The New Arizona Immigration Law History Essay

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Like with every other major issue in the United States, there are pros and cons to the new Arizona immigration law. In todays society there is the huge controversy regarding the immigration law, and how peoples opinions and beliefs differ so much from one person to another. In my opinion I believe the law is not always right, but we as american citizens do have to obey to them. In recent news the new law in arizona SB1070 orders immigrants to carry their alien registration documents at all times, and requires police to question people if there's reason to suspect they're in the United States illegally. As well the law also targets those who hire illegal immigrant laborers or knowingly transport them. This new law has started a great amount of protests and anger for many people in Arizona as well people all over the United States. As I stated earlier in which people have different opinions and which this topic contains much controversy is why I have chosen this research for my topic. In this paper you will understand the law completely, why it affects certain people in Arizona, as well how the new law is impacting the society of America.

The new law for illegal immigrants in Arizona has unleashed immediate protests all across the nation. According to the local News Station supporters say, "the law is needed because the federal government has not secured the state's border, which is a major gateway for human trafficking and drug smuggling from Mexico." But just like anything else there is always a negative feedback, most Critics say "the measure will lead to racial profiling, and they consider it an unreasonable and unconstitutional attempt to regulate immigration, a federal responsibility." As you can imagine there are two completely different sides and opinions relating to this law. As for you to see the statistics on

what people think on this bill here in a poll released by the Pew Research Center this month, 59 percent of 994 people said they approved of the Arizona law, but while only 32 percent disapproved. "An Associated Press/Univision pol," recorded that 42 percent of those asked favored the Arizona law and 24 percent opposed it." As you can see there is more favor in favor of the law, but it only takes a small percentage to turn this law into a huge controversy, as it has become one of the biggest issues with todays society. For the opinion of people who favor the law they say that this law has been needed along time ago, as well it is needed because a large percentage of crime in arizona and the United States in committed by illegal immigrants. Now in my opinion that can be a very bold statement, because not all crime is committed by illegal immigrants.

There is a great amount of crime out there that comes from U.S citizens, but as for some statistics in arizona it shows a large amount is lead by Illegal immigrants. Here are a few statistics on the crime rate of illegal immigrants reported by the "Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security". "83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens, 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens, 75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens, 40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals, 53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens, 71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or "transport coyotes"." This is only a small list of statistics on illegal immigrants, but as I said before not all crime is based on illegal immigrants. As for this study and the passing of this law, this is some good knowledge to know before you base you opinion on the fact that you think it is discrimination and other factors.

Just like any other law in american theres opinion on both sides. For the cons of this debate on


wether the immigration law is the right thing, they state the new Arizona immigration law is the very foundation of what has made the United States of America great for more than 200 years. Some of Those rights include American citizens not being harassed and profiled by the police basing on either their racial profiling or any other sort of manner in which degrades oneself. As for the white American citizens they believe they do not have to worry at all because they believe they will be profiled on the color of their skin and will assume that the police think they are an American citizen. However, Americans of Mexican decent can and do worry about the new immigration law and which this makes it a big con for them. In my opinion I do understand where the cons can be seen as a little over the top and racial profiling can become a huge problem. As I can see where racial profiling can be a big problem, because I know that profiling and stereotyping here in bakersfield can start a great amount of drama and can eventually lead to bigger problems.

As for some local action on this topic stated in the "Bakersfield Californian" " on April 22, seven members of an unofficial youth led group in Bakersfield currently working with the Reform Immigration for America campaign, traveled to Phoenix, Arizona along with CHIRLA (the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) and other California residents to rally against SB 1070." As you can understand this law is not only affecting the state of Arizona but as well the local community is taking action. One of my close friends was on this rally, which was great for me so I took advantage and thought I would get some feedback from someone who was actually there in the middle of the whole rally. I did a detailed interview with my friend who refuses to let me say his name in this paper, but I did get a great amount of knowledge and learned a lot of useful information for this paper.

