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To What Extent Did the Laotian Civil War Impact the People Economically, Socially, and Politically?

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Published: 18th May 2020 in History

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To what extent did the Laotian civil war impacted the people economically, socially, and politically

Section A:

 To what extent did the Laotian civil war impacted the people economically, socially, and politically. I am going to talk about before and after the Laotian war. I have sources that will help me get information. “Hays, Jeffrey. FRENCH CONTROL OF LAOS IN THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURIES.” Facts and Details, the origins of this source was created by many historians. The perspective was from the French and Laotian. This was created to tell the audience what happened before the civil war and the origins of Laos. The purpose of this source was to talk about the French ruling over the Laotian. The content of this source mainly talks about the ruling over the French and how they treated the Laotian people. It reveals the harsh life of the Laotian people being a rule under the French. This information was very useful because it helps the reader understand what is going on before this information was very useful because it helps the reader understand what is going on before the civil war. “Laos Profile — Timeline.” “BBC News, BBC, 9 Jan. 2018, the origin of this source came from a website by a company named BBC News.” This was created by an employee at BBC News. These were the perspectives of an Asian historian. The purpose of this source is to talk about the Laotian timeline from the start to the present day. The purpose of this source serves the basic knowledge of Laos if you don’t know where Laos is and its origin before the Laotian civil war. The source means to show the timeline of Laos. It contains when Laos was ruled by the French until they change to Communism. This information is very useful because it helps people learn about historical events before the civil war broke out. “Apocalypse Laos: America Loses the Laotian Civil War to the Communists”. “Reader, 22 May 2018, the origin of this source came from a website and author name Brian Benefit in 5/22/2018”. The perspective was seen by CIA agents in Laos. This created to show the audience what the CIA agents were doing in Laos during the Vietnam war. The content of this source talks about undercover CIA agents operation in Laos. The truth was that the CIA agents wanted the Royals to beat the communist so Laos won’t fall to communism, so they supported them in fighting and training men. This information is very useful because back in the ’50s and ’60s not everyone knew what was going on in Laos the operation was the secret war in Laos. Next source is the“Laotian Civil War — New World Encyclopedia”, This source created by many historians on June 21, 2018. This created to explain the in-depth of the civil war and what happened step by step. The purpose serves as a timeline of what happened during the civil and the aftermath. The content of this source explains the main events of the civil war. This information is very useful because it tells what the main battles were fought and what happened after the war was fought.

Section B:

 Politically, before the Civil war broke out the Laotian country was ruled by the French. The French were in Laos for trading their goods to other South-East Asian countries. Many Laotians did not like the French people making Laos ruled by the French Monarchy and their way of governing. “Hays, Jeffrey. FRENCH CONTROL OF LAOS IN THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURIES.”  Facts and Details is the first source that talks about how the French rule and how they treated the Laotian people. Not too many, people were affected but, there were the others who did not like the French at all. There were many revolts that try to get the French to leave the country. On 1954, the French left Laos after World War 2. This event made Laos independence from France. The first king rose in Laos after the French left. The king’s, Name was King Sisavang the first. After many years of ruling, he passed away, and his son ascended the throne. Instead of abolishing the French system the new king kept the system and mad it even worse. Also instead of kicking the French out of Laos, he kept them there, so they can give him advice on how to run his country, but what was really happening was that the French were actually still in control with power while the king is the puppet following orders from the French.

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This made the people furious. But then a big civil war happened which overthrew the king. This civil determined if Laos was going to be ruled by the French or be controlled by communism. “Laotian Civil War. Laotian Civil War — New World Encyclopedia”, this source talks about how the Soviet back the Pathet Laos to take control over Laos. The Soviets played a big role in helping the Laotian win the civil war without the help they would have all been killed for betraying the king. After the civil war, the Prince Souphanouvong rose up as the first president of Laos. Many people supported him because he promises to help all the poor and the homeless to get a job, and he did he also got help from other communist countries to boost their country economically, socially, and politically.

Economically, the Laotian aren’t rich before the French came and after. The French took the Laotian money for themselves and did whatever they could do for their own. When the French settled in Laos many people became even poorer. Farmers who own land couldn’t own lands anymore because many French traders built towns or construction building for their own businesses and kicking out the Laotian people who own that farm. This made the Laotian people very angry, and they ask the local lords if they can help them get rid of the French, so they can get their land and job back. But the local the lords couldn’t help them because they would get in big trouble if they did. The poor fled north to live a better lifestyle than living in the south with the French who treat them like slaves. The NVA gave a lot of supplies to the Laotian trying to bring to their side, so they can convert them communism and it worked. Many people loved communism that they wanted to bring it back to Laos. After negotiating if the NVA would help they decide that they would help and give them money. After all, that happened the end result was that Communist Laos won against Royal Laos. Their economy change after the war because of Prince Souphanouvong who helped the poor by building new factories to give unemployed jobs. “Laos. Freedom House, 22 Mar. 2013”, this source talks about how china was once a very poor country before communism and how the change all that by becoming a big name country just by turning communism. This inspired Laos to follow in the footstep of their older brother countries.

