A Study Of Schindlers List History Essay

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The film we are going to study is Schindler's List directed by Steven Spielberg, one of the best filmmakers in the world.

The director used his fame of "commercial director"  to remember the generations  who didn't live through  the World War II how atrocity was committed. His great  merit  was not the  critical acclaim nor the seven Oscars it won, it was the great legacy  anditdeserved blockbuster.

With this powerful and complex narrative disarms the viewer at the sight of almost  unbearable anguish, not without a hopeful vision ofman.

The story tells about a German businessman named Oskar Schindler (role played by Liam Neeson) who get rid of certain death to thousands of Jews during the terrible Holocaust.

To carry out this study I specifically analyzesd several important aspects developed in the film.

On one side there will be a detailed analysis of the evolution that characterizes the total of Jews as a whole during the course of the story being told, whereas in this study highlight the role of Itzhak Stern in relation to the plot and characters .

On the other hand, classify, from a perspective focused on the Nazi side, the main aspects that characterize them, although I'm going to focus my attention on Oskar Schindler and Amon Goeth.

We also will explain the reflection, the weight and importance of the Nazi concentration camp.

The evolution of the Jews:

The existence of Jews in Europe goes back to the Roman Empire, and which were later expelled by Adriano. The first records of the existence of Jews in Germany dating from the fourth century, were the only ones able to give money with interest, therefore, were easily the dominance of big capital and generally were persecuted.

Following the First Crusade, the persecution intensified and all the Jews expelled from countries like France and Austria took refuge in Poland.

And ultimately the end result SVII From the highest percentage of Jews lived in Poland.

At the beginning of this film we watch carefully as a Jewish family is reunited at home around a couple of candles while praying noting that the Sabbath is one of the few scenes throughout the film we can see in color , a color that will be paying with decreasing the intensity of the flame of the candles.

After this sequence, the film takes us to a train station, where we see all the Jews in their area, they should register to vote.

All Jews living in the city are expelled to the ghetto and expropriated of their homes, sending them to live in tiny apartments all with poorer living conditions it could not be more than the essentials. From now on, we watch as the Jews began to be abused and neglected by the German society. We can hear a girl saying "Goodbye Jews! Goodbye Jews! " while they walk with their few belongings into the ghettos. This girl represents the German hatred and repression towards this race and the humiliation.

Oskar decides to contact a Jew named Itzhak Stern in order to convince some investors to search for Jews and try to open a business. From this moment a figure appears very relevant to Jewish history. Since that time, Stern is responsible for managing the company, while Schindler represents and expands commercially known by name.

Later, the Jews are taken as a whole, to work in the construction of concentration camps and those who suffer abuse and are victims of the cruelty of the Nazi leaders. Oskar Schindler, were left then without their workers (including Stern) , and when mobilized to try and recover and resume its factory activity, for it must convince that Goeth let go.

The criticism of the Jewish people is ultimately the most dramatic change in its scale of values, where initially ranging from feeling uprooted from their property where it is known that they do not want to lose his own and going to extremes to eat her jewelry to not to be taken away, but mainly to fight for their race. As the story is well known that the Jewish people is increasingly concerned for his life than for his material to the extent of forgetting entirely by the material and only worry about staying alive each day.

Study of the Nazis in the movie:

The German Nazi political party won elections in 1932. At the head of the party was Adolf Hitler who created a totalitarian regime where the people were subjected to the state.

This character built a racist state which persecuted especially to the Jewish race. Nazi ideas were strongly supported by the bourgeoisie who feared losing his high position and by the German people in order for Germany to regain its greatness.

In the film, Liam Neeson is the person who plays the main character, Oskar Schindler. This actor was born in Northern Ireland, and worked as a forklift operator for Guinness, truck driver, assistant architect and an amateur boxer. He has a career as a teacher.

However, in 1976, Neeson joined the Belfast Lyric Players' Theater and made His professional acting debut in the play "The Risen People." After two years, the actor went to Dublin's Abbey Theater where he performed the classics.

After working and collaborating on some movies like Excalibur in 1981, the actor was picked for the role of Oskar Schindler in Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List (1993). For this role, Neeson was nominated for the Academy Award and the Golden Globe.

The star character of the film is Oskar Schindler. This man was born in Germany on April 28, 1908. He was born into a wealthy family and throughout his childhood he had lots of Jews friends. Later he allied with the Nazi party due to necessity.

The story of this character is very strange because it starts having ambitions of fame and fortune and at the end of the film we see that all their schemes and their way of thinking have changed radically.

Oskar at the beginning of the movie wanted to leverage of the situation that existed at that time planning a Machiavellian plan with to enter in the top and positioned near the highest German officials to build his business.

Schindler managed building good relations with the Nazis, acquired at a low price with the proceeds from Jewish investors (taking advantage of the persecution they suffered and were confined in Ghettos) a factory in Krakow (Poland), and their facilities are intact devoted to the making of pots and cooking utensils, but our character adapted the production of these vessels to supply the Axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo.

As labor was expensive and also Germanic was weak, he decided to negotiate with the commander Amon Goeth who ran the concentration camp of Jews in that area of ​​Poland. Amon Goeth would provide him with cheap labor in exchange for "favors" that got the market black including the financing of large parties. Since this field is subsequently sent to train selected Jews for Nazi death camps.

