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New Zealand Disability Strategy Analysis

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Published: 9th Oct 2017 in Health

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Demonstrate Knowledge of Disability and Aging in Local and International Contexts

Task Four

TASK FOUR: Comparing international developments to New Zealand’s policies and practices, in relation to disability and aging. Both groups are to be covered.

Policies on disability:

New Zealand:

New Zealand disability strategy is vision a attaches great importance to the social life, and constantly improve the full participation of disabled persons. It provides a framework to guide policy set by the government agency and services affect people with disabilities. The government will do thingS to influence the behavior and attitudes of the society. All New Zealanders are faced with the problem of disabled persons and their wishes.

Objectives of the New Zealand strategy:

1: Encourage society respect and attaches great importance to the quality of life of disabled persons and support inclusive community.

2: Ensure disabled people rights

Maintaining and promoting the rights of the disabled people.

3: Provide the best education for disability people

To improve education, make all children, youth and adult learners have equal opportunities to learn in the local development, general education center

4: Provide opportunities for disabled people in employment and economic development

Enable disabled people working in the open labor market (In accordance with the principle of human rights) and maintain an reasonable income.

5: Develop leadership of disabled people

Admit disabled experience as a professional knowledge, strengthen the leadership of the disabled people

6: Promote public service consciousness and sensitive

Ensure that government agencies, public funds from the public service and responsible body to understand and adapt to the disabled people

7: To create a long-term support system focused on the individual

Create a quality evaluation and service delivery system, centered on the disabled people to ensure that they participate in evaluation and service delivery, invisible boundary and easy to access

8: Support quality life for disability people in community

Provide opportunities for disability people to have their homes and community life.

9: Support lifestyle choices, culture and entertainment for disability people

Create and support different lifestyle choices for disability people with the community and promote for entertainment and cultural opportunities.

10: Improve the quality of related disability information collection, analyzed and used activity limitation for regular national surveys.

11: Promote participation of disabled Māori people

Promote opportunities for disabled Māori people to participate in communities and disability services. They should receive A fair level of resources delivered in a culturally appropriate manner.

12: Improve disabled woman’s participation in the community, access to appropriate services for them, improve their quality life.

13: Family value, whānau and people provide ongoing support

Recognition and support the responbilities, roles and problems with the whānau, family and those who support disabled people.


The most important part of disability policy in Canada is the rights of people with disabilities in CCRF(Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms). In disability community , it is the first important step. The original version of the Charter, proposed in October 1980, without any reference to mental and physical disability. Until the Disability Community Organizations in Canada added the final version in April 1981.

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Disability supports are assisting disability people do daily activities. Engagement in social, cultural, activities political and economic part. Over two million disabilities Canadian adults lack the educational, workplace, modifications, home aids or other supports they need to participate in communities. People receive the disability supports they need are: disability women, people force themselves total prevented from working cause disability, low incomes people, people with disability expenses without any plan, living in rural communities people.


The National Disability Strategy has national policy framework (10 years)to assist government across six key part in activity and ensure disability service systems can improve result for disability people, families and careers. It involves all part of government, personal and national policy approach and program development. It is intended to disability issues and ensure the development and implementation of all public policy included in that impacts disability people.

The Strategy has six part to improve people with disabilities, their families and careers:

– Personal support and community support

– accessible communities

– protection of rights, legislation and justice

– Economic

– Health and well-being

– Learning and skills

Strategic Objectives

– Human Rights and Promote Citizenship for Disability people.

– Engage Development and Advocacy in Policy to make sure all People join with Disability in Australian.

– Assist in Disability Sector of Development work together on advocating the participation of Disability people.

– Provide representation , information and policy advice on Disability Service.

– advance and promote services that support people with disability to participate in life.

Similarities among three countries:

In three countries, all of these country provide a lot of strategies to assist disabilities people be more safe and provide qualities life .

From physiology, psychological, spiritual and cultural to provide policies to ensure that disability people get world class services .

Difference among three countries:

Three countries use different terms. New Zealand uses the term Objective and the other two countries does not.

Canada’s national framework was established through a consultation with the elder people in the society while those in New Zealand are established through a group of representatives assigned by the minister.

Policies on aging:

New Zealand:

The New Zealand government realized that the aging of the population in New Zealand. Therefore, the government created the strategy to ensure that an aging population in New Zealand will be well taken care of. Government to address the needs of the elderly population in New Zealand through legislation, regulatory framework, public education, income distribution, and the money supply and services, and community development.

