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The Native Americans are the indigenous people mostly in North America. They settled in America long before the Europeans came and when they came the Native Americans were more than hospitable to them and were intrigued with the things they brought along: mirrors, kettles and many more. The first Europeans entered America and invaded the land of the Natives in 16th and 17th century. The Native Americans were named Indians by Christopher Columbus who had landed to America thinking he was in West Indies and the name stuck though with time they preferred being called Native Americans and not Indians or Native Indians. The Native Americans loved their land and could not waste or misuse it though when the Europeans came they took for granted their wishes and within time they brought to them many diseases; Cholera, Small pox, Yellow fever e.t.c. Diseases, Warfare and genocides from the hands of the European Explorers led to the decline of the Native Americans. In 1618-1619 small pox took 90% of Massachusetts Bay Native Americans, 80% of them had died before at the first contact of Eurasian Infectious diseases. One of the explorers Christopher Columbus was believed to have contacted Syphilis and he spread it around the people and in Europe too.

The original population of the Native Americans was approximated to 10million to 12 million and now the number has declined to 1 million. In 1924 the Native Americans who were not American citizens were granted citizenship by the Congress of United States.

To date the Native American are highly thought of because they be members of sovereignty or government people who brought independence to America. There is a lot to write about the Native Americans our professional writers from custom writing bay can never run out of words or research material to write your research paper.

Latin American History

The Latin Americans are the occupants of South America, the name Latin American was first used in the 19th Century. Though nowadays the Jamaicans, the Guyana, and the Suriname are included as Latin Americans but the original meaning of the name was for the Romance language speakers, Spanish and Portuguese (Latin based). These are the places that were colonized by the Spanish and are Roman Catholics.

If you are writing an essay, note that before the arrival of the Europeans these areas were inhabited by the indigenous Americans most known as the Aztec, Maya, and Inca. By later 16th Century the land was colonized by the European necessarily the Portugal, Spain and a little by the Netherlands and France in Brazil. When Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, the Spanish set their energies in building an empire because of its large resource of gold and silver and the large communities that lived there so they could exploit their manpower and knowledge, the Portuguese built theirs in Brazil though there were no minerals here they did well in Sugar plantations. In 1825 due to the American and French revolutions most of the Latin American countries gained their independence which destroyed the common market and brought about financial independence to themselves. Since 1990 some Latin countries have merged in left wing political parties and are seen to grow though many consider themselves socialists the Latin Americans are known to be anti-imperialists. To learn more on this culture and history ask our professional essay writers to write your custom paper on this topic and it shall be done.

Canadian Studies

Canadian studies is a college discipline taught in several schools about Canadian language, culture, literature Quebec agriculture and history. Be it a college essay, term paper that you are researching on, realize that the careers you can get out of studying this discipline are in the Canadian embassy in Canada or any other country but in the Canadian embassy. Some NGOs and other organizationa that need international languages would also get interested with one who has taken Canadian studies. It is also mostly recommended when taking Canadian Studies you may pair it with International relations, tourism and other world famous languages like French.

Canada has for many millenniums been inhabited by groups of Aboriginal people who changed trade, spiritual and social hierarchies systems before the Europeans later coming and permanently settling to the land. The French and the British in the late 15th Century came to settle along the Atlantic coast. Through the Union of three British North American colonies and the confederation Canada became a federal union of four provinces in 1867, and later the Canada Act was finalized giving Canada freedom from the British Parliament in 1982.

The Canadian culture has strongly been influenced by that of its neighbor the United States of America. Canada currently consists of ten provinces and three territories and it has a constitutional monarchy by Queen Elizabeth the II as the head of state and is governed by a Parliament. Learn its governance, population and economy expertise through this study. In the case that you want a thorough investigation and complete review on Canadian study custom bay will do that for you at a very affordable fee.

