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The Whole Palestinian Israel Conflict History Essay

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5/12/16 History Reference this

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Palestine is one of the historic country in the Middle East, Palestine is surrounded by Lebanon in the North, Syria in North East, Jordan by the East side, Egypt by the South West side, and the Mediterranean sea in the West side. The word ¿½Palestine¿½ came from a group of people that used to live in Palestine before the ¿½Kanaaon¿½ the leader of the group his name was ¿½ Falasta¿½ and the tribes used to be called ¿½ Fasteen¿½ and each one of the tribes used to be name ¿½ Flste¿½ when the ¿½Kanaaon¿½ came to Palestine, both of the tribes came together in one hand that no one could come between them, then they named it ¿½ Flesten¿½ and by ages the name changed to ¿½ Felesteen/ Palestine¿½. (Transition word) Palestine is the most wanted country in the world; leaders used and still fight to have it for them because Palestine has diversity of; cradle of civilization and religions, it is also the central of Middle East and it include the three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. Palestine also divers of the Mediterranean climate and it has the four seasons all year long for instance; in north its cold and windy, in the East side close to Jordan River is very warm. That is what made Palestine the most wanted country in the world.

The whole Palestinian- Israel conflict started in 1915. The agreement started between the government Britain and France, to divide the Arab nation between them. France got Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey and Britain got Jordan and Palestine (The Balfour declaration pg.240) In 1917 Balfour Declaration the Zionist movement achieved the first movement its first real success, when the British issued the Balfour Declaration ¿½ His Majesty¿½s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object it being clearly understood that nothing¿½¿½ This declaration culminated in the creation of the state of Israel. 1936: a six months in general strike in Palestine was during the British mandate by Palestinian Arabs in Palestine that lasted from 1936 to 1939. In April 1936, the Arab leadership in Palestine declared a general strike to protest against, and put an end to Jewish immigration to Palestine. The revolt was driven primarily by Arab hostility to Britain’s permission of restricted Jewish immigration and land purchases, which Palestinian Arabs believed was leading them to becoming a minority in the territory. In 1948 the state of Israel was created; the war between Zionist and Palestinian had left with two unsettled topic till nowadays. ¿½ The 1948 war between the Zionists and Palestinians, then between Israel and Arab state left two unresolved issues. First, although the state of Israel received the recognition of most states in the world, the surrounding Arab states did not extend it recognition¿½ The second, unresolved issues was what to do about the problem of the Palestinian refuge¿½ (Gelvin, 2005,Pg.283) During the war, Israel, decide to kick all the Palestinian form their home and exploded 600 villages so they wont come back to it. The 1967 war ¿½ The current factual setting continues to be largely a result of the outcome of the Six-Day War in 1967 and subsequent development associated with Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.¿½(Friel, Falk, 2007, Pg.11) The six days war, Israel divided Palestine into parts. Palestinian start to immigrated to another cities that are when Palestinians become refugee for the second time. The countries surrounded by Palestine told them to leave so they can fight against Israel, but they lost the war and Israel won. The Palestinian who left Palestine had no right to come back to their land.

My ancestors came from a small village called ¿½Bet-Iksa¿½ in Palestine; it¿½s the north west of Jerusalem the capital city. ¿½ Bet-Iksa¿½ was one of the main centers in the Islamic war in Crusades time. The location of the village made it easier for the soldiers to keep their clothes (Supplement) and all of their needs in ¿½Bet-Iksa¿½ because of the location were in the middle of all of the cities My ancestors were living in ¿½Bet-Iksa¿½ more than 3000 years; they all followed the same religion, tradition, and race till now, even though time has change. One of their traditions was that every Friday, they used to go to the ¿½ Doom Of The Rock¿½ to pray and then go to the old Jerusalem to shop.

The first time my grandparents Diaspora from their village was on 1948. When the big war started between Israel and Palestinian. When Israel state becomes a country, my family were forced and expelled to leave their village and displace them in a refuge camp. ¿½ Palestinians refer to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 as al-Nakba, the catastrophe. Hundred of thousands of Palestinians were displaced as result of the creation of the Jewish state, the ensuring war between the Arabs and Israelis, and an Israeli policy of expulsion¿½ (Ensalaco, 2008, Pg.9) They lived in an exhibition area for a year, till they settle down and start building small houses for them to become independent again; they had no water, no food, and no electricity. And they were forced again to leave the camp and go to another one. Israel has done that, to make Palestinian move from Palestine and immigrate to somewhere else like Jordan and Lebanon. But many of them did not do what Israel want and stayed in Palestine and that is what my grandparents did In 1960 my father was born in expat camp.

In 1967 another war remain on the land of Palestine (West bank and Gaza) my family including my father and other refugees were expelled and displaced again to Jordan, they became refugee for the second time and immigrant for the first time in Jordan. Jordan is located in the heart of the Middle East, Northwest of Saudi Arabia, south of Syria, Southwest of Iraq, and east of Palestine. After two years living in Jordan, another war occurred in Jordan between Jordanian and Palestinian ¿½ In September 1970 a month that came to be known as Black September, terrorists belonging to the Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine (PELP)¿½ The incident dragged for two weeks. Then, in a spectacle to draw the world¿½s attention to the plight of the Palestinian people¿½ (Ensalago, 2008,Pg.1) the reason of the war is because the Palestinian were more than Jordanian people and they wanted to control everything in Jordan since they are more, so the war came between the Palestinian commando and Jordan army. When the war started my father was ten years old. e. After the war peace came from the two sides. Jordanian and Palestinian became together. Many people did not welcome the Palestinian and there were a lot of racism and discrimination against them and till nowadays, Palestinian found a way to get along with them and both share their cultural and tradition with each other, both Jordanian and Palestinian speak Arabic, follow the same religions either Islam or Christianity. Jordan was the host society for the Palestinian, they accepted them, they gave the Palestinian passport, land, houses, and they were allowed to work in Jordan and equal as a Jordanian person.

In 2006, my family and I moved to Canada it was a totally different experience for us. None of my family member spoke English expects my father, although he knew the language but he has a tough British accent, so no one understood him or us. We have been in Canada for eight years and till now; my siblings and I are trying to learn the language. At first we had cultural shock and we were homesick, but year-by-year these have been decreasing and now we are accepting cultural and their life. There are many differences between the two countries the cultural difference between Jordan/Palestine and Canada are seen in their holiday, food and custom. For instance; the holidays in Jordan/Palestine its according to the local sightings of various phase of the moon, we usually fast during the day and feast at night according to the sun, after the month of the fasting, it is the day of our holiday is called ¿½Eid ¿½ Al Fitr¿½ its for three days, family members visit each other and men give money to their wife, sisters and close relative. But in Canada mostly celebrate Christmas¿½s the birth of Jesus Christ, they usually decorate the house and yards with light and the put up the Christmas¿½s trees and it usually held by December 25th.

Since 1946 to 2010 Israel have been taking over Palestine, every decade Jews and Zionist are increasing and the number of Palestinian are decreasing, as statistic show by the end of the war Israel had occupied 78 percent of Palestine. During the Six-Day War, Israel occupied the final 22 percent of Palestine that had been avoid in 1948. My family history and Diaspora could refer to Phase number one ¿½Victim of Diaspora¿½


what phase of Diaspara

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