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A new nation referred to a nation that was free of slavery, where every citizen was important. A new nation that would result to true equality to every citizen, and that would as well build a unified nation where states’ rights were not dominant. I agree with Lincoln that the nation was conceived in liberty and all citizens had the right to be free from state rights. In just over two minutes, President Abraham Lincoln invoked the ethics of human equality advocated by the Declaration of Independence and renamed the Civil War as a fight not just for the Union, however, as a new birth of freedom that would result to true equality to every citizens, and that would as well build a unified nation where states’ rights were not dominant.

A score was 20 years, consequently 4 score and 7 years ago amount to 87 years. United States was 87 years old during Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address that is from 1776 to 1863.

Starting with the expression Four score and seven years ago, President Abraham Lincoln referred to the American Revolution of 1776. He addressed the founding ethics of the United States during the Civil War, and utilized the ceremony at Gettysburg as a chance not only to sanctify the grounds of a cemetery, conversely, to urge the listeners to guarantee the survival of America’s representative democracy.

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Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. By all men are created equal, Lincoln wanted to stress the point that everyone was equal. No one should be turned into a slave. President Abraham Lincoln spoke of the founding fathers objective that United States would be a nation where all men were created equal. These words became the rally cry for the final three years of the civil war. President Abraham Lincoln wanted to stress the point that the tradition of slavery went against the United States idea. When President Abraham Lincoln spoke of a new birth of freedom, he meant that slavery must be eradicated if United States was to survive.

Hallowed ground refers to a sacred ground. The expression is an echo of Abraham Lincoln’s famous remarks at the devotion of the soldiers’ burial ground on the battlefield at Gettysburg within 1863. The ground was sacred as a result of the spilled blood of innocent combatants. Gettysburg would meet the condition for hallowed ground as a most important battlefield during the American Civil War.

When Lincoln refers to the people of the United States, he refers to the united people, where everyone is valued and important. He refers to a slavery free nation. This differs from men because the word ‘men’ was used to refer to important people of the state. This difference is important as it gave the country a new birth of freedom and maintenance of a united country.

Lincoln’s thesis: slavery must be eradicated in order for the United States to endure and fulfill its purpose and potential. President Lincoln believed slavery must be eradicated in order for the United States to survive and fulfill its purpose and potential. I agree with the thesis. Before the Civil War, United States was viewed by other nations as a loose collection of states, which was fragile. The Gettysburg Address solicits if United States can be that nation that the founding fathers planned it to be. President Abraham Lincoln understood that this War would decide whether or not the notion of the United States could either survive, or perish from the earth.

The themes and principles of the Gettysburg Address, specifically freedom and democracy, go beyond time. The emphasis Abraham Lincoln places on democracy in his concluding words, government of the people, by the people, for the people, still lingers in citizens’ minds, serving as a continuous reminder that all citizens have a part to play in making sure that their nation remains democratic. He gave the citizens a voice which they should use for the betterment of United States. The government must always act in the interests of its citizens.

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The address by Abraham Lincoln, gave a new definition to the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln refers to the civil war as a test of the Union’s patience, while the duty of preserving it still remains incomplete. He promulgated the civil war as one meant to bring about the rebirth of freedom and citizens’ power over the state. The Battle of Gettysburg was actually a turning point during the civil war, making the city a burial ground for over 7500 militia. The sob of surviving family members received the respite in Lincoln’s speech at the sanctification of the 17 acres of burial ground. Gettysburg Address was important since Lincoln’s political opinions re-addressed war effort furthermore challenged the result that otherwise appeared in support of the copperheads. Because of much political competition, the Gettysburg Address was not a sensation at the occasion. Actually, lack of applause and newspaper unresponsiveness signifies that the speech was made during a highly volatile stage within the American history.

Lincoln’s audience was a national as well as an international audience. Many people stood in stormy weather in Washington, D.C., to listen to Lincoln’s speech, which lasted around six minutes. Primary audience included Frederick Douglass, John Wilkes Booth and the slaves who had gained their liberty in the course of the Emancipation Proclamation. Secondary audiences were millions more citizens read the speech in newspapers all over the Union and Confederacy as well as in countries all over the world.

History of Lincoln’s presentation did not matter at all. His message was well received despite of his past and appearance. Abraham Lincoln appealed to the hearts and passion of the American addressees to share a common objective. This goal was the new birth of freedom and maintenance of a united country. President Abraham Lincoln’s primary objective in his speech is to attempt and motivate the all the United States citizens to dedicate themselves to reviving their nation. Lincoln’s support for this argument results from the country’s history, present conflict, and potential destiny.

Abraham Lincoln began his speech in a subdued tone. During the highly emotional setting of wartime Washington, he appeared as if he wanted to lower hopes. At the beginning of his address, he sounded like an onlooker rather than the main player. Lincoln directed the center of his words further than himself through the passive voice. Abraham Lincoln supplies supporting proof for his intention and backs this proof using powerful language, proper diction, and parallelism. This approach and successful use of literary technique creates an almost lyrical quality to Lincoln’s distinctive syllogism. Written words differ from spoken words because spoken words have tone whereas in written words, one cannot get the tone of the writer.

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address affects the lives of the Americans today. The Civil War made united states one. The country is no longer taken to be as a collection of states, but as one nation of citizens. The Civil War was the genuine creation of United States. The Declaration of Independence alienated the United States from England, and the Constitution formed a federal government, nevertheless the Civil War resulted to a new beginning. It solidified United States position in the world as a sovereign nation which is valued and treated as all other states.

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