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Roman Culture

The Roman culture traits compared to the traits of our society now are very similar. The value of education, how males used to dominate, and most importantly the want and hope of material wealth. In the Ancient Romans the men would dominate the family and would be the bread winner of the family, while the women stayed at home and did the house work. While this was similar to how the United States worked some time ago, it still has some lingering affects in our society. The value of education was very important to the Roman culture, the people then knew if they wanted to make something of themselves that they would need to complete school. Even before the schools were around the children were taught Roman laws, customs and physical activities for the boys so they would be trained for the army. The girls usually received the education of art like spinning, weaving and sewing. The hope and want for material wealth will always be around and it does not surprise me at all that it even existed during this time period. Another way that the culture traits are still similar today is the belief of God and church. A large part of our society are in this same belief and if you ask me I don't think there is near enough people who still live their life this way. Region is such a big part of my life and I see how much it is helped me in my life I just think from personal experience what it could do for so many other people. Latin literature became very well known and well used once Christianity started to dominate. Along with the Roman Catholics which we still have today, the Roman culture in comparison to our culture very similar. Roman literature was influenced very heavily by Greek authors. One can see who Romans cultural traits are still found in today's society by learning how the Romans did things. By learning how Romans lived day by day and how the city worked day by day all of the similarities will just start to pop out.

Daily life for the Romans is nothing out of the unusual, in fact is actually nothing that someone in our society would be doing. Romans would go for marketing shopping, trading banking, and for participating in festivities and ceremonies. The cities revolved around a Forum, which is like the central business district. The Forum was a place where people could express themselves and give their personal opinion and also receive others opinions about different topics. Before sunrise the children would go to school and the elders would get up eat breakfast nap in the afternoon and then go to the Forum. These activities don't sound any different from the activities that we participate in. Outside of the city there were the farms ran by the farm manager, sometimes the owners of the estate would retreat to their countryside to rest and enjoy the outside activities like hunting, fishing and riding. Music was apart of everyday life in the Ancient Rome. Many private and public events were accompanied by music, ranging from nightly dining to military parades. Today people have to be reminded that what makes our modern music familiar to us, our ideas of melody, scales, harmony and even the instruments we use is because of the Romans made it familiar to us who listened to music many centuries earlier. Music is such a big part of our life today and is used to celebrate different things and honor as well as worship. In the beginning of architecture reflected elements of architectural styles of the Greeks, but over a period of time, the style was modified in tune with their urban requirements, and the civil engineering and building construction technology became developed and refined. The Roman concrete has remained unknown like a riddle, and even after more than 2000 years some of ancient Roman structures still stand strong like the Pantheon (with one of the largest single span domes in the world) located in the business district of today's Rome.

After reviewing and seeing how the Romans lived one could see the similarities of the cultures of our society today. Sports are another similarity the children like to go to these playgrounds and play and exercise. Some of the activities included soccer, swimming, baseball, boxing, jumping, riding, field hockey, and other sorts of activities. On the countryside the boys like to hunt and fish. The girls did not participate in these outside activities. They even had some board games that the children would play if they had bad weather like chess, checkers and tic-tac-toe, which we still, have these games today and some use them in their everyday life. Dating back to 800 BC when Rome was founded there was some religious beliefs, but the Roman religion did not start until around 500 BC when the Romans came in contact with the Greek culture. The Romans adopted many of the Greek's beliefs like the belief of a god in human form. Although Rome was ran by Kings some can still find similarity with our President today. We have all of these activities in our daily life and plus some. I do think that our society has came a long way from the Ancient Rome and no matter how hard we try to change things and make a difference in the world our life will always be similar to many different cultures not just the Romans and the Greeks. I think that if you look how close the Romans culture is to the Greek culture, you can come up with explanations of why we are like that today. Once the Romans saw how the Greeks did things they picked up some of there ways and tweaked them a little and made them their own, same way that we do or how other countries do from us. I think that this will continue to be how our world works. We will always be similar in ways no one knows, unless studied.

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