Asian Studies

Earlier named as oriental studies Asian studies is a branch of Areas studies. The study is about Asian people, language, culture, history and politics. Within this study we look into aspects of cultural anthropology, sociology, psychology, and Asian tradition.

Asian studies can easily be combined with African studies in one scope and sometimes Islamic studies. You can get a post-graduate study on the topic in most of the Universities in the world.

Asia is made of three parts Middle East, East and South Asia. The Asian coast was one of earliest civilizations and had fertile soil good for crops. China, Indus Valley and Mesopotamia looking up on technologies and vehicle mechanisms. These made it easier for people to go and settle in the lowlands. Areas like Siberia were sparsely populated for a long time. There is a huge space between the lowlands and the highlands, the highlands being mostly desert. The Asian history talks about the bronze the iron and the middle ages, make sure to include this trivial details in your research paper and it will appear unique to your lecturer and thus give you bonus points. It won't be hard for Custom writing bay essay writers to get together such a paper at a breaking speed. Trust us.

West European Studies

West Europe is a term used to refer to the western countries in Europe though sometimes the term might be used to mean some other political or cultural connotations. These are high income countries, members of NATO and free market, welfare state, and mixed economies.

Examples of western European countries are Ireland, Denmark, Finland, France and Germany.

Within some time that is after the fall of "The Iron Curtain" in 1989 when there was no more soviet republic, the term Western Europe seized its earlier meaning and now the media and the world at large used the term differently.

In 1948 in the Treaty of Brussels a Europe Union was developed with 10 member states, 6 associate member states, 5 observer countries, 7 associate partner countries. The European Union funds education, citizenship and vocational programs that give opportunities for its citizens to work, study and live in other countries of their liking. Since 2000 the EU member states have been working on some programs to develop in the field of Education. Over 2,000,000 students have been part of the inter university exchange programs to date. They set targets and policies among themselves to see the easy governance and economy growth in countries.

A research paper on Western Europeans needs a lot of research and understanding the concept of the research and the times it started to date. You have also to include its benefit in coming together and making the union. This is easily done by our team of professional writers and research writing team to your satisfaction at your call and instructions.

East European Studies

East Europe is the land that lies on the east side of Europe and is between Central Europe and Western Asia. When the name first came up in the cold war it had a different meaning since then. The countries and states once included in East Europe are know in west and central Europe. The term was used culturally and politically but it is becoming more vague since the meaning doesn't stick any more. The Ural Mountains are the borders defining the east Europe and the west. According to the CIA the Eastern Europe consist of three parts: The Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Transcaucasia (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan) and other form of Soviet states (Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine). Though Russia is considered a transcontinental country.

These are the countries that were first liberated then occupied by the Soviet army. The world and mainly the Eastern Bloc changed after the fall of the "Iron Curtain" in 1989. The Federal republic of German with no qualms took in the German Democratic Republic in 1990. So in 1991 the Soviet Army was dissolved and the republics governed by the Soviets Union gained independence.

The East European studies is taught in many Universities since European countries enroll and study online and you can also join and study with others. Its research is expanse and interesting to get back to history, economy and politics. When writing an essay we will follow your instructions and give you our best shot.

Holocaust Studies

Holocaust borrowed from the Greek meaning "Burnt whole" in Hebrew means "Calamity", in Yiddish meaning "destruction". Holocaust was a politically, stately driven genocide and persecution of over six million Jews (1.5 million children) that resided in Europe. This was the work of the Nazis-Germans with their collaborators led by their Chancellor Adolf Hitler in the World War II January 30th 1933 to what he called the "Final Solution" to his plight of doing away with the Jews. Though some scholars argue that Holocaust should include the other religious or political victims of the hand of the Germans: the Romanies, Soviet civilians and many more getting the number to approximately 11 to 17 million.

So as you have guessed Holocaust studies is about the mass murder of the innocent people by a sadist and his collaborators Adolf Hitler. They murdered all kind of people, the homosexuals, the gypsies, the Jehovah Witnesses, Russians, communists and more ideological and behavioral groups.