Socially, before the civil war broke out the Laotian people were peaceful and quiet. That all change when the French came and force the Laotian people to follow the French. After the French left, Everything was different. Kings Sisavang Vatthana was influenced by the French and tried to copy their system. Many people did not like that especially Sisavang brother Prince Souphanouvong and Prince Boun Oum. These two shared the feeling of the lower class because both of them are half-brothers of the King. They had no power as the king did. They wanted to overthrow his brother so badly. One day, both brothers went up north of Laos to talk to the North Vietnamese. Remember this is all happening during the Vietnam war. The two brothers brought many Laotian people that hated the King and the French to Northern Laos to try to convince them to overthrow the corrupt King Sisavang. The King had found out that his brother was plotting something and exiled only one of them and the person was Prince Souphanouvong they couldn’t find any evidence to exile Prince Boun Oum, so they only exiled Prince Souphanouvong. But this did not stop The Prince, He made propaganda about the King to convince the poor that the King has treated the lower class badly and abusing them. Britannica, “The Editors of the encyclopedia. Souphanouvong. Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., 5 Jan. 2019”, this source talks about how he planned to take over Laos and when he will come back to Laos to rule over the people. Prince Souphanouvong succeeded in convincing the people and also succeeded to persuade the North Vietnamese to help them take over Laos. After the Vietnam war ended The Prince ask if the NVA could help them take over Laos. They said, of course, they will help a fellow communist. The Prince made a plan to take over Laos very quickly and it worked. After coming back from exile he took over as the first president of Laos. He changed all the laws and system that they had before, so they can start fresh as a new country the People’s Republic of Laos. Many royals and Hmong did not like this they all left to France or to the united states. The reason wasn’t just hated it was fear of the new system. If you were Hmong and was founded by the Pathet Laos you would be executed or imprisoned in a concentration camp. Their main focus was to kill all the Hmong because they mainly fought against the Pathet Laos during the civil war. The same thing goes for the royal because they help the Hmong giving them weapons to fight against them. The Prince had no mercy to anyone, even his own family. Many respected the Prince and worshipped him. In the end, the people of Laos celebrated Laos New Year with The Prince statue on April 14 every year.

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To what extent did the Laotian civil war impacted the people economically, socially, and politically. Politically, the Laotian change after the civil war because they became communist because there was a lot of Laotian that hated the west. Economically, there were many poor people in Laos and you what they say that a lot of poor people hate being poor so the convert to communism so everyone is equal. Socially, the Laotian people have different feelings towards the west because of how the French treated them when they came to Laos. “Laos Profile — Timeline.” BBC News, BBC, 9 Jan. 2018”, this source explains the timeline of Laos from the very beginning and now. Throughout the years, I can see a very big difference between when the King was still alive and when Laos turn Communist. When the King was there the people were not very happy but when Laos became communist the people started to be happy. Many people would not agree with what I’m saying but I’m basing this on my opinion when I was studying the civil war.

Section: C 

The role of the historians played a huge role in investigating my topic. They point out the main point of my topic to what factor economically, politically, and socially impacted the Lao civil war. The aim of the Historians that is in the essay was to inform instead to persuade because they wanted to inform the reader that this has happened if the reader doesn’t know. The historians pick only the important facts and non-bias information for the reader to know what happened during the Laotian civil war. The investigation was manageable because most of the historians have gone to Laos to get information from the locals or old veterans that have fought in the war. These historians would do anything to get their hands on information The difference between bias and selected is that bias is just one-sided information that the person may be allied with one side to spread false information and the selected information are from both views on the war, maybe like a citizen who doesn’t associate with either side. Nobody wants just a one-sided story they want the whole information, so they can see both perspectives. Historians can agree or disagree because that’s what historians do. Many have a different understanding of the war than others because of how they receive the information. This would be called a historical debate or argument on the information about the Laotian civil war. If the information is correct and many historians agree on it then it’s decided as a credible source. Many historians use different methods to get their information. For example, the best historians would actually fly out to the country where the action happens. They would ask locals who were born during that time ask them how it was in the past before the war and how is it after the war. All their information should have come from a primary source. The second rate historians would only read and get their information from a secondary source and try not to get information from the locals or old veterans that have fought in the war.



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