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This was a man, a dictator, that led the racist Nazi party to kill nearly six million innocent Jewish people. To his country, Germany, he was their leader and their god, but to most of the world he was a murder. He was a man that had control of not only his Germany but several other countries around him. He was a manipulator and a man with nothing but bad intentions. He was Adolf Hitler.

In 1913 Adolf moved to Munich in southern Germany after the outbreak of World War I, and in 1914 Hitler volunteered for the German army in their fight against European powers and America. He fought on the western front with excellence and was promoted to corporal. Adolf was injured two times and won several awards for his bravery. Among them, the most highly respected was the Iron Cross First Class.

Between December 1918 and March 1919 Adolf worked at a prisoner-of-war camp. Shortly after he returned to Munich and he witnessed a takeover bid by local communists, which who seized power before being forced out by the army. Adolf gave evidence and he was asked to become part of a local army organization. While going through training for his up coming duties he was able to sharpen his public speaking skills. He was also asked to spy on certain local political groups, and during a meeting of the German Workers' Party in the Sterneckerbrau Beer Hall Munich he became so raged by one of the speeches that he responded aggressively. Anion Drexler, the founder of the party, was so impressed by Adolf's verbal attack that he asked him to join their organization. After thinking it over, he finally agreed to join.

Hitler attracted over a hundred people to a meeting in which he did his first speech to a large crowd. For hHis next speech in February of 1920 the crowd he gathered was close to two-thousand people. Hitler was not the main speaker, but when it was his turn he was able to calm a rowdy crowd. He became a regular speaker at party events and in 1920 he chose the swastika as the Nazi party symbol.

November 8-9, 1923, Hitler staged the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch in hope to overthrow the Berlin government. He hoped to force the conservative nationalist Bavarian government to go along with him. His attempt failed and he was tried for treason, and was sentenced to a year in prison. During this time, Hitler matured his basic ideas and his strategies, and he outlined his major plans and beliefs in Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf is the book of Hitler's leadership and struggles. He planned to get his party back together because it had been outlawed, and he did so when he was released. In the 1930s, Hitler's Nazi movement rose rapidly polling in at 6.5 million votes.

In 1933, after several tries, Hitler finally became Chancellor on January 30. Hitler's first were mainly used for him to balance his power. With several Nazis in key positions and Hitler's military ally Werner von Blomberg in the defense military, quickly gained him power. He quickly eliminated his political rivals and brought all levels of government and major political institutions under his control. Hitler then became Fuhrer of Germany when President Hindenburgs death. This made Hitler the head of state, and commander in chief of the military.

Once Hitler was sure that he had his power, he began preparing his military for racial domination. He put six million unemployed Germans to work to prepare the nation for war. His racial domination mercilessly attacked the Jews. Hitler associated all internal and external problem for Germany to the Jews. Hitler's installment of the "final solution" of imprisoning and eventually destroying all Jewish men, women, and children in Himmler's concentration camps (Adolf Hitler Biography). On September 1, 1939, Hitler started World War II.

Hitler conquered many countries around him and killed thousands of people. Eventually he was stopped and Germany last the war. In the last days of the Nazi rule, Hitler entered another deep stage of depression in his underground bunker in Berlin. He ordered to have Germany destroyed, because he believed it was not worthy of him. Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. He left behind horrifying memories for survivors, contributors, and the world.

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