieffen Plan which the purposed to invade France and take hostiles. Germany had invaded France partly be going through Belgium despite the fact the Britain had an agreement with Belgium and Germany didn’t expect Britiain to uphold the agreement and was astonished when a surprise invasion force was sent to stop them. By 1917 America was still deciding whether to join the war actively and the excuse came when a German U-Boat sunk a US hospital ship named the Lucitania, thus proving that Germany directly provoked Britain, France, and the USA. Germany also held the vast majority of axis troops that made an enormous impact compared to Austria. When the war ended everyone knew that Germany had not started the war but they had a tremendous hand in it and was blamed for it severity and over time the understanding has been morphed and distorted to the view that Germany was at fault. The Treaty of Versailles was signed June 28, 1919 and this was a peace treaty among Germany and the Allied Powers and this officially ended the war. They treaty also meant the Germany had to take sole responsibility for causing the war and they had to pay reparations at the cost of 132 billion marks or $31.4 billion dollars. Also, because of this the economy of Germany had dropped drastically causing a depression. Germany was not able to pay back all the money since the economy was already poor because of the war. Germans blamed the collapse of the economy on the treaty and causing as much of one third hyperinflation. The Treaty of Versailles also caused a total demilitarization of Germany’s armed forces allowing them only no submarines, air force, armored vehicles, six battleships, and an army of 100,000 without conscription. The world did not know that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis will rise making sure that this will never happen again.

Adolf Hitler was impressed with the founder Anton Drexler and his anti-semitic, anti-capitalist, nationalist and anti-Marxist ideas, which favored a strong active government, and a “non-Jewish” version of socialism and mutual solidarity of all members of society. May 1919 is when the Germany Army had entered Munich and attempted to overthrow the Bavarian Socialist Republic. Upon succession Hitler was captured and arrested among other socialist in Munich and accused of being a socialist. Socialists were being executed without trial but Hitler was able to convince them that he was an opponent of the regime and he offered to volunteer his services to help identify soldiers who supported the Socialist Republic. The authorities granted his proposal and Hitler was then transferred to the commission investigating the espionage and because of this information supplied by Hitler the government was able to track down the soldiers that were involved in the uprising. Hitler was recruited as a political officer since his officers was impressed by his hospitality to left-wing ideas. As a political officer it was Hitler’s job to lecture soldiers on politics and the main accomplishment of this was to promote his political assumptions and philosophy favored by the army and also to help to influence the combat of the Russian Revolution of the German soldiers. Hitler has been making political speeches for years and was ignored but now he had an attentive audience. Since the Treaty of Versailles the German Government has had a lot of loss. 13 percent of their territory had to be given away which meant a loss of six million people, an enormous percentage of raw materials including sixty five percent of iron ore reserves, forty five percent coal, seventy two percent of zinc, over ten percent of factories, and finally all overseas colonies. These percentages did not even include the reparations that had to be paid back which estimated at about thirty eight percent of the nation’s wealth. All the German soldiers that attended his lectures shared the same beliefs and philosophy since Hitler was a very persuasive and powerful speaker. Germany needed a scapegoat in which they could throw all the blame on and Hitler said, “Germany had not been beaten on the battlefield but had been betrayed by Jews and Marxists who had preached revolution and undermined the war effort.” Hitler’s ability to persuade others and to get followers was mainly because of his skills as an orator and since he had an ability to arouse his supporter’s emotions it usually caused anger and hate resulting in various different acts of violence. In September 1921 Hitler was finally thrown in prison for three months for heinously beating up a rival politician.

