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Adolf Hitler was a cruel and uncompassionate human being. Hitler had killed as many as 6 million Jew’s during his whole rule. Hitler would make the Jews miserable any way he possibly could. An example is taking them away for their homes and businesses.

During the 1920’s, Hitler’s party grew significantly. On the night of November 8, the Nazi used a patriotic rally in a Munich beer hall to launch an attempt. The Nazis used a right-facing swastika as their symbol and the red and black colors were to represent blood and soil. The army was the last are of the German state to success the Nazi party. It wasn’t until the year 1944 that a group of officers opposed to the Nazi regime for an attempt to over throws Hitler. By 1945, the Nazi party, and Nazi state were inseparable. Their most fanatical member killed themselves, fled Germany or was arrested.

The Nazi party and Hitler almost destroyed enter culture of people know as the Jewish community. Hitler started by boycotted in Jewish owned shops. Little by little Hitler took away their rights. For an example Hitler started to give the Jewish community a curfew and if they would be seen out past curfew they would be killed or sent to jail. Then Hitler demanded that the Jews would wear golden starts or little hats called yamakas to be identified if they were Jewish or not. Later that gold star was known as the Star of David. Hitler would separate the Jews from the other citizens by sending their children to other school only for Jews. Hitler started to kick the Jews out of their homes and sending them to concentration camps where they would be put in the gas chamber, cremated, or be shot by a firing squad.

Many of the staff from the Nazi concentration camps were arrested and tried for murder and acts of brutality against their prisoners after the War. 3,600 women worked in the concentration camps and around 60 stood trial for before War Crimes Tribunals between 1945 and 1949, of these 21 were executed. In total, 5,025 men and women were convicted of war crimes in the American, British and French zones and over 500 of those were sentenced to death with the majority executed. It was decided that those sentenced to die should suffer death by hanging for both sexes, although no standard execution protocol was agreed. Each country carried out executions according to its normal procedure. This led to use of British style measured drop hanging in private, for those executed in the British sector, short drop hanging in public or private for those in Polish and Russian sectors and standard drop hanging in semi-private for those executed by the Americans at Nuremberg, Dacha, and Landsbergis. Some of the American hangings were televised and shown on the news. No women were executed in the US sector.

Jewish people during the holocaust were considered “Untermenchen” by Nazis. Untermenchen in German means people who are less than human. From this I can tell back then people in charge of Germany were very judge mental and hardheaded. So to the Nazis it made sense to treat them as less than human and cast them away to live only with themselves in ghettos. The Nazis thought this way no rightful human being or citizen would have to deal with living close to Untermenchen. But of course eventually they would decide that just casting the Jews away wasn’t enough for them.

Jews were separated and put into their own ghettos to divide them. During World War II, ghettos were a place in the city which German closes the place on was living. Jews lived under miserable conditions, for example they only ate potatoes. Also the first ghetto was set up in Porto a place in Poland on October 29 1939. An example of the horrible conditions can be seen in the ghetto in War sage control. It is estimated that between 1940 and 1942 100,000 Jews died of starvation in the Warsaw. Jews made their own little communities inside the ghettos, ghettos were never intended to be more than temporary concerning what the “final solution” of the Jewish question was going to be.

During World War 2 Jews and the people like them confronted one of the biggest crimes ever against humanity. Hundreds of thousands of Jews also died fighting with allied armies. The “Barossa” operation started it all. It happened in the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. After hearing the shooting Hews in many sites Zionists youth movement activist in Vilna were the first to understand the true objective of the Nazis: to kill all Jews. Personally I fell sorry for all this suffering that they had to go through. I wish that more Jews had fought for themselves.

During the era of the holocaust, many things started happening. First of all the Jewish resistance began to be killed. Some Jews escaped to join underground movement against Germans. The resistance groups were mostly made of the younger males and females. They stole or bought guns from the Germans whenever and wherever it was possible. In Poland, they gather in the forest and became partisan fighters, and only came out when needed. I think that it was good fro the Jews to form a resistance group. They didn’t deserve to die just because they weren’t “pure Aryans” just like Hitler had said.

On July 18, 1942 there was an armed revolt in the small Jewish ghetto of Newsier. The Jews threw home made sulfuric acid in the faces of German police officer. When more German police arrived, Jews would turn the machine guns on them. Whenever a revolt occurred in the ghettos, the Nazis would destroy the entire population. Many cases and the only records they had to tale. Why would they reprisal the Germans and then hunt every last fighter and still proceeded to murder all of the Jews who where left. They basically were abusing that that the Jews didn’t had enough people could defeat Germans.

“Concentration camps were established in which inmates were used as slave labor until they died of exhaustion or disease.” (http://en.wikipedia.ord/wiki/The_Holocaust.) German authorities established camps of exhaustion camps all over Germany. They were horrendous places to be at. But before being placed in these dreadful camps, Jews lived in ghettos. They were forced to live in temporarily until the Nazis decided what they wanted to do with the, Ghettos were just as bad as concentration camps. In fact, they were all gruesome and were mainly death camps. “Jews lived in overcrowded ghettos before being transported by freight train extermination camps, where some were killed in chambers.”(http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?Moduled=10005143.)

Gas chambers were rooms filled of poisonous gas bade to kill those inside. Once they entered these camps, some were put to work, while some were put to dig up trenches to burry dead bodies, basically themselves, and others were simply killed. The humans that were forced to be there were extremely tortured. The poor Jews and other groups of people chosen by the Nazis were treated with ultimate cruelly. All groups of people were stripped down and had to wear blue and white thin outfits, then everybody was separated; miles and females and boys and girls. Once in a while, Nazis made a selection. For instance, they’d check to see who was still hard working and strong, and who was old, weak, and useless. “Very few survived, while most were killed in gas chambers.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust.) Everybody was fed insufficiently, so people starved. To make them suffer, hardly any food over thousands of inmates. Poor Jews and other groups of people were unhealthy and gaunt Corpuses were stacked on top of each other all over the camps, as if they were some sort of fire wood. Millions of people were imprisoned and abused in the various types of Nazi camps. “Under SS management, the Germans and their assistants murdered more then three million Jews in the extermination camps alone. Only a small fraction of those imprisoned in Nazi camps survived.” (http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?Moduleld=10005144). Life in the concentration camps was an awful nightmare. The people were even beaten to death sometimes. All in all SS, men had no pity.

Adolf Hitler and Nazi were horrible people who were intolerant to other race and cultures. Hitler tried to suppress a whole culture and then he tried to completely destroy it the term for that is genocide. A man with such hatred for the Jews something must have happen to him that mad Hitler hates the Jews so much. The only good part of Hitler’s rule is that he saved Germany from its depression and also he organized the country. If Hitler did not start the geneses he would have been one the greats leaders of all time for getting Germany out of such a horrible depression. They printed so much money to get their weekly pay they had to use wheel barrels to take him some would the money because it was almost worth completely nothing to our money system.

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