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Analysis Of The Korean War History Essay

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2016

The KoreanWar was a military action between north and South Korea for the unifying of the Korean peninsula; both countries have had different ideological agenda under western and eastern ideological power. The republic of Korea (South Korea) was supported by the united nation, NATO, and the USA on the other hand, the democratic people republic of Korea (North Korea) was supported by china and the Soviet Union.

The Korean War was a war of west versus the east different philosophy and consideration, but fought far from the major superpower mainland. A war considered as an embarrassment for the international community, many lives were harvested and it did started and ended with accomplishing nothing from the unifying. The Korean peninsula was occupied by the Japanese’s for almost 35 years under an iron fest till the defeat of the Japanese in the World War II in 1945.

Korean conflict,

With Japan on the tremble to surrender, it was necessary for the superpowers to agree upon a future Asian policy that can both assure security for superpower nations and spread principles and influence over strategic zones in the pacific. After the Hiroshima atomic bomb Japan was completely under the US influence which made the soviet deliberate the advantage of occupying Korea, which in adjacent to the communist alley china.”At the Potsdam conference, the USA, made plans to invade the Japanese mainland and they have been more than happy to leave Manchuria and Korea to the Soviet Union. But now with war actually coming to sudden end , US urgently reassessed its future interest in Asia and came rapidly to a decision that America must share with the USSR the occupation of Korea” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008), therefore both soviet union and the USA agreed to secure the Korean peninsula by dividing it to north and south using the 38th parallel, and that the USSR shall occupy the north next to it ally china and the US the south, “Korea polarized as the two power blocs north and south” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008). Each countries started to execute the viewpoint systems of their dominate as a consequence in the south foremost nationalist and members of the anti Japanese resistance had formed a provisional government but at least half of them were communist therefore US and the UN called for a free election in which USSR and the communist party disapproved it and boycotted , “US government preferred to support a conservative group that was made up of professionals and those educated in America or by American missionaries” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008).

The American had their nominee, Rhee, whom considered a significant assets since he was educated in America and was not tented by the relationship with the Japanese but he was tenaciously against the communist. On the other hand the USSR had, Kim, who opposed the Japanese and participated with the red Armey in the WWII, he was known for viciously putting down all opposition to communist rule. As a result Rhee and his party won the election pole against the communist in the south which escalated the tension between the two Koreas at that time the 38th parallel became an official political border between the south and the north, the communist and the capitalist. As tense increased both sides of the Korean peninsula made major infiltration across the border, in the south communist activist were arrested and imprisoned furthermore in the north anti-communist where put down. Accordingly USSR and US tactically withdrawals from their military zones at the front line leaving only advisors.

In China, Mao Ze Dong, have successes in winning the civil war and forming a communist Chinese republic. Mao’s reviled that the west and America are chine’s biggest nightmare mentioning the years of humiliation china faced under the last dyne sty of Chinese empire and the colonelcies era of china. The Chinese soviet friendship relation lunched then a new chapter in the cold war I Asia leaving US provoking danger through this relation specially after the soviet successes into breaking the atomic monopoly of the USA, as quoted by Charles Murphy , president Truman special counsel in his respond to the scenarios that might goes, ” what I read scared me so much that the next day I did not go to the office at all , I sat at home and read this memo over and over wondering what in the world to do about it” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008).

The war,

The purpose of unifying Korea was the essential passionate for both Korean leaders; however Kim was more greatly obsessive about it because of the corrupted Rhee government and non-match able military experience. Kremlin was always anxious for the US response also Stalin sought after to respect the mutual treaty with the US, however the crises in Berlin plus to the communist victory in china along with the equivalence atomic power of the US-Soviet stimulated a new calculation that the US response will be carefully measured, Mao Ze Dong, responded to this permission that “US would not start a third war over such a small territory” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008) .

June, 25, 1950 an astonishing attack from the North Korean military into the South Korean border, the unmatchable soviet tank and military equipments forced the South Korean forces to withdraw fast for not being able to meet the confront. Immediately the US and the UN requested the international community to condemn the attack and appealed for sending troops into South Korea a demand which challenged by protest from the soviet and Chinese behave. The absence of the soviet from the UN meeting allowed the call to pass.

Kim, Mao, and Stalin were surprised from the response of the USA to fight over a small area. However the American did not see it this way, they distinguish a threat for their national security and international order also they predict a prevail of the communist ideology which they had to stop, President Truman quoted “we are fighting for our national security and our survival” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008).

June, 28, 1950 after three days from the beginning of the invasion North Korean army entered Seoul, the US army first battalion under the command of general MacArthur landed in Osan tackling the Korean army whom equipped with soviet tools, “the first American in the cold war to confront a communist directly were small members unit deployed in the hills near the Korean town Osan” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008), they admit defeat which was a disaster news to Washington whom ordered general Mac Arthur to send larger troops and start an air strike and navy bombardments. “In the first military confrontation of the cold war, solders of the most powerful nation on earth had been humiliated by the soviet – equipped troops from a tiny country” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008), the only success for the UN-US forces were by air strike however kim troops contunied to push the allied forces to the southern corner around a city of Pusan.

September, 1950 massive bombardement by the US navy ehich lead north Korean army to trumple, the situation turned in fevaor of the UN-US.rhee and general MacArthur decided to librate the capital seoul first after that they can marsh towards the 38th paraelle . in few weeks both Rhee and the general aimed to re-unite korea quating “we have not got this far to stop where the fight began” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008).

October, 1950 US troops crossed the 38th paraelle and advanced into communist territory, pyonyang falls “the only communist capital ever to fall to the west in cold war” (Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing, 2008),as a result china determine to help north korea.

November, 1950 chinese lunched full scal asult against US-UN troops, USA wanted to avoid full confortation with china and they also did not want to inviate stailn to the war.therefore they withdrawls to the 38th paraelle line.

War tragedy

For the two superpowers shows of power ability and military thousands of US and chines solders were sacrificed , both north and south korea lost up to a million in death soldiers and civilians. Koreans economy were disastress and te result is what.

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