Reasons For The Disintegration Of The Roman Empire History Essay

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Fall of the Roman Empire was due to several reasons. These reasons include the rapid expansion of the Empire, a lot of spending on the military expenses due to wars and barbarian tactics of Roman military. Senate and Emperor have differences over the legal power to rule the civil, military affairs and religious. Roman Emperor involved in corrupt and immoral activities. Decline in Moral values has devastating impact on the Roman i.e. rich and upper classes, nobility and emperors. Emperor Nero had a male slave and involved into immoral activities. Use of alcohol became very common for the all classes in Rome. Roman emperor expanded very rapidly and defending the territories and borders were very necessary for the Roman Empire. Constant wars and heavy expenditure on the military increased along with more recruitment of the soldiers. Ethics and values were the below the standards which too contributed in the fall of Roman Empire.

Explain the importance of Christianity and its influence on the development of early Western civilization?

Christianity incorporated the classic learning elements and institutional pattern of the Roman Empire. Christianity reshaped the habits in new and important ways and provided the path to stable the political structures in Europe. Administrations rules were important to be improved and Christianity helped to inspire the secular rules. Christianity exploited the concept that humankind is superior to the animal world and new religion encouraged the medieval people to think upon the religion Christianity. Religious services and expansionist tome were encouraged by the Christianity. Christian and Muslim thinkers shared the problems to resolve the issues existing before the conversion of Christianity. A new custom arose due to conversion of barbarian tribes into Christianity. Church became the source of justice in new Europe. Christianity brought the changes in new society of Europe and religious values exploited the norms of equality and respects.

Crusades and their goals

The crusades were the means to redirect an active military culture and excessive violence. Crusades were started to defend the eastern Christians and improving the relations of the Rome and Constantinople. It was aimed to defend the Christians from their external and internal foes in Western Europe. When Royal power under the Carolingians warned, the Knights took the task to defend the people from armed forces; so Church also blessed the warfare weapons. The objectives of the Crusades included the release of the Holy land form the Saracens. In the early of the crusades many people were perished from both sides. Crusades were successful in Spain and Germany. Historians have viewed the Crusade as mixture of the success and horror. New ways of trade were found on one hand and Christianity was spread in a violent and militaristic manners. New trade routes were also explored for the trade with the China and India.

Contributions of the Greeks and Romans to Western Civilization

Western civilization is greatly affected by the Greeks and Romans. The Ancient Greeks changed the philosophies and introduced new trends in arts, government and medics. Greeks changed the scenario of politics in the form of democracy. This new democracy was aimed to provide equal rights to all of its citizens in nation states. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates are well known philosophers who presented the new ideas about the life. Father of medicine Hippocrates made a commitment to treat his patients with his best abilities. This led to the medical professionals to follow the Hippocrates oath. Romans have equally contributed towards the building of western civilization. Roman believed in a democratic government with checks and balance. Romans also believed in equality of rights of people with a full extent. All people have rights to participate in government affairs. Pantheon and colosseum are the great structures of the Romans. Greeks and Romans produced the artwork and created Christianity which was added to government system.

Discuss the relationship between the attempts of European kings to build strong monarchies during the High middle Ages?

In northern Europe, Monarchies began to build after the middle ages. They built the foundation of their countries. These monarchies made many changes in their nations during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Feudalism’s influence was lessened by the attempts to develop the monarchies. New idea of centralization was reflected by the monarchies. These monarchies acted in ways to reflect their self to restore the peace and order in nations. A taxation system provided the way to establish the armies. Feudalism pressurized their people by the conflicts constantly. New monarchies ruled the England, Spain, France and Roman Empires. New monarchy started in England in 1845.