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The Tudors Started In Wales History Essay

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5/12/16 History Reference this

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The Tudors started in Wales and came from a Cambro – Norman dynasty. In their family is a very long line of kings and queens. They can be traced back to the 13th century but became royalty in the 15th century. The Tudors were a huge royal family, which made a great impact throughout the medieval through modern life era. (Tudor Monarchs)

They, the Tudors got their place in royalty because of Henry the VII who defeated King Richard III in a battle in 1485. Overall there were three kings and two queens who ruled with the Tudor name. The royal dynasty included: King Henry VII (1457 – 1509) King Henry VIII (1491 – 1547)King Edward VI (1537 – 1553)Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary – 1516 – 1558)Queen Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603). The Tudors impacted England’s religion by changing it from Catholic to the Church of England. They held high reputations and were very conscious of their actions. The time in which they were ruling is when Western Europe moved from Medieval to early modern lifestyle. During this time England went through many political issues. Never would the Tudors appear in any type of media without it being something crazy to catch the people’s eye. (

Also, they had many family members who married into other families. A few of their relatives are Lady Jane Grey, Mary Queen of Scots, Princess Mary Tudor, Princess Margaret Tudor, and Lady Catherine Grey. Mary Queen of Scots got her nick name bloody Mary for murdering 277 Protestants. Most of their family was some pretty crazy characters. (

Henry VII the first to the throne was born in South Wales married Elizabeth of York. After winning the battle he could now call himself King Henry and that’s how he started the Tudor dynasty. Tudor Dynasty is represented by the Tudor Rose; it symbolized the House of York and the House of Lancaster. Henry and his wife had a couple of children; Arthur, Prince of Wales, Henry, Duke of Richmond, Margaret who married James of Scotland and Mary. Henry ruled for 24 years. (

Henry the VIII (1491 – 1547) was next in line. Henry married Catherine of Aragon because his father didn’t want that to happen, he wanted to prove to everyone that he was in charge now. Henry was a good king at first; well he let others do the work for him. Young and wanting to play sports he wasn’t very focused on his job. Most of the time he was playing around and practicing at the sports he liked. When Henry grew older he started to want to be more in charge, although this was a bad thing. Selfish, mean, and a very large man is what he had become. Giving orders and known for being cruel. Henry began thinking about who would carry on the Tudor name and wanted his wife Catherine to have sons for him. Catherine did not want this at all and the first daughter they had died in the womb and the second, a son died 52 days after he was born. They finally conceived a child named Mary, but Henry wanted a son so he went to try and get a divorce from Mary. Mary fought the divorce and won but Henry go Parliament to change the laws so it could work. (

Henry married Anne Boleyn and she gave birth to a daughter named Elizabeth whom they named after Henry’s mother Elizabeth. She later got accused for treason and killed in 1536; many people think this was a setup. Henry had many other wives also, one was Jane Seymour. Henry and Jane had a son named Edward VI of England. (

So, next in line would be Edward. Edward was very young when he had to become King so his father had setup some other people to help him rule. One of the things Edward wanted to do most was change the Catholic churches to be called the Church of England. He made every Catholic Church remodel into the Church of England. In 1553 Edward became deathly ill and died, making Mary Tudor now the Queen. (England under the Tudors)

Mary had a lot of troubles during her time so her half sister Elizabeth who now has to take over since her sister was in prison. Elizabeth had a very troubled childhood. Her mother Anne Boleyn was beheaded by her own father when she was born and he didn’t want her any part of the royal lifestyle. She was raised by her father’s widow and was a very smart and talented girl. Elizabeth played instruments and studies many different languages. She was removed from the throne until the death of her sister Mary I of England. Elizabeth was 25 and everyone was telling her she needed to marry. If she didn’t get married and have children everyone knew it would be the end of the Tudor Dynasty. (Mary Tudor princess, Bastard, Queen)

Elizabeth was 48 and couldn’t have children anymore so that meant the Tudors were doomed. She made very good laws and was a wonderful queen and many people loved her. Elizabeth died on March 24th 1603. (

House of Stuart was now the family who would be in charge for the rest of the century. None of the other Tudors besides the two Queens really made an impact. The women in the Tudor family were the ones who taught good morals and showed their good character through their actions. Rules that were made during the time that each of them had the throne were the rules that stuck around. (Tudorfamilytree)

Males from the Tudor Dynasty were more prideful and took their power of the people in a bad way. Taking advantage of being able to do whatever they wanted was what they did. Queens and the Kings both made impacts throughout their ruling but the women really did a better job with their power and placing. (Tudor Monarchs)

The Tudors have proved to be one of the most memorable families throughout history. Their stories and actions will carry on throughout the generations to come.

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