Shortly after Hitler was released he created his own private army called the SA (Storm Section). The main goal of this army was to protect Hitler against his foes and to disrupt meetings of political opponents. The violence that concurred from the SA was usually blamed on the Socialist and Communist and the Bavarian government took no action what so ever to prevent the Nazi Party from ceasing destruction. Hitler was now ready to move on to bigger plans and this was to overthrow the German Government and suggested that its current leaders should be executed. On November 8 ,1923 Hitler interrupted a Bavarian Government meeting by busting in with an army of SA troops firing multiple shots in the air and telling the 3,000 officials that were attending the meeting that the National Revolution had begun. Hitler took Gustav von Kahr, Otto von Lossow, and Hans von Seisser and told them that he was going to be the new leader of Germany and if they were to refuse he would kill them all and commit suicide himself. Naturally, the three men obliged with Hitler’s request and this is the date that is going to change the world. Although Hitler had much bigger plans, he had planned to march on Berlin and eliminate the national government. Hitler did not plan out this expedition carefully because of the fact that he didn’t take control of the radio stations and telegraph lines meaning as soon as Berlin caught on to what Hitler was doing they could eradicate it. Shortly after Hitler was sent to jail and he got 5 years. While in jail Hitler started to write an autobiography in which would become a book later to be called “Mein Kampf” which speaks about an alleged Jewish conspiracy about gaining world leadership. The book gained popularity and it was also referred as the Nazi’s bible. In his book he argued that German’s where known as the Aryan race concluding that they were superior to all others that existed. Hitler stated that the Aryan’s superiority was being threatened by intermarriage and he concluded this though by saying; “On this planet of ours human culture and civilization are indissolubly bound up with the presence of the Aryan. If he should be exterminated or subjugated, then the dark shroud of a new barbarian era would enfold the earth.” Hitler believed that the Aryan race had a duty to control and conquer the world and the fact that the race was threatened by the Jewish race, in which he argued, were laze and had contributed little to the world civilization. According to Hitler, Jews were responsible for everything including the things he did not like for instance World War I, modern art, pornography and prostitution. Hitler also proposed that the one percent of the Jewish population is slowly taking control of the country. Hitler believed that the Jews were directly related with communist and he felt that there was a joint conspiracy group that was formed and they will soon take over and dominate the whole entire world. Hitler proclaimed that seventy five percent of all Jews were communist and this was based this on his own scientific data and calculations. He also felt that the only way to rid the Germany of this problems is to exterminate the Jewish/Marist attempt to control the world. Hitler needed to win back the land that he felt was rightfully German’s and this was the land that was lost during World War I. To achieve this expansion Hitler had to form an alliance with Britain and Italy. This alliance was vitally important because this meant that it would prevent Germany from fighting the East and the West at the same time. On December 20, 1924 Hitler was released from prison only serving a year and a half of his original sentence. Germany was drastically different in 1924 since inflation was brought under control and the economic policies of the German government had proved successful. In October 1929 the Wall Street crashed and Hitler foreseen that this was going to happen and there was a peak of four million people unemployed and about 1.25 unemployed before the crash. Hitler had the chance to use this to his advantage and control the people in light that he can make the current situation better. Hitler and the Nazi party went around spreading his philosophy around his fellow German’s hoping he can be elected to take control over German. Many people supported Hitler and many people feared him because of his violent acts against anyone who opposed him. He had a natural talent of winning people over by striking fear into them. Hitler had arrested thousands of members who were situated in the Communist Party or the Social Democrat Party and had them all transported to a concentration camp to make sure there was no competition running against him. All these events eventually lead Hitler to becoming the dictator of Germany. Hitler’s first move in his treacherous game was to take over all trade unions and have its leaders all sent to concentration camps that were put under control by the Nazi Party. Germany was now known as a fascist state. Hitler had any potential sources of opposition removed to make sure there were no threats against him what so ever. By 1934 it had seemed that he had complete control over Germany, although Hitler’s constantly feared that he might be eliminated by certain people that wanted to possess his power. On the 13 of July Hitler had gave a speech including upon giving the purge of the SA its own name entitled the “Night of the Long Knives”, also calming to executed sixty one while shooting 13 and he also made clear that since he was the supreme ruler of Germany he had the right and the power to decided whom had the right to liv or die. From this point on whoever questioned Hitler’s authority or second guessed his opinion was basically signing their own death certificate because those who opposed Hitler were seen as conspirators. When the 1933 election rolled around Hitler promised if he were to gain power once again he would abolish unemployment once and for all. Once in power again Hitler started to express his hated among Jews again and the Hostility towards Jews started to rise. Signs started to appear all over Germany expressing; “Jews not allowed” and “Jews enter at your own risk”. Many Germans were told not to use Jewish doctors and lawyers. Among other thing Jews were not able to make a living wage since most of them either lost a business they were once running or fired from the job that they were once employed too. Pressure was put among Jews and they felt that they were forced to leave and among other things new programs were designed to help Jews emigrate. During the night known as “Crystal Night” over 7,500 Jewish shops were destroyed and ninety once Jews were killed and on estimation 20,000 were sent to concentration camps. After this horrendous night it was clear that Jews did not want to stay in Germany anymore but they had no choice since many countries did not want to accept them and were reluctant to take them into another country. Hitler used “Blitzkrieg” tactics among various different countries to try to take control and conquer any territory it could to expand Germany. After Hitler seized Poland he had over three and a half million Jews that he did not know what to do with them. So he decided to transport them to the Madagascar or even keep them confined in small areas also known as the “Ghetto”. Hitler created a new force known as the “SS (Secret Police)” in which there job was to bring order and later will serve an import role in the part of the Final Solution. The Final Solution was a plan devised by Hitler to eradicate all Jews in extermination camps. Although Jews were separated since they were used as slaves, those who could work were kept alive and those who were sick and or old were sent to be gassed right away. The concentration camps was the last stop for the Jews and these camps contained showers in which poisonous gas filled the surrounding room killing all that was inside. Over 6,000 Jews were killed a day and the amount varied on the specific camp. Eventually liberation came by Soviet forces that were fighting against Hitler. Germans tried to cover up the evidence of these camps by burning them down and burning bodies or whatever evidence was left from these operations. By the time the Soviet forces arrived at these camps it was already too late.

Many Jews died because of the horrendous conditions in which Hitler opposed on them. Over six million Jews died and not counting the people that were unaccounted, and this was because of one man who had the ideology that Germany was in its pour condition was inflicted by Jews. It started with a theory, in turn to concentration camps, and eventually leading to the final solution. This systematic plan was unstoppable any many Jews suffered while others watched it unfold.

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