He starts off telling me that the trip was a great experience and it opened his eyes and opinions on this new law. He states, "Some of my personal opinions on this topic agree with the country being unorganized but taking out the illegal immigrants out the county is not the solution. He goes on stating, "because they still pay taxes like anybody else and they work hard to keep the country standing up. By


this they work even more hours than the Americans citizens and for the same salary." I do agree with

this statement because since the illegal immigrants are being kicked out of this country then we as american citizens need to start doing all the variety of jobs they do and we can truly see if we would like it, and as well only being payed with the minimum wage salary. We always do have to remember that this beautiful continent we call the United States of America was founded by illegal immigrants. But on my other side , the "pro side," I believe he is right but the Democrats are willing to sell out the country for Mexican votes as well. They are also willing to let the Mexico president Felipe Calderon to dump all his garbage here so they can send money back to improve mexican economy. Most surveys that I have read on show that at least 2 decades from now most will still be at or below the poverty level and still draining the American economy. In my opinion I believe we need to do something bout this, if not send the illegals away put a harsh fine or imprisonment on them, and if anything doesn't change then continue with the law.

I have read the bill as amended and think it is a legal and honest attempt to address a very real and difficult problem. How many people who have made derogatory comments about the law have read the bill? I have spoken to many people and have gotten their opinions, and then I asked them the real question. Have you actually read the bill? After this question most of there responses were the same no I have not but I know whats right and wrong. My sense it that politicians, from President Obama down to local politicians in states bordering Arizona haven't read it. If they have, I am concerned about their agenda. Personally, I just can't believe that any Mexicans can have such an attitude here in America. There is absolutely no other culture that has permeated this country like theirs. Our country has changed all business advertising, phone options which now speak Spanish and much more to show the Mexicans that we share our country to their needs. As well we understand that not only just the mexican population is rising but the legal Mexican Americans are rising. Our schools have Spanish speaking classes as well as bi-lingual and English classes for Kindergarten. And yet there are some who 5

choose to come here with disrespect, breaking the laws, committing crimes, bringing in family

members illegally, and drug trafficking. How did you think we as Americans would respond to that?

Arizona has the upper hand when it comes to fending off these boycotts. The people supporting the boycotts don't realize that the companies, state and local governments that are boycotting Arizona are being boycotted both by Arizona and the 84% of Americans that support the new law. Now the number of states joining Arizona in passing there own laws is up to 17 additional states, which was stated in in the New York Times. This is spreading like wildfire as more people read the bill and discover how well they mirrored the federal immigration laws and protected themselves from court battles by restricting their authority to what is already federal law and civil rights authority upheld by the US Supreme Court in previous rulings.

Now this isn't the first time the State of Arizona had to battle thru something like this before. As stated from the Los Angeles Times, " In the early 1900s, during Arizona's struggle for statehood, its representatives had to prove to Washington that it was, in essence, white enough to enter the union. Anglos were faced with many problems back in the early 1900s', as the illegal immigrants are faced with the new law prohibiting them in arizona without a from of legal identity. Not only is the history very important to todays date in history It also tells us how things back then were much different then how they are in todays real world.

On May 24th the president of Mexico Felipe Calderon Spoke in Washington and also where he criticized Americas action on the new immigration law, Calderon states, " it ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree, but also introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement" (Washington Post). Calderon also commented on the Arizona law and that requests that Congress do something about the availability of high powered weapons along the border drew a great amount of criticism from several lawmakers saying he was interfering in U.S. internal matters. Calderon also spoke and strongly disagrees with the immigration law in which it requires police to take action and question people on their immigration status and suspect any illegal immigration in the


Unites States.