The Jews were deemed a threat by the Nazis and fell victim of their racism. The population of the Jews was 9 million before the start of this war but within no time they were brutally slaughtered two third of the number. The disabled were not left out on this animosity. They were incarcerated, set on fire or maltreated. During the aftermath of the Holocaust the remnants and victims lived in displaced persons camp set up by the allies. Over 700,000 Jews migrated to Israel including 136,000 from Europe living in DP camps between 1948 and 1951 and the last DP was closed in 1957. The Jews that were left in Europe were mostly alienated and later eliminated in the Eastern Europe. For more about Holocaust contact our professional custom writers at and you will get the best custom writing service ever.

Women Studies  

Also known as feminist studies. Women studies is an interdisciplinary study of history, culture, society and politics at women point of view. The study supports and criticizes the normal livelihood of a society by gender, culture, sex, social inequalities and class. The study was discovered in the early 1970s after the world got the second wave of political feminism through students and faculty activism. The study was the slotted in other disciplines such as American study or Afro-American studies and Chicano Studies. Santiago State college were the first to teach Women studies in May 1970, the College of Staten Island followed in 1972 after much campaign and activism from students.

Women studies as Gender studies employs feminist, queer and critical theories. And has been modified to tackle gender, (dis)ability, class, ethnicity and religious issues. It does not only speak of women issues but also speak of such oppression that makes women issues the main subject. Women studies appreciate creative works, literature (poems) and expression providing a safe harbor for the oppressed.

Some of feminist methodology used in this study is Feminist Empiricism, Feminist Standpoint Epistemology, Feminist postmodernism and post structuralism. When researching or writing a dissertation paper on this topic make sure to find out the methodology and explain the use of each. Quote its advantage to the community and to the individual par-taking the study.


Legal Issues

From the Old English 'Lagu' Law is a set or rules in institutions. Law can be political, social, or economical. It's a primary social mediator that brings people together to agree or to disagree. The one that practices law is called a lawyer or attorney. All legal system deal with same legal issues but the basic distinction are public law that is about state, constitutional, criminal, and administrative law. There is the second private law which is about contract, tort, and property. There are many other disciplines in legal issues which are of great importance.

In 350 BCE the great Greek philosopher Aristotle said 'the rule of law is better than a rule of any individual'. The legal system shows and opens way of responsibility and rights in different ways, it brings up complex issues concerning justice, fairness and equality. In relevance to law the government is then divided into three categories to give easy governance and bridge to law; judiciary, executive and legislature.

In general, legal issues are split between civil law and common law system. Another fundamental law is the religious law based on scriptures separating state and religion.

Main law institutions in most countries are courts, representative Parliament, accountable executives, military, police, civil society, bureaucratic organizations, and legal professions.

There is a lot to write on legal issues in you're your college essay; give us the instructions you want followed and we will get a perfect job.


Criminology in Latin "crimin" meaning accusation. The scientific study of nature, behaviour, causes, extent and control of criminal behaviour in an individual and a society. Its a part of behavioral science mostly psychology, sociology and social anthropology. This term came up in 1885 by Raffaele Garofalo Italian law professor as criminologia then later but around the same time Paul Topinard a French anthropologist with a French term criminologie.

Criminology deals with knowing the cause, incidences, forms, and consequences of crime and the reaction of the government and the society. In the 18th century the social philosophers sat and came up with a scholarly way of dealing with criminals that why they included in the curriculum in universities. The Classical School now the Chicago school was the first to teach this discipline. The positivist and the classical school agree that crime is an act of violating basic values and beliefs of a society. These values and beliefs are the set of laws agreed upon by the society. Though there are two types of laws the natural Laws (common laws) that are core values shared by many cultures like theft, murder and robbery. The second law is the law set by the legislature like the law against the use of cannabis, or gambling. Not many cultures ban such acts in their society so it varies from place to place. So crime defers from society to society due to its different norms and mores. If you need writing help in your thesis paper or dissertation on criminology, we are glad to do the research for you and our team of essay writers will work on the deadline.