The employer initially received about 300 Jewish workers to work in the factory, but at the end, Oskar tried to had as much Jews as possible to save their lives.

In this part of the story is the General Amon Goeth which is a brutal German military and goes to administer the camp. Its main task is to begin the extermination of Jews in Krakow. It starts here the overt cruelty toward the Jewish people.

This two pictures show the character of Amon Goeth. This character is a reflection of German hatred towards Jews. Represents the whole racist society time and focus their hatred against Jews in the concentration camp. It appears as the owner of their lives and shows no change throughout the movie. We can observe that this character does brutalities as shooting from his window to get up, brutalize and kill every Jew on a whim or abuse their maids.

Little by little as time went on, Schindler began to realize the brutality and the fate that the Nazis were giving the Jews under the name "Jewish reinstatement".

Schindler became aware that he must help the Jewish people and the factory was a window to a machine of mass destruction, but the Jews saw it as a life expectancy.

At a critical moment in the film, with the money that Schindler had made purchases from their workers, he was giving this money to General Goeth, where he end up paying even Helen who was the maid of Goeth, for a large sum. Here we see another feature of the personality of Goethe, prefired that sum of money before her feelings for Helen. The value that gives the money does not allow any relationship with anyone because there will always be their priority

The securities acquired by Schindler led him to maintain a bad quality in his company that now manufactures ammunition and they do not pass quality control. It makes it to prevent further deaths in the war. At this point in history, Mr. Schindler has become a protector of the Jews, its primary mission is to find the rich past to protect his Jewish workers from Nazi extermination.

There is an inspiring moment in the film, which has captures my attention, is when Mr. Stern complete list of all the Jews who would buy Mr. Schindler, Mr. Stern defines the list as "This list is life, around it there is a gap ". He does this to express that the death was saving and about this there was nothing that could replace, elevating it to a maximum human value.

At first Oskar may feel very motivated by money (eg, burying the wealthy Jewish investors, buying all kinds of expensive objects), but then he began to protect their workers regardless of profit. And is this, the biggest change in the film. The transformation of the character.

Schindler's vision about the Jewish Holocaust is changing throughout the film, so that when he get the order to deport them to concentration camps (which means it will lose its workforce), arrives to use his fortune to save and prevent them from going to Auschwitz or other extermination camp. Schindler will be forced to reposition its entire factory and bribing officials to keep their workers.

This change shows his ambitions and hard work to save every life possible. It is certainly an important person who saved the lives of many Jews. I asked to go from there.

This character is a reflection of humility, it strikes me as every moment is to make life easier for the Jews. It is moments like when Schindler  talks with  the General Amon to convince him that power is to forgive and not killing. Schindler just trying to save lives and make them see things a little differently but it didn't work with Amon. I was also surprised how much can be only one person who tries to do something like this . It's  amazing that  everyone had such hatred towards this race.


To conclude this analysis, I will make a comparison of the representation of Jews and Germans in the film.

From my point of view, the representation of Jews is perfectly achieved and reflected in detail the poverty and humiliation suffered during the Holocaust. Spielberg manages to capture the reality of the time and racism but nevertheless lived and as I can see, with the German Nazis, makes a huge mistake. Spielberg mixes different accents in English. We can see that the main actor has a British accent while the other soldiers have a clear German accent. With this we can say that the ruling makes us think that the main character does not belong to Germany or that Spielberg wanted to give a personal touch.

Moreover, the figures of Nazi Germany are well represented by its perfect performance and a reflection of their hatred and cruelty toward the Jewish people.

The analysis of this film I found it especially difficult to see the film in English when I try to understand everything the characters say. I also stopped to analyze different sequences that caught my attention but for various reasons, I can not comment on this work.

I think it's a film that transports you to another time, a moment of mass destruction, massacres and racism that viewers see from afar and we can not imagine the brutal experience.

From my point of view the representation of Jews is quite correct, it is clear how they suffer and are humiliated, how are expelled andare defenseless  against this slaughter. We can clearly see the desolation and helplessness of the Jews to Nazi Germany.  I have drawn much attention the contrast that occurs repeatedly. I'm talking about when Spielberg shows us the stark reality of the concentration camps where  Jews comment on the rumors that they are killed in gas chambers, while at the same time  the German generals drink the best champagne and celebrate their victory and power to the Jewish people .

I think there is a huge contrast in between the two German characters Oskar Schindler  and Amon Goeth. Oskar is the representation of the salvation, the strength, the courage and the kindness. Shows how a person is able to make the lives of thousands were saved. Schindler reflects the humilityand willingness to fight for the lives  of others. He never tires of trying  help the Jews  getting more names on his list, paying for them to general Amon or talking to German soldiers after the war.

It'samazing how  he can make them feel the injustice done to avoid a final slaughter at the factory where all the Jews were. While Amon, shows that Jewish life is not important. Is reflected in scenes  such as when he was shooting from his window to a woman who was locked in the camp  when he beats up his servant.

They are two very opposing views but eventually they both have the same destination, they should run away because they belonged to the Nazi party and they have followed  their ideas,  but not in both cases was the same.

I must mention that I visited a concentration camp called Mauthausen located in the state of Upper Austria. Since that moment, I began to have more interest in the Holocaust and its events. The visit made me realize the terrible conditions under which they were and made me feel the fear, despair and panic that these innocent Jews could live.