Arizona's senior Republican senator John McCain attended a lunch with President Calderon at the State Department McCain issued a statement that it was "unfortunate and disappointing the president of Mexico chose to criticize the state of Arizona by weighing in on a U.S. domestic policy issue during a trip that was meant to reaffirm the unique relationship between our two countries" (Washington Post). Calderon went to a meeting with President Obama discussing the Arizona law on immigration Calderon said his country was doing its best, by promoting more jobs and opportunities at home, to reduce the flow of immigrants to the United States. Many people don't believe what the Mexican leader is doing what he says he is doing. As for Calderon he believes that what the United States is doing is absolutely wrong in every way possible. President Obama is pressing towards lawmakers to take up legislation to enforce the border security and enforcement and employment and citizenship. Now for many opinions all across the nation I have seen and heard that they believe President Obama is enforcing this new law to quickly and have yet to clearly think everything out first. But like any other opinion nothing is proven fact yet one individual expressing his or her mind.

In 1997 President Bill Clinton visited Mexico and spoke to Mexico's President Ernesto Zedillo and spoke saying that he will avoid " mass deportations" under the U.S immigration policy. As well this is the same time when president Clinton used his strict approach on limiting the illegal immigration by installing sensors 40 miles of 14 foot fence in order to deter the flow of the illegal immigrants. So as you can see the immigration problem has been going on forever and even way before this period in time. Back when the Mexican American War which ended in 1848 due to on of the reasons from the annexation of almost half of Mexico's territory which soon lead to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which then ended the Mexican American War. As we all know why more and more migrants come to the United states looking for work soon they settle into permanently or semi permanently living areas


in the United States. This is all because the more stringent immigration policy which keeps the mexicans from moving back and forth because of the opportunities in the United States.

Many reasons for this was caused throughout the early 1900's when the civil war and revolution which Mexico saw from 1910 to 1920 forced many people north looking for work. World War I showed a similar pattern when men in the southwest had to leave their homes to go fight in Europe. And by leaving their work there was a great need for employment to keep the different areas of work running properly. Mexican immigrants were one of the only people who could take this spot for the United States. This soon lead to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1917 where a number of 73,00 Mexican workers entered the United States through out this Act. The Mexican workers worked in the South West building railroads, and working on farms and ranches. Around 1942 the United states started to facilitate migrant Mexican workers in the absence of the American laborers who were fighting World War II in Europe. Once again most of the migrant workers worked in the southwest which they were supposed to work only until the war ended but because the post World War II boom, America was still in need for laborers at this time to compensate for the Americans at war.

This is the time when the Bracero Program was inhibited which was an agreement with Mexico to allow temporary migration of Mexicans to work as laborers in the United States. The northern and Western states of the America needed more employment than the southern eastern areas. As for an idea of how many workers came to the United States to work there is numbers as high as 200,000 workers with temporary work permits. As for the cheap labor the farmers argued for an extension which was leading them to more profit. But eventually the Bracero Program came to an end in 1964. Around 1970 more illegal and legal immigrants were entering the United States illegally. Many family's rely on this work in the United states as you can understand why. Another thing which in I believe is very sad these

Mexican workers stay in American and make as minimal trips as possible back to the United states in order to see there family. This has almost become a drug for these workers, they see it as an easier way


to support there family they consider it high wage where we as citizens see it as minimum wage. This is why I believe the migration problem with todays society has gotten to where it has. With rising crime rates and rising illegal immigration all across the border in my opinion all leads to this information that I just stated.

Many Americans judge these illegal immigrants as criminals, in which indeed they are breaking the law, but many of the citizens don't understand where this all really started. If more people would read up on their history and understand where this illegal immigration came from I believe they might have a different opinion on the riots that are going on in the state of Arizona and all across the nation. History is very important in todays society rather we believe it or not. I believe History has a direct affect on the present and future. The people that make up our society are the main problem because they buy into the agendas or issues presented to them by dysfunctional people. Most Americans will believe anything they see or hear on the T.V, they don't take a second to sit back and realize what is really happening to America. The United States has been the superior Nation for more than 200 years now, and I believe we as a nation are doing the right thing in enforcing this new immigration law.