Mathematics is the study of quantity, space, change and structure, seeks out patterns, form conjectures and establish solution by rigorous reductions and well chosen definitions and axioms.

It is not yet established if mathematical objects and numbers are natural or man creations, According to Benjamin Pierce a mathematician, "mathematics is a science that draws necessary conclusions." Albert Einsten contradicts him and says as long as the laws of mathematics refer to reality they are not certain and as far as they are certain they do not refer to reality. Mathematics evolved from counting, measurements and calculation. Mathematics came from a Greek word meaning, study, science, learning.

Sir Isaac Newton born 1643 and died 1727 was the inventor of infinitesimal calculus. The Mathematical notations and formulas used today were not invented until the 16th century before then mathematics was written in words. Leonhard Euler popularized most of the notations making mathematics easier but still a hassle for beginners. According to tradition Axioms are "self evident truth" but the conception has been found problematic they are seen as a string of symbols and are only used in axiomatic system. Mathematics is not just about numbers one philosopher Carl Friedrich Gauss called it the Queen of Sciences. Mathematics has sub subjects like algebra, analysis, arithmetic, and geometry and much more. We could give you the best assignment help.


Also known as firm, enterprise or company. It's a legal organization that provides goods or services that brought about a source of livelihood or a profit entity. Most businesses are privately owned but there are also cooperative enterprises or state owned enterprises. There are several forms of business though depends with a jurisdiction, there is sole proprietorship, partnership, cooperation and cooperative. Businesses are also classified into many entities depending on the service or goods offered. Like agriculture and mining they need raw materials to run one, financial businesses like banks need capital, Real estate need homes and buildings.

Some businesses need special regulations for them to be warranted like investment securities, banking, insurance, broadcasting, aviation, health providers. When businesses need capital some laws have to followed, capital can be raised in many ways in private means like public offer (IPO) on a stock exchange. In business there is what we call intellectual property. According to commercial law intellectual property is the distinct types of creations of the mind of a certain business that needs protection from competition. There is a lot about business in law and basically in commercial and economical world. For more information do not hesitate to contact our professional writers to do the business proposal, business research paper for you.


Wondering about your book review on a re known economist or having trouble with your economics research paper? Know that economics is a social science that analyzes the distribution, production and consumption of good and services. The term economics comes from a Greek word 'oikonomia' meaning administration or management of household. Economics basically aims to explain how economic agent interacts and how economies work. This science is applied in finance, government, crime, health, trade, law, politics and social organisations. In economics we have microeconomics and macroeconomics. There is positive economics (what is), normative economics (what ought to be) among many other divisions of economics.

Economy is about market, production, cost, efficiency, supply and demand. Market economy equals to the price and quantity of the said product. Financial economics also known as finance concerns the allocation of funds with risk surrounding the pricing of assets in an organization and the financial structure of companies and firms. Industrial organization, the study of firms' behavior and the markets structure such as the perfect competition, forms of oligopoly, and monopoly among many others. Managerial economics then looks into micro economics major decisions in firms and other managerial units.

There is a lot of economics entailing into market failure e.g. natural monopoly, incomplete market naming a few. In case you want an essay or research paper on economics we are ready at call to do total research on what you need at a breaking speed.


Management is the act of getting people together with the aim of accomplishing laid out goals and objectives. These is by leading, staffing, organizing, planning, and controlling an organisation by manipulating human resources, financial resources, technological resources and natural resources. The people who offer the service are called managers and can also be referred to as the management.

The verb manage comes from the an Italian word 'managgiare' meaning handle and later used by the french as 'mesnagement' derived by the English word management discovered in the 17th through 18th century.