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In my research paper the two parties Douglas and Lincoln has undergone a lot in terms of political differences first Douglas announced that his work was to fight against slavery both in united states and England while Lincoln on the other side could not want to do away with slavery since he believes that it will tear away the union in the government.douglas agenda was to establish political system which will abolish slavery in the union and slavery that should be within the constitution and he believe that involving the local communities in political activities will be infective and it might move domestic violence forefront while on the other side Lincoln admitted that the only way to live is to hold men in slavery since slavery was their in the states. While doulas believe he will change so much republic party into abolitionist party Lincoln viewed that war was the worst scenario he will imagine while Douglas princely wanted what

Lincoln did not want. Douglas was owned as the black leader and symbol of his age and he his ago thinker which most of the Americans did not like. Douglas was respected as the father founder in August 10, 1863 relationship between Douglas and Lincoln starts to pin down after Douglas won the game. Now at this point Lincoln starts to change and views towards black has completely and a black was invited to the white house and was respected so much. At this point Douglas respected Lincoln which was now a complete turn around from the public which was announced through newspaper.

Relationship between Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.

The impact between Fredrick and Douglas was based on slavery in USA which has caused both a self-taught fugitive slave.douglas has announced his work as a slavery in America but he proudly announced that both united states and England publishing antislavery newspaper that nothing will ever stop him from fighting against slavery. During elections of Abraham Lincoln for presidency sparked a chain of several events which in one way or another will cause civil war. Lincoln was pushed towards a definitive immediate of policy Douglas for almost four years. Relationship between Douglas and Lincoln was actually announced by correspondence by use of newspaper or public meetings and letters and later they only met during proclamation.Relationship between Douglas and Fredrick went down due to difference in policies and they had tenuous relationship. However their relationship starts to grow and they became profound when the realities of war ended in America slavery which bound the two towards respect for the other. Douglas his agenda was to establish political system which will abolish slavery. Douglas focused much to end slavery which he thought and said it is only to use political leaders in the government and abolishing the slavery should be within the constitution. It was proved that if the local community and regional activities politics will be infective which was moving very first in terms of politics. Douglas later realizes that if he gives a chance to the third party he will have a even no chance during the campaign because there politics are based on antislavery. The formation of party in 1854 was proved now that it was the good to abolitionists. In the republic party there were some elements like liberty party, free soil party and other antislavery forces which were from democratic and Whig parties. With the combination of several parties the political appeal to Douglas that may be it was the best party to enter white house. Although it was the first to decide may be republic will give him a chance to enter. Douglas was in high fear that no president know how to end slavery which he thought that it was only by preserving peace and union in the nation.Mr. Lincoln admitted that the only way to live is to hold men in slavery since it is existing in the states this was the beginning of harsh criticism and Douglas militant's attitudes of Lincoln with the administration. Douglas believes so much that he will turn the republic party into abolitionist party and Lincoln will be abolitionist president. Lincoln was elected to the office but Douglas remains while watching Lincoln in emancipate. Lincoln believe so much in slavery that will bring difference in parties which led to suffering from fatally ambiguous attitude towards negro.Lincoln believe so much that if slavery will end it will bring down sectional conflicts and prevent warfare so according to Lincoln views is that theirs no question of slavery and it will left the public mind rested with the course of ultimate extinction. He insisted that there is no point of world where negro is not entitled to any enumerated in declaration of independence. Abraham took the office in 1861 and he knew the office need a lot of repair. Day by day there was a lot of debating concerning the slavers issues in the whole nation and at this moment Lincoln and Douglas had two different agendas. Lincoln needed president mission war to save union while Douglas need to free slaves and either way to safe the citizens. Lincoln viewed that war was the worst scenario while Douglas precisely wanted what Lincoln did not want regardless to what either two wanted the war did not come both Douglas and Fredric now both openly fought for their causes.

