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Comparison of Aviation in World War II

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in History

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World War II Aviation


The aviation department of the military plays a vital role in the war. The victory or failure largely depends on the military aviation. In military aviation, military aircraft or fighter planes or any other armed flying machinery work accordingly with the ground armed forces in wars to fight with the enemy. Apart from fighting in wars, these aircraft also provide the supply which might include food, weapons or any other sources in war or when there is a natural disaster or called for help by the government to aid the affected peoples. Bombers planes, fighter planes, reconnaissance planes and transports trainer planes are all the part of the military aviation. Military aviation also plays an important part in World War II(Christer, n.p). The military aviation was initially used by Germans in WWII. With the help of armed aviation Germany took over the control of famous cities like Poland, Denmark and Netherlands. German military aviation also made an attempt to destroy the Royal Air Force of England during the war with Britain (Wells, n.p). In this research essay the role of different military aviation during World War II in Europe. The research also includes the role of Britain and German aircraft in World War II. The aviation department of Royal Air Force of England and its role in wars especially in WWI and WWII is also discussed in the paper. The military service unit of Germany Reich Luftwaffe is also highlighted.

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The military Department of any force is considered as the backbone. It supplies great support in the wars. During the World War II, the German air fleet and British Air Force became in the light as military aviation units of both countries were improving and strengthen its military aviation powers and units. It was also the first time when the major part of the war was based on an air attack.

British Royal Air Force or RAF

The RAF or Royal Air Force of England is the earliest military service of the British army founded in the 1900s by merging two of the existing units of the British army which were RNAS or Royal Naval Air Service and RFC or Royal Flying Corps. When the WWII started the power of RAF was about only two thousand fighter planes. It was created for the protection of the United Kingdom air domain (Carter, n.p). It was the distinct military amenity from the British army and navy with its own ministry. The strength of RAF in November of the year 1918 was almost 291,000 armed officers with almost more than twenty-two thousand operational aircraft. The Battle of Britain that took place in the year 1940 from July to October is considered as the first battle in which major aviation power was shown by the RAF or Royal Air Force of England. In this war, the British air forces defeated the German air force named as Luftwaffe and guarded the British Islands (Meilnger, pp. 193-220). The German air force was larger in number and has strong military aviation support than British Royal Air Force. However, the British fighter pilots fought in a distinct manner and defeated the superior German air force Luftwaffe. The Prime Minister of that time, Winston Churchill appreciated the efforts of the British Royal Force and considered it the finest hours of war by British Air forces (The Royal Air Force, n.p). This military action by the aviation department is the first ever action in the history of wars that were fought completely in the air by military aircraft. The success in this war favored Britain and marked its victory as one of the most prominent successes in the World War II. This victory also stopped Germany from attacking the Britain islands.

Military Aircrafts used by British Royal Air Force (RAF)

The military air fleet of British named as British Royal Air Force used tremendous and innovative technology in military aeroplanes equipped with an innovative radar system that defeated the huge German air force in the WWII (Meilnger, pp. 193-220). Some of the war aircraft include

  • Fighter
  1. Bell Airacobra.
  2. Blackburn Roc.
  3. Blackburn Suka.
  4. Bristol Beaufighter.
  5. Curtiss Mohawk.
  6. Fairy Fulmar.
  7. Douglas Havoc.
  • Bombers
  1. Avro Rota.
  2. Brewster Buccaneer.
  3. Fairey Albacore.
  4. Fairey Swordfish.
  5. Hawker Hardy.
  6. Hawker Hind.
  7. Vultee Vengeance.
  • Reconnaissance
  1. Boeing Fortress.
  2. Bristol Beaufort.
  3. Fairey Seafox.
  4. Saro London.
  5. Martin Mariner.
  6. Short Seaford.
  7. Vought Kingfisher.

