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Kublai Khan The Conqueror History Essay


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Here is a story about Kublai khan. He had a little family but they were next in line for the thrown. His uncle Genghis khan and his brother Mongke influenced him because they were great emperors. So next after his brother was Kublai khan. So when he was emperor he conquered not just to get land but also to help them get their education. Here is a little tale about Kublai khan.

Kublai khan was born in 1215.He was the fourth son of Tule also the son of Genghis khan. He had a little family. His brothers were Mongke, Ajir boge, and Ariq boge khan. In 1251 Kublai khan controls eastern Chinese territories by his brother Mongke being emperor. Kublai khan was also in charge of expeditions. Mongke being emperor. Kublai khan was also in charge of expedition into western Chinese territories but was killed by the Chinese defense in August 1259.In 1260 Kublai khan was elected mongkes successor. Kublai khans younger brother Ajig boge khan strongly disagreed and his younger brother Arig boge khan as well. So Arig boge khan proclaimed himself khan at karakorum, Mongolia. 1264 he defeated his brother Arig boge khan. After he defeated his brother he started to trade with the west of china. There were several directed exchanges of missions between the pope and the great khan. Kublai khan in trusted the polo brothers in 1266 to carry a request to the pope about scholars and technicians. Kublai khan was a Mongolian leader not only through conquest, but also by ruling successfully. He was so interested in Chinese culture that they over threw him. In 1287 Marco polo accomplished Kublai khan to defeat his uncle and his rivals the Nayan after a long battle Kublai khan and Marco polo defeated his uncle and his rival the Nayan. Then Kublai khan died on February 18, 1294.

Kublai khan ruled over Mongolia. Mongolia is in between Russia and china in Eurasia. He was known in history as a great emperor and powerful one. So he was a Mongol dreamer, and ruler, during the 13th century, desired to unite different religious, nationalities, and cultures together under the Yuan Empire. While he was Mongolian by birth, he was a great sympathizer for the Chinese people. Even thought he didn’t always trust them, he was fascinated with there culture, traditions, and art. He conformed to Chinese ways so well that the conservative Mongolians were offended and repeatedly caused him problems. In 1287 Marco polo and Kublai khan went on an expedition to explore the world and also to defeat his uncle and his rival nayan. So then the nayan had 300,000 solders. But Kublai khan had 460,000. So he had them beaten by 160,000. So after a horrible but great battle Kublai khan won against his uncle and the Nayan.

So after he defeated his brother Arigh boki. He was named the great khan. So since he was empire Kublai khan transformed from conqueror to ruler led to many developments in Chinese culture. He provided for his people free religion, created aid agencies, increased the use of postal stations, established paper currency, reorganized and improved roads, and, expanded water ways. In his rule the winter capital was moved to Chinese territory in the city of dadu, which is modern day Beijing. In summer hr moved the capitol to Shangdu, which is referred as Xanadu. The Yuan dynasty failed, because Kublai khan died of, many reasons. His decision to move the capitol to Chinese territory and to in stall his beautiful palace at Xanadu offended his Mongolian advisers. So he was torn apart between his country and the following traditional nomadic ways of his people. Eventually he was sanitized and his Mongolian influenced government battled between their ways and the demands of the Chinese. The divisions in the Chinese people were not the only reasons only reasons for his death. He sought expansionism to appease his trusted Mongolian advisers and sought after java and Japan. He attempted but he failed which cost his government money. So the paper currency he created caused inflation and continual conflicts between disgruntled religious groups arose into the mixed society he fosted. In 1281 the death of his favorite wife dies also along with his son as well. So he went into a depression Consequently, with a decling government in his hands and an ache in his heart, so he became an obese drunk and died at the age 79. Regardlessly of him to demise, the yuan dynasty made alasting impact on china and established the legacy of the great khan.

Kubali khan was a great emperor in the yuan dynasty. He was a powerful emperor. He had a little family. He had three brothers, mom and dad. When he conquered the Chinese it was for the entire better. He helped then get education and also to conquer land and show what a great emperor. So when he started his downfall first his wife died and also his son so when they died he started letting down his empire. So later on he died of a broken heart by letting his people down. He helped the world by spreading education. I also learned that by conquering land you also help them by giving them what they don’t have yet. So he also proved that you could die of a broken heart.

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