Later that year, when the secretary of war simony Cameroon arming slaves within the borders. Lincoln made him to stop the section. Again Lincoln tried to avoid making decisions concerning slavery in may 1862, general David hunter issued order to emancipate all slaves in south military region. Which included south Carolina, Georgia and florida.In 1862 Lincoln announced proclamation revoking general hunter order and he declare that the government of stats does not have knowledge, information, belief, and the proceed which make Lincoln to feel so distressed and from political signed a bill abolishing slavery in district of Colombia, and in may he compiled with general Benjamin's policy of contrabands of war which freed by august thousands of slaves run away to butler positon.Lincoln was a good leader who valued legality and he was a politician who moved only when time is right for him to do so..In 1862 it was significant policies of Lincoln administration Lincoln started to recognize issues of emancipation and preservation of union. Went hand in hand. Now agendas merge that s military and political starts acting towards abolition. Douglas grew more militant with Lincoln administration and kept to push them in direction of emancipation. But Lincoln still stick to preserving union which was the major problem Douglas pressed on to criticism of Lincoln administration 's inability to take powerful measure against slavery..Douglas article announce till Lincoln announced of emancipation proclamation .In September 1862, the article tell us more of what expected from Lincoln was so impatient of public Douglas was still waiting for Lincoln to end war of putting the slaves in danger. In September 1862 publication of Douglas monthly article the presidents speeches directly attack in Lincoln character increasing passing making himself appear silly and ridiculous, unacceptable and his illogical statement and unfair it further claim yet to muster courage and honestly enough to obey and execute his testimonies

In the course of war Douglas consider some old conservative policies which he try to starts to bring up the union back together .In 1863 Douglas try to appeal many sides of chaos in the nation but unsuccefully Lincoln leave Douglas frustrated and now Lincoln would celebrate thinking that he has play cards on Douglas. Thinks were not working well to bring nation together so he had make his own bold way and move.

During the summer of 1862, Lincoln had talk with the cabinet privately about constitution was thinking it was the best thought to postpone the announcement of the Proclamation until the country was supported by military success.

In august 10 1863 relationship between Douglas and Lincoln starts to pin down. Douglas went to Washington to meet Lincoln for the first time. Lincoln behavior towards Douglas revealed much about how he felt about him and views towards black has changed completely. Black man was ever personally invited into white house with respect. As for the growth of Lincoln towards slavery issues on the occasion Douglas felt Lincoln showed a deeper moral convictions towards slavery that had ever seen before Douglas appreciated Lincoln for treating has equal has others at this moment Douglas respected Lincoln which was complete turn around from his blatant outrage expressed publicity through his newspapers. Douglas and Lincoln will meet on different ocasssions to discuss on issues of ex-slave and future in United States because to grow more profound. After emancipation of proclamation, Lincoln still considers colonization as variable option to deal with black presence. But Douglas, black enlistment in military was the strongest opinion and confederacy and to be a part of ennobling and soul enlarger war for black liberation.

Douglas and Lincoln after announcement of emancipation proclamation which make Douglas to grow respect admiration of Lincoln deep respect for Lincoln is true bets expressed in the years after his assassination the 21st anniversy of Lincoln's death Douglas true feeling comes out our faith in him is often taxed and strained uttermost he later declare that honoring his memory is important because under his rule there was confederate states which is based upon the ideas that the race must be slaves. Douglas understanding Lincoln slowness to deal with slavery issue was necessary caution he put abolitionion of slavery before him a powerful class of America people and ended resistance.douglas and Lincoln had not yet met until summer of 1863 but their relationship was so good and order to understand how Douglas felt about the political climate and Lincoln emancipation was clear that war which brought the two parties together into political ideologies and now which ultimately paved the way for the two to be appreciated and appreciated each other in deep sense and good heart. The fusion of the two political ideologies is not only to indicate that men change greatly in terms of political but also to show the moral and courage's people and political ideologies merged because the two now have grown to respect each other deeply Lincoln and Douglas were now in a position to overcome all difficulties they have been undergoing and misconception about the two partners when Lincoln dies he left Douglas his most favorites walking staff as sigh of profound appreciated and gratitude Douglas commented on Lincoln by changing a portrait of him in his home Washington dc the relationship between the two has a milestone in American history that would positively influence future of race solutions. In the manner of Garry wills Lincoln at Gettysburg (1992) James a. colaico study of Fredrick Douglas famous 1852 independence day speech is far more than examination of single -hour speech.Calaico seeks for probe and political social thinking of the most famous African abolitionist and political leader of the 19th century Douglas was the black leader and symbol of his age, but he was thinker and many Americans ignored. Douglas lived more than any other given expressed dilemma facing African Americans they praise independence, constitution which calls for quality to all men. Douglas argument was hypocrisy to Americans who extolled the meaning of July 4th while ignoring the slavery of black Americans.Douglas employed a normal independent to demonstrate hypocrisy. In most of his speeches Douglas was a provider of piercing critique of slavery itself. Douglas was a Jeremiah who employ jeremiad as outline by sacvan bercovitch, constantly calling Americans to abandon their sinful way to fulfill Nobel ideals to declare he was the father founder. The argument that Douglas announced was to the Americans that they need only to adhere to the ideals of America to achieve the greatness inherent in the institutions. For the reader unversed in the history of abolition movement, the rule of William loud garrison and battles between the moral suasion, and political abolitionists, co-lalacos monograph provides an excellent introduction in a concise well-articulated way the enhances the book without overwhelming the central story of Douglas's thinking about America colaiaco also covers the key influenced Douglas's thinking and eventually brought on the civil war in 1829,oration outlined mans of the same arguments Douglas used twenty three years later. Douglas's lasting achievements was to utilize those arguments to construct both a more profound compelling critique of status and more realistic vision of post slaves America

