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Biography Of Three Leaders History Essay

1592 words (6 pages) Essay in History

5/12/16 History Reference this

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Lim Goh Tong, founder of Genting Highland, was born in 1918 in Anxi, southeastern Fujian province, China. He was the fifth child in his family. Times were bad back then during Xinhai Revolution. However, he was brought up peacefully and had the chance to go to school. When he was 16, his father passed away. He had no choice but to leave school, he and his elder brother had to work to feed the family.

As China situation did not seems any better, he followed his cousin, Lim Kheng Chong’s footstep to left China to Malaya in 1934 and worked for his uncle as a carpenter.

Lim Goh Tong had a low extraversion personality. He was an introvert and a passive teenager. When he first came to Malaysia when he was 20, he was very shy, introvert and sensitive. He was also emotionally unstable and had a hard time getting along with people. However, when he returned to China which was 1940 and came back later the year, he tend to change a lot, he became more optimistic, positive and assertive in making his own future.

He was also a person with high consciousness personality. He was organized, ambitious, hardworking and responsible. He was a very discipline man. He always got up early in the morning. Besides that, whenever he had an appointment or a meeting, he liked to be punctual or arrived early before it started. Moreover, he organized his daily life orderly, he always carried a small note book with him and whenever he thought of something, he would write it down. Last but not least, he always did things on his own without needing other to remind him of it.

Lim Goh Tong was a task-oriented leader. He was the one who took change and providing direction to subordinates about what they had to do to get the job done. When he first got the approvals from the governments, he began his extremely large project which was the contruction of Genting Highlands. Despite many problems occurred during the construction, Lim Goh Tong managed to solve all of it and got the job done even though he had to spend all he had without any income.

Lim Goh Tong was an ethical leader. He loved to help people, especially those with problems. Whenever people with financial problem went to him for help, he would never turn his back on them. He would do anything he could to help these people. He was a poor man once and he knew the feeling of being poor and no one is willing to help.

From what I learnt, Lim Goh Tong was a great man and also a great leader. he taught us to be polite, humble and respectful to others. Besides that, we must believe in ourselves, if we think it is the right thing to do, just go ahead and do it. He also taught me to trust people if I wanted to work with them, because in the end, there are two things I will get, a really good friend or a life time experience.

Caucasian leader – Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary, the fourth out of six children in his family. He became a politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party also known as the Nazi Party in 1921. He was then became the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and served as Fuhrer of Germany from 1934 to 1945. At the start of World War Two, Hitler showed low agreeableness personality. Hitler was very aggressive and within three years, under his lead, his armies had occupied most of Europe, and most of Northern Africa, East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean. His armies also known as the Nazi forces engaged in many violent acts during the war. Some of them are: the systematic murder of as many as 17 million civilians which included as estimated six million Jews targeted in the Holocaust and between 500,000 and 1,500,000 Roma, Poles, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, and other political and religious opponents.

Almost to the end of World War Two, Hitler showed high neuroticism personality. By late 1944, the Soviet army had forced the Germans back into Central Europe and on the other side, Western Allies were advancing into Germany. He then realized that Germany had lost the war. He ordered his men to destroy all German industrial infrastructures before it fall into Allied hands. In April 1945, Soviet forces attacked Berlin. Hitler’s followers wanted him to flee to the mountains of Bavaria but he was wanted to stay in the capital. He then ordered his Twelfth Army which was fighting at the west to come to Berlin. By the end of the day on 27th April, Berlin was completely cut off from the rest of Germany. On 28th April, he discovered that one of his SS leaders Heinrich Himmler was trying to discuss surrender terms with the Western Allies. Worrying he might succeed, Hitler ordered an arrest on him and had his representative prosecuted. Later that day, his general reported that his army was not able to attacks towards Berlin. On the 30th April 1945, when the Soviet were few blocks away, feared of being captured, Hitler committed suicide and his new bride, Eva Braun, joined him in suicide. Their bodies were then doused in gasoline by his followers and cremated as the Soviet was advancing.

The Hersey and Blachard’s situation theory is used by Hitler during World War Two. His relationship with his men were good, they respected him and had high confidence that Hitler will lead them to win the war. His men were able and willing to fight for him which was why within three years, Germany and the Axis powers had occupied most of Europe, and most of Northern Africa, East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean.

Adolf Hitler was an unethical leader as he was considered cold hearted and brutal. During the World War Two, he was responsible for the Holocaust that was the most known example for mass murder. It was the genocide of an estimate of six million European Jews. They were killed in the extermination camps that were concentration camps built by the Hitler’s Nazi Forces to kill millions by using gas.

I learnt that we should take failure as challenge for us to improve and not as a drawback. Besides that, we are living in a multicultural world; we should learn to tolerate other culture in order to live in peace. Last but not least, we should take responsible for what we had done and face problem with courage.

Non-Caucasian leader – Liu Bei

Liu Bei, one of the warlords during the Three Kingdom era, was born in 161 in a place called Zhua Commandery. Liu grew up in a poor family. When he was still a kid, his father passed away, he and his mother sold shoes and straw mats to support themselves. Even so he was a child, he was very ambitious. He once told his friends that he would become an emperor. When he was 14, he was recognized for his potential in being a leader, went to study under a scholar called Lu Zhi.

Even when he was young, he showed high conscientiousness personality. When he grew older, during the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he gathered a group of volunteer army to help the government forces to suppress the rebellion. This was when he met Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, two of his most loyal and outstanding followers. Liu and his army won several battles against the rebel. He was then appointed Prefect of Anxi, however, he resigned after refusing to pay bribes to a corrupted inspector.

Liu Bei also had a high agreeableness personality. He was kind, friendly, generous and also helpful. During hard times, he would make grass shoes for his followers to wear, this action gained himself lots of trust and loyal from his followers. he

Liu Bei was a relationship-oriented leader. His relationship with his followers was very good. A lot of talented men came to serve Liu, for instance, Zhuge Liang and also the famous Five Tiger Generals. People came to him and served him willingly because he was widely known as kind hearted and humane leader who cared for his people.

Liu Bei was well known as a humane ruler during The Three Kingdom era. He cared about his people and would do whatever to protect them. For instance,during the time when Liu was retreating from Fancheng, many refugees followed him to Chang Ban. The refugees were slowing down his troop while Cao Cao’s army was not far behind. Instead of leaving them behind, he ordered his troops to protect the refugees. This showed the Liu Bei was an ethical leader.

Liu Bei was one of the great lords of The Three Kingdoms. His friendly and passionate personality lead him to success, this is what I learnt from him. Besides that, he made me realized that friends is always there for you, during The Three Kingdom, Liu Bei’s comrades helped him became a successful emperor. Besides that, Liu Bei was defected times after times before he became a successful emperor, therefore, I should never give up on things that I think is right.

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