History of Segregation in the US

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  Segregation comes from the from the Latin word segregare.  Segregation is defined as the spatial separation of populations.  The term was originally used to reference the separation of God’s people from sinners.  Segregation is not only based on race, but it can be based on gender, age, class, or political and religious beliefs.  Segregation also drove a wedge in between groups of people.  Segregation is not only because of race, but many people think that is the reason for it.  The practice of segregation is a horrible one.  Segregation was especially horrible in the United States.  It turned people against each other in the most horrible ways.   Segregation was the worst tragedy that happened to America it left a lasting impression on the country.

 Segregation separated the United States in a bad way.  Segregation started when slavery was abolished in the 1800’s.  People in the United States treated the free slaves as second-class people.  They began separating them in their schools, restaurants, movie theaters, buses, bathrooms, and even water fountains.   The African Americans hated being treated as second-class citizens.  African American never got to ride on the front of the bus or be first anywhere.  The issue nearly split the country in half.  There was rioting violence killings and chaos during this time. 

 Segregation put 2 groups of people against each other, the African Americans and the whites.  Both groups seemed to despise each other, but there were many that seemed to not care about race.  The segregation showed how flawed we as human are.  We let our thoughts about another race blind us from the fact that were are all as one in God’s eyes.  God says “ There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28)(KJV Bible).  Many people forgot this verse and were so clouded by war and anger at each other that they separated.  The separation was called segregation.  Though there were few that opposed segregation massive amounts of people accepted it.  The segregation did not bother people they went on about their way thinking that they had done the right thing.

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Segregation caused mass amounts of anger.  There were protests of the issue in many places.  Many of them were mostly African Americans protesting, but there were some that were blacks and whites.  Many people called the ones that opposed the war and segregation Hippies.  There were all people protesting for peace especially since it was the same time the Vietnam war was taking place.  One movement that eventually ended segregation was the Civil Rights Movement.  The movement sparked a great leader and man.  One of the most famous people of the Civil Rights movement was Doctor Martin Luther King Junior.  He was an Alabama Baptist minister and was one of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.  Dr. King  led the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott  2 years after Rosa Parks made her stand and sat at the front.  He protested and made speeches all around the country.  His most famous speech was titled I Have a Dream.  The speech rung true with all people not just one race.  He wanted the protests to stay non-violent, but he wanted them to be affective.  He also opposed the Vietnam war and he wanted to end poverty.  He was assassinated on April 4,1968 in Memphis Tennessee.  What followed were mass riots in the country.  The protest were non-violent they first just holding signs and making chants but it turned for the worst in 1966. 

 In the late1900’s segregation had a tipping point.  In 1966, the Black Panther Party was founded with only 3 members.  The Black Panther Party started to fight against police brutality and improve their lives.  They wore all black leather to show that they were unified in “brotherhood”, their logo was a black fist pointing to the sky and a black panther, and their chants were black power and black lives matter.  They first started off the same as any normal protest they chanted and walked through the streets.  But they began becoming more violent.  They would walk around picking fights with people, they also hated the police.  They began doing their “Police patrols” which was them following police officers around making sure they were not antagonizing African Americans.  The BPP studied the gun and other laws extensively so that when a officer tried to arrest them on a crime they did not commit they could hold them against their racism.  Another group that came from the problem of segregation was the Ku Klux Klan.  The Ku Klux Klan was originally started in the 1800’s while slavery was still allowed.  They were white men that wanted to preserve the ideals and practices of the Confederacy.  They wore white robes covering their whole body they also wore pointed hats with a mask on it.  The Ku Klux Klan wanted to restore thing back to the way they were before the slaves were freed.  They would wave confederate flags around terrorize African Americans.  They would also burn crosses in African American’s yard to make them scared and make them want to leave.  The KKK and the Black Panthers fought against each other to make their own ideas a reality.

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 Segregation has not faded away.  Though blacks and whites are not segregated anymore people still feel like they are separated.   Some people will segregate themselves, but it is not widespread.  People are now still fighting over segregation.  One major issue in the 1900’s was police brutality towards African Americans.  People still protest it today when it does not actually happen.  There have many protests in the past few years because of racial issues.  The issues spark up fast and spread like wildfire.  People always want to protest and fight over something.  The treatment of African Americans during this time has made a resentment of whites.  Though there are many that have forgot and forgiven.  Some still look to their ancestors and still have a resentment for all the things they did. 

 The segregation of African Americans in the late 1900’s has left a lasting impression on America.  In America now many neighborhoods are still segregated.  Courts have released many states from court ordered integration in school.  Many schools were still semi segregated before the court released integration.  African American children now go to majority African American schools more than they have in years.  If schools segregate America will end up right where it was.  If Americans would read history and not make the same decisions the world would get better and better.

 Segregation was the worst thing to happen to the United States.  The issue put groups of people against each other, which divided the country nearly in two.  Segregation caused mass amounts of anger and sometimes chaos.  The people became more violent with each action that happened.  Segregation has not faded away even today segregation is happening just not on a national scale.  Many people segregate themselves now.  So I believe that segregation was the worst thing that happened to the United States.

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