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Does Dwight Eisenhower Deserve to Be a near Great President?

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in History

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From January 20th,1953 through January 20th 1961 Dwight Eisenhower was president.  Dwight Eisenhower deserves the ranking near great , for many reasons. During Eisenhower’s presidency he wanted to remain with peace but most importantly he had events that brought his ranking up. Dwight Eisenhower ended the Korean War, introduced the Federal Highway Act ,helped the civil rights movement. Although Eisenhower did many things Americans adored he did have bad moments during his presidency including failing to defuse the cold war.

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October 14th ,1890 raised in Abilene Kansas was Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower had a military background before his presidency known as a war hero. In 1915, Eisenhower graduated from West Point. Awhile after graduation from West Point in 1933 Eisenhower’s military background picked up. Eisenhower was appointed Army Chief from Douglas MacArthur. During war battles held in Louisiana Eisenhower was noticed for impressive victories (O’brien 1) From then Eisenhower’s military rankings went up from there. Eisenhower was a war hero during World War II. Eisenhower was a 5 star general and served as supreme commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe. In 1952 Dwight Eisenhower  ran for president as a Republican. Everybody loved Eisenhower there was no chance anybody else who ran would win. Having the people love Eisenhower that gave him a very high ranking and of course all the things he had done. During presidency he did many things Americans praised including ending the Korean war. Before being elected Eisenhower had said “I shall go to Korea” ( President 1) the American people loved that it was one of his main focuses. Once in office Ike went to Korea to see how the situation was because he did not like the way President Truman dealt with the situation. Meaning he went to see if he could talk more peace and how he could change things. Ike wanted peace as soon as people because the amount of Americans fighting and taking their lives for the peoples safety was absurd. That is when Ike introduced the Armistice Agreement. The Armistice agreement stated that open hostilities are suspended, withdrew all military forces from a 4000 meter wide zone, prevented both sides from entering either territory, arranged released and repatriation prisoners of war, and established the Military Armistice Commission to discuss any violations. ( Armistice 1)  Many nations agreed on the agreement after a long fight of bloodshed except North Korea. North Korea consisted of Russia and China the communist. China would not budge… that is when Eisenhower began to be more forceful. Dwight enforced that if the Armistice was not signed by everybody that he would start using nuclear weapons. Eisenhower’s way of peace is to have everybody fear what he can do. For instance people around the world knew about the nuclear weapons and to have everyone be on the same track as him he needs to make it known of what he can do if not everybody follows. What Eisenhower had planned to do to end this long 3 year painful war the people loved him for it. His main announcement when he came into office that he will go to Korea to end the war and that is exactly what he did…he took his word. That is one of the reasons why he has a ranking as a near great president.

Dwight D Eisenhower given the ranking as near great is well deserved. He ended the Korean War, introduced the Federal Highway Act and helped the civil rights movement. One of Eisenhower’s achievements that the people praised and appreciated him for was the Federal Highway Act. The Federal Highway Act was authorized in 1956. The purpose of the Act was for the peoples safety and defense. Since larger cities were more of targets during war time Eisenhower thought of the idea to help the people evacuate faster and have the military trucks accessible. (Federal-Aid 1) War and the military had an efficient use on the highway.

 The interstate took 20 years and millions of dollars to build. In 1919 Eisenhower faced difficulties on the roads. His desire to make the citizens safter was influenced by Transcontinental Motor Convoy in 1919. (National 1) Eisenhower’s decision to make the interstate highway was a very beneficial idea and the people agreed. By Eisenhower providing this interstate the people praised him because he thought about their safety and ways to make the military more accessible… this act improved his ranking.

Some may argue about President Eisenhower’s near great ranking but it is well deserved. Throughout his presidency he accomplished many great things. Including ending the Korean War, establishing the interstate and enforcing the integration of blacks and whites giving civil rights. In 1957 the Civil Rights Act was established. Eisenhower was a conservative with that integrating blacks and whites was not his mindset (Brown). Eisenhower did what he could to make the Americans happy. Therefor he went above his beliefs and did what was best for him and the people. He know that if he integrated that he would become more popular and recognized than just sticking to what he believed in. In 1954, there was a court case Brown vs Board of Education which was a fight between the blacks and whites attending school together. Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren Justice as Chief Justice. Earl Warren was on board for integrating schools. He felt that the separation of races was not fair and giving the kids unequal education. (American) The out come of the case stated that it was a violation of our 14th amendment and that led to it being unconstitutional. The out come of the case was blacks and whites attending school together. If Eisenhower did go above his beliefs this case may have not gone as planned. In 1957, there was an occurrence in Little Rock Arkansas. After the case blacks and whites were able to go to school together but there was still people who did not agree with it. Including in Little Rock, the National Guard was preventing the integration. 9 African American students secretly got into the school and enrolled but thats when riot broke out. (Eisenhower) as time passed as the riot broke out Eisenhower sent his troops there. The people praised Eisenhower for doing so because it showed how he was enforcing the integration. When the troops arrived the made sure to keep the children protected. The 9 children were taking many risks just to attend school. Finally after they were tormented they attended school but was safely escorted by Eisenhower’s troops. (The) If it was not for Eisenhower getting involved many things could be way different. Before Little Rock Eisenhower also established the Civil Rights movement that gave protection for the right to vote. Even though Eisenhower originally did not have the same beliefs of integrating he ended up doing what was best for him the people and the country which is why he is given the rank near great.

Besides all the good things Eisenhower has done as a president there was a few bad things but not everyone is perfect. One event the people didn’t agree with was he failed to defuse the Cold War. The cold war was between the Soviet Union and the United States. Ike was on the road to success including having the premier of the Soviet Union sign the Paris Peace Conference. The purpose of the Conference was to be in peace after the War. All Ike wanted was peace he felt that war was the last resort. As soon as Ike thought that Soviets agreed to the Peace they shot down the U-2 spy plane.(President) When things started to fail as he left office people will start to blame the president because that’s whos in charge. The Cold War ended up being more threatening than it was before office.

Despite the few bad Eisenhower truly did many remarkable things that Americans loved and praised him for. Including the Civil Rights Movement, Interstate, and Ending the Korean War. Eisenhower does deserve the near great ranking for the many events that will never go unnoticed

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