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Biography of Spartacus

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Published: 18th May 2020 in History

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Spartacus originated from a city called Thrace in Greece. He was an escape slave leader in the ‘’Third Servile War’’. At that time, major slavery governed against the Roman Republic. Spartacus survived historical accounts during the war, his accomplishment earned him military leader and slave gladiator in the roman times. He advocated voyaged to the Alpes putting separation against his army and slavery freedom. He was sold into slavery by birth and trained at Capua, Naples gladiator school in which he also owned. He had serve as a solider but, then became a prisoner and sold for a gladiator. He escaped in 73 BC and took shelter in Mount

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Vesuvius along with numerous of other slaves he had help rescued. His insurgence helped people fight for freedom against slave owning. In his army of runaway slaves, he was known to defeat successions of Roman attacks called the guerilla welfare. His leadership caused in the defeat of nine Romain armies. Spartacus gathered supplies and continued to ambush the Romans while he freed slaves from the country side. When he was taken to Rome, a snake was seen coiled around his head while he was asleep. His wife who came from the same tribe proclaimed that it was a symbolic sign that meant he would have countless authority that would end his misfortune. She shared in his escape and lived happily with him. Once the escaped slaves were freed the gladiators choose Spartacus, Crixus and Glaber as their leaders.


According to the “History of Gladiator Revolt Leader” (Owen Jarus 2017)   Spartacus live in the 70 B.C and commanded a slave army add up to thousands of men. He overpowered Roman militaries numerous of times. Spartacus and his people marched his people throughout the Italian peninsula before his death in a battle in April 71 B.C. (Owen Jarus 2017). It is believed in the

“Wikipedia   Spartacus was born in 109 B.C. (http://www.livius.org) in the center of Strymon. Sources say the ‘Third Servile” war in (73-71 B.C) Spartacus had rebel against Rome so hard he was called the town greatest legend. He was sold in 73 B.C to the service of Lentulus Batistes; he was an instructor who taught at Ludus a place known for gladiators in Capua. In that same year Spartacus and the other two other gladiators led a mutiny at the school. The remaining 200 slaves from the school escaped using kitchen utensils tools as weapons.



Sources say Spartacus was from a small city in Europe called Thrace in Rome. He had escaped his wife a Thracian woman whose name was never listed. He took refuge in Mount Vesuvius along with thousands of other slaves. Thracian-were a collection of Indo-European tribes, they also spoke Thracian language their culture is known as ‘’Thracology’’. The Indo-tribes populated in a large area near Eastern and Southern Europe.

Spartacus lead his army to march towards the south of France however fought numerous of attacks from Romani. He spent winters armoring and recruiting new candidates expanding their grounds together within the towns of Nola, Nuceria, Thurii and Metapontum which are large cities in Greece. The name Spartacus was evident in the Black Sea Region. Spartacus was well established and had moved his army south of Italy where they had victorious defeated actions. Established on research, his regimes were record as one of the best. There have been many film, television series, and movies about his legacy. His accomplishment will forever be grateful in the history of the Roman Republic.


Spartacus life has served as inspiration for television, movies, and books. According to the article, (http://www.historynet.com/spartacus.htm ) Spartacus had major accomplishments in which he became one of the slave leaders in the Third Servile War. These slaves have revolt, and fight against the Roman Republic. Spartacus have train these slaves, show them how to engage in fight with weapons. Teach them how to defend themselves in war battle. Which lead to outsmart and defeat the first four forces he confronted. After these battle many slaves have joined his army, which make his based stronger. Some of these slaves fight with farm tools, and kitchen accessory to declare their own freedom by joining the gladiators.

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In addition, he was the gladiator uprising, and shared many leadership in slave troop with Crixus and Oenamus. Spartacus and his army who fight with him had every right to go against their rebel. People viewed them like caged animals. He did not want to be a slave, because of where he was from and born. He fought for liberty equality, and justice in the roman society. His revolted happen when a lot foreign slaves who had better memory of freedom. During that period many slaves born into slavery, the number was very high especially in Rome. Another major accomplishment, Spartacus often been made into symbol for oppressed. Which have influenced people to rebelled, and to overturn their culture. His story has play a major role in different part of the world. His fight for freedom of slaves from Roman, have birthright for every society to be free under slavery mentality. He also has represented a great number of slaves that help Rome succeed in their military successful. Due to his slave’s revolt, and gladiator’s revolution. During the Roman Republic, there are have been dozens of other slave revolts.


According to the article, (https://www.quora.com/Was-Spartacus-a-Hero-or-Villain ) Spartacus was important because he tried to lead his army troop to safety. To have a better life freedom for themselves against their enemy. Before Spartacus died, on his final battle he won three major engagement. After a long period of engagement, his slaves that joined the army were defeated near the border of Italy. Subsequently after his death, his body by no means was every discovered. The slaves in the remaining revolution had been crucified as a warning to others. Before him and his troop were caught, they have put Rome under many panic. He wanted to attack Rome himself, because he wanted to have hi freedom from the master. Since the number of slave was very high, his revolted have won all three Punic Wars.

Spartacus become hero, when he started gathering a rebellions slaves in Romans Republic to fight for their freedom. He was a gladiator for his army, and one of the great brave soldier. In addition, when they fight for freedom the war will be innocent casualties. Therefore, by killing his enemy was justified as unavoidable to the greater good. It is obvious; they were slaves and was sick to be in that situation. To better understanding the life of a gladiator, it is not remarkable or glamourous as we seen on movies and televisions. Gladiator were neither hardened criminals, nor slaves who disobey their master. Therefore, it was not an honor to be a gladiator during this period.

One of Spartacus last major influences, before his capture and death, was his fighting for liberty equality and justice for all slaves in the Roman Republic. Because of his army troop, and gladiator uprising against the rebel. He left a political movement, were dozens of other slaves have been revolts. The have been many film, television series, and movies about his legacy. The Roman Republic recognized his powerful military technique and strategist. He also has represented a great number of slaves, which helped Rome succeed in their military successful. He will forever be remembering as a gladiator, and the leader of the last great slave revolt to shake the Roman Empire. 



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