German Airforce: Luftwaffe

It was the greatest military aviation unit of Germany during World War II. On February of the year 1935, German Leader, Adolf Hitler signs a top-secret ruling permitting the establishment of the air force named as Reich Luftwaffe. It was the third German armed amenity to seam the Reich military and navy (Hitler Organizes Luftwaffe, History.com). In the similar ruling, Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler selected a German military officer who was considered as an aviation hero from WWI, Hermann Goering for Luftwaffe project. He was appointed as commander in chief of the Luftwaffe, a third military aviation force of Germany. It was the top-secret project of Germany, and the size of this military aviation unit was kept hidden until the march of the year 1935, British declared that it is growing the power of it RAF or Royal Air Force. The novel air fleet of Germany was growing rapidly, and many other nations including Britain and France take it as an alarming situation. The German fighter aircraft Me-109 was fully truly a killing machine of that time, and in combat training, the Luftwaffe killed more than one thousand people in Guernica, Spain in the year 1937. During World War II, this novel military aviation of Germany had approximately one thousand fighters with more than one thousand bombers. Germany used its military aviation power against Norway, Denmark, and Holland, Belgium and Poland. After bombing these areas and causing destruction the Luftwaffe moves towards Britain. The aim was to destroy the British Royal Air Force completely. The German air force and British air force fought a historic battle entirely on military aviation. The dominant Luftwaffe was defeated by the RAF fighter pilots and aircraft. Their radar technology, bravery, novel improved controllable spitfire aircraft, and luck caused the British to attain victory in the Battle of Britain. For each British fighter aircraft destroyed, two fighter planes of Germans were demolished. In the result of British opposition, Adolf Hitler reformed the tactic for the war fought in Britain, deserting his incursion tactics and makes an attempt to bomb. Though, in this military action, the German military air service Luftwaffe was troubled by its privation of war tactical, wide range bombers planes (Swanger, n.p). So in an early time period of the year 1941 the war of Britain concluded in disappointment for Germans. Britain had given the Luftwaffe, a German air fleet its initial downfall. Far along that year, German leader Adolf Hitler ordered an incursion of the USSR, which afterwards primary achievements spun into an absolute tragedy. As Hitler obdurately battled to overcome Russia’s vicious opposition, the exhausted Luftwaffe gradually lost air dominance over West in the face of rising Americans and British aviation outbreaks. By the period of the D-Day incursion of Normandy in June of the year 1944, the Luftwaffe air convoy was a carcass of its previous self (Swanger, n.p).

Military Aircrafts used by Germans

The Luftwaffe, military aviation unit of Germany includes a number of fighters, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. Some of them used in World War II are:

  • Fighter
  1. Arado Ar Series.
  2. Focke-Wulf Ta Series.
  3. Heinkel He Series.
  4. Horton Ho Series.
  5. Messerschmitt Bf Series.
  6. Messerschmitt Me Series.
  • Reconnaissance
  1. Siebel Si Series.
  2. Messerschmitt Me Series 261.
  3. Messerschmitt Bf Series.
  4. Junkers Ju Series.
  5. Henschel Hs Series.
  6. Heinkel He Series.
  7. Focke-Wulf Fw.
  • Bomber
  1. Arado Ar Series.
  2. Dornier Do Series.
  3. Fieseler Fi.
  4. Focke-Wulf Fw Series.
  5. Heinkel He Series 177.
  6. Henschel Hs Series 127.
  7. Messerschmitt Me Series 309

During the WWII, the Normandy battle took place in the year 1944. In this battle alliance of western countries fought against Nazis. This battle known as D-Day had also a code name, Operation Overlord. On 6th of June, 1994 almost 156,000 soldiers from Britain, America and Canada landed on the five islands which were invaded by Germans (Tillman, n.p). This was one of the largest military actions, and huge military aviation took part in it. The Allies landing was made possible by misguiding the Germans with false information. The Allies forces defeated the Germans and cleared the land of France, Normandy. With the removal of German Troops battle of Normandy comes to an end. The military aviation of the Allies forces performed a distinct and innovative role in winning the battle. The modern and updated radar technology, their war planning and strategy helped a lot in winning this crucial battle. The hefty bomber planes of the British Royal Air Force destroy infrastructures, rail junctions, highways and almost every transport means to stop and delay the arrival of German aid to the Normandy. The planned military aviation diligently assisted the soldiers who are battling and fighting in the ground. It is also thought that bomber and fighter planes from the British Air Force and United States Air Force were one of the major reasons of the victory of Allied forces. Thunderbolts, Spitfires, Mustangs, Typhoons and Lightning cover the sky of Normandy. The Allies military aviation aggressively targets every German troop’s unit from greater to smaller. They attacked every convoy of the enemy. The German military aviation unit seemed helpless in this situation. This battle cost the lives of more than twenty thousand soldiers of the United States alone. The number of aircraft destroyed in this military action was about 127 of the Allied Forces (Tillman, n.p). The battle continued from June to August of the year 1944. These invasions from the Allied forces created a tide against Germans. The destruction of transportation means benefits the Allies Forces and provided a hindrance to Adolf Hitler in sending support to stop the increasing intrusion of the Allies. On May of the year 1945, Allied Forces officially acknowledged the categorical capitulation of the Germans. With a victory in the battle of the Normandy, it started the end of World War II.

The military aviation of the very country is crucial for gaining success in every battle just like World War II. The Germans had the superior military power, but lack of aviation tactics and strategies, on the other hand, British Royal Air Force with other Allies also had strong military aviation units but more developed aviation tactics and strategies. The RAF, battle of Britain, was short in number than German aviation unit, Luftwaffe but they were determinant, and fliers fought with planned strategy and bravery which result in their victory. Improved and innovative technology was also the cause of their victory. By this research, it can be concluded that proper planning, updated aircraft with extraordinary fighter planes and bombers and with bravery a victory can be achieved in any battle.

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