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American Propaganda in WWll

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in History

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Most of American were very patriotic when the government created those propaganda people felt the power so they supported the government (Graham, 2017). The army and the people with high morale can give full play to their initiative and win the victory. In one poster, U.S. Marines work together to raise a star-spangled banner. Rocks, vegetation and military uniforms are in dark tones, with the words “now… “Pull together,” and the whole poster should be full of heroic spirit. This has played a positive role in boosting morale. Although propaganda is only pictures and graph it still motivated a lot of people because back then people had strong patriotism so when they are the propaganda they are really felt that strong power.

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Woman play an in an important role in the factory because all men went to the war and they can do what men can do and one of the women ‘Rosie the Riveter’ represents women who worked in the factory and motivated them. American women entered the workforce in the unaccented members during the war as widespread make left gaping holes in the industrial labor force. When men went to the war, a lot of women entered factories and tried to do men’s work. During the war, she is like an idol in the modern world and she helped the government recruit a lot of female workers. Because of the Rose and Riveter in the percentage of female worker increased during the war. The United States has also produced many posters encouraging women to join the military or enter the workforce. In the poster “women in war”, a female worker assembles an air bomb with the words “we can’t win the war without them” written on a red background and white letters, calling on women to join in the production. Female-themed posters play an active role in solving the manpower gap, improving the status of women and promoting gender equality. Rosie the Riveter rolled up the sleeves of her smock, flexed her arms to flex her muscles, and wrapped a scarf around her hair to fill it up. But at the same time rose has not lost her femininity – her lips are painted in lipstick and her nails are painted in beautiful colors. This poster uses contradictory elements to perfectly integrate strong and manual women with traditional and beauty-loving women. It discourages women from thinking that working becomes “unfeminine” and encourages women to participate in work. Encouraged by the power of this propaganda, American women went to the forefront of production. During world war ll, the U.S. female labor force grew 57 percent, from 25 percent to 36 percent. “Without them, there will be no victory”. Women have used the war to break the occupational segregation and reverse the traditional view of them in society. In the propaganda posters of the United States during the second world war, women presented different images, which were either weak, sexy, resolute, or powerful. Either image was an effective propaganda means of war mobilization and an effective weapon against the war. They made great contributions in encouraging citizens to buy bonds and join the army. On the other hand, these posters also promote women’s enthusiasm to join the army and participate in work, break the gender barriers and traditional restraints in American society, change women’s social roles, and make them become independent new women. After the war, when most of them chose to stick to their jobs, women’s self-consciousness began to awaken, which laid the seeds for the feminist movement in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s.

 Not just soldiers’ citizens were also played an important role to defeat Nazis government created propaganda such as ‘when you ride alone, you ride with Hitler to tell people do not waste any resources (HOWELL, 1997). If you were riding alone during the war, you are wasting gasoline. Because of increased car, it means need more gasoline so the government figured it out a way to not waste gasoline and its car-pool. Because of the increased of cars and gasoline needed to provide to the war so the government created that propaganda to tell people do not waste any gasoline. Besides that, in order to expand production capacity and improve production efficiency, many posters call on people to produce weapons, equipment, food, medicine, and other materials. They range from realistic posters of factories producing weapons, farms producing food and fishing boats, to cartoonish posters of busy domestic production and anti-fascist Allies using products. During world war ii, the United States produced posters promoting the united front against fascism. A banner depicting all the anti-fascist Allies, with slogans like “united as one nation, fighting for freedom” and “united we shall prevail.” On the other hand, it promoted the resistance of the army and the people to the invaders. During world war ii, the United States released a large number of posters encouraging citizens to join the army. The most well-known is uncle Sam needs you. In the poster, Uncle Sam is wearing a top hat and a tuxedo, staring seriously at the audience outside the picture, with his right index finger pointing strongly at the audience and the words “I need you to join the American army” written below. It is simple, powerful and impressive.

Not just adults, kids also played an important role during the war government created propaganda and posted on the wall so kids can see it and tell their parents do not waste any foods. Kids also played an important role during the war, they collect the materials and turned in to government so the government can use those materials to build weapons (Westbrook, 1990). Kids collected their old toys and other materials and turned in to the government. Kinds even collected paper door by door so the government had enough materials to make the weapon. Such a with missionary passion and spirit is the highest with theology and religious fanaticism and mystery based on the cultural level of the national first, the Germanic nationality and above all, fascist regime, it is based on the philosophy of the idealist world outlook of the far-right’s theory of Nazi propaganda and reality. The Nazi’s advocacy of absolute consciousness, that is, the “will” of nihility and drift, through which nationalism and nationalism are instilled, runs through the whole line of their propaganda work and is the basic content and form of Nazi propaganda. The specific requirements of Nazi propaganda are simple and easy to understand. Even the least educated people can get what the Nazis want them to accept in the propaganda. They demanded that propaganda be kept at a very low intellectual and intellectual level, and that very little was talked about so that the vast majority of Germans could be manipulated by propaganda. Children are far from the wars.

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In summary, propaganda was really helpful during WW2, because it can motivate people government also can pass the message to people. The sole aim of propaganda is to conquer the masses. And in order to achieve this end, can take any means. How to make the conquest of this purpose beautiful and not obvious, so that the audience easy, inclined to and even willing to accept is the focus of propaganda. Originated from the propaganda of literature and art, it is the most perfect state only to draw close to its original source infinitely and even restore to the point of indistinguishable. Hitler was more than a representative of the same totalitarian view, using a synthesis of truth and propaganda to express fascist or totalitarian state doctrines. Truth for the German Nazis under his leadership is: “our truth – truth for us.” In short, what can advance and strengthen the interests of Germany is the truth.

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