Both Douglas and Lincoln were born poor. Douglas was brought up in his grandmother slave shacks in Talbot County, Maryland and Lincoln was in one-room, cabin in Harding county, Kentucky.Both lost their mothers when they were very young though doulas lost his mother when he was only seven years old Douglas was separated from her mother when he was infant. Lincoln lost his mother due to drink poison in the toxic milk at the age of nine. Both were born in 1809 while Douglas was born in 1818.In terms of standing they have 6 inches taller than most common men in these days. Douglas was a slave under American law but Lincoln was considered as a slave in the beginning of civil war speeches Douglas urged Lincoln in his public speeches and newspaper to allow blacks their rights and to fight for freedom. Both men married women above their social status and this likely helped them with their success. Douglas married his wife Anna Murray on September 15, 1838 she was a free black woman of some means five year old married marry Todd on November 1842 she was a daughters of wealthy slare holder from Lexington, both men were gifted orators in a day when speakers were regarded on much the way that many regard sports or movies stars today. Speeches were a form of entertainment as well as education, Lincoln use his gift for oratory to win elections and gain public supports of policies, both would hold several public offices through their lives. After meeting senator Samuel promessors of kansa, secretary of war Edwin Stanton, Douglass arrived at the soldier home when Lincoln was spending the summer. He gave his calling card to sternward and prepare for long greeted Douglas by saying Mr,dougas I know you I have read about you Douglas impressed by the president's candor said I was never in any way reminded of humble origin or my unpopular color. Douglas had many meeting with the president in his offices Douglas and Lincoln forged a friendship that would last the rest of Lincoln's brief life upon's Lincoln death Douglas was implored to speak at a gathering of mourners at the Rochester courthouse of his speech.In 1863 that was the time blacks finally won the right to military services. Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln met for the first time in Washington dc hoping to meet president to seek for redress for the constitution. Lincoln's father hired him out for manual labor to earn money for the family while Douglas was hired out for his master's profit and salves. They both had little education where Douglas began learning to read when he was sent to serve huh auild in Baltimore. Auld wife began to teach Douglas the only attended 18 months of formal schooling from itinerate teaching at frontier school. Both share same basic reading skills and they mostly read bibles.


In conclusion material both Douglas and Lincoln has however thought many how life his difficult when the rich just want go high day by day. Both men are really of dignity in the other way Lincoln did not initially set out to end slavery but he only meant to preserve the union which he thought union without freeing the slaves would not do .And later I came to realize that In august 10 1863 relationship between Douglas and Lincoln starts to pin down. Douglas went to Washington to meet Lincoln for the first time. Lincoln behavior towards Douglas revealed much about how he felt about him and views towards black has changed completely. Black man was ever personally invited into white house with respect. As for the growth of Lincoln towards slavery issues on the occasion Douglas felt Lincoln showed a deeper moral conviction towards slavery that had ever seen before Douglas appreciated Lincoln for treating has equal has others. Although both did not see each other eye to eye but both did not find common ground on some issues through mutual respect and civic debate. Most important lessons that can Americans learn from these two great men was that they only disagree without being disagreeable simple respect goes along way and you never now. I understand that both men Douglas and Lincoln were born poor. Douglas was brought up in his grandmother slave shacks in Talbot County, Maryland and Lincoln was in one-room, cabin in Harding County, Kentucky. Both lost their mothers when they were very young though doulas lost his mother when he was only seven years old Douglas was separated from her mother when he was infant.

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