New Zealand strategy:

– let elder people to make choices let them to live in safe and have a healthy lifestyle;

– Provide changes for elder people to join in and devolved to family, whānau and community;

– Reflect good attitudes to older people;

– Recognize the elder people diversity and aging as a normal part of the life-cycle;

– values and strengthen the capabilities of elderly Maori and their whānau;

– Identity the cultural of older people living in New Zealand;

– Recognize the different problem between men and women;

– Ensure older people live with confidence in a safe environment and receive the services what they need.

– Make old people responsible for their personal growth and development in the constantly changing environment.

New Zealand Ageing Strategy 10 goals:

– adequate income for older people

– Health- provide quality services to elderly

– Housing- afford housing options for older people

– Transport- afford transport options for older people

– Aging in the Community- feel safe and age in the community

– Cultural- a series of culturally services for older people

– Positive Attitudes-all ages people have positive attitudes to aging and older people

– Employment opportunities, the elimination of age discrimination and promote flexible work options

– Personal growth and the opportunity to participate in, to increase the chances of personal growth and community participation


In Australia, they are trying to promote the health of the aging population. They preached the idea that the quality of life is more important than number years ago. The government recognizes 65 years old and above as their seniors.

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Australia’s economic growth to ensure that the elderly population does not become a burden. However, the government still has to ensure that the elderly people in the society have quality life, harmony between the generations, and positive result for the whole population.

The Australian government has developed a national strategy. It aims to provide the best outcomes for all the people in Australia without age. This is the basic framework of all of the policy.this would lead the government to create and implant polies that ensure the challenges and needs of the elderly in this country is satisfied. Since Australians studying, appropriate employment, training, transport, cultural and services, the National Strategy was implementation. It also ensure that the elderly people would get chances to make contributions to society. The Australia government programme and policies should complement rather than replace the roles of the elderly in the society.

There are four topics described in aging in Australia’s international strategy. The first one is independence and provision to ensure that the elderly would still have income to responsible for their lives. The second one is ensures that they are still have contributors in the society. The third one is ensures personal health does not suffer by ages. The age from young to old is not so fierce, people still often do things like when they were young. The fourth one is best care to ensure that the elderly gets quality services without discrimination in society.


Canada adopted the Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging which ensure that people can age with dignity and security when they continue to actively participate in community and society .The Country continues to review the plans and services they offer 65 years old and above, they consider elderly.

Canada with all the profit and non-profit organization all adhere to the plan to ensure that the seniors of their society are in good health, financially secure, safe, well-housed, active, and contributing their families and community. Canada is a multicultural area. Aging of the population influx has greatly influenced people from different parts of the world. Therefore, the government bring this into consideration about devising policies and programmes for the elder people.

National framework

The people in Canada who are responsible for elder people following national framework to help them to plan and implement policies and procedures to cope with the aging of the population’s changing needs.

Health and well-being:

The government of Canada is committed to understand and anticipate possible demand of healthy aging. Government also ensure that Canada’s health care system is comprehensive, universal, portable and can be accessed, and the general public.


In Canada, because aging population increase, the government’s policies and programmes is to increase the participation of the elderly in their family and community. There has increasing paid and unpaid activities to contribute their family and community.


The elder people in Canada have secure income. The government has come up with a way to ensure that economic stability of most. The government through policy support for the elder people like Guaranteed Income Supplement. This would ensure that the elder people have money to pay what they need. Another policy is that the government will ensure that the elderly in the international social security agreement from other countries also will receive pension benefits, whether they are in order to receive they live in.


The government is trying to make sure that the elder people are in a safe house. The government try to minimize the homeless in the society especially the elder people.

Comparison and contrast of the policies of aging in New Zealand , Canada and Australia.

Similarities among three country:

The three countries are using the current policy and the framework for future policies and guidelines.

The policies of the three countries are not only true to particular groups in the country but are true for all the elderlies residing in the country.

The three countries all recognize the importance and the contributions of the elderly to the society.

The three countries create policies and programmes that are not only applied to the current population of the elderly, but in the future elderly as well.

The three countries all adopt a positive theme when talking about aging.

The three countries are all trying to ensure that the elderly are integrated into the society and are not being isolated and alone.

The three countries are all trying to raise the awareness of the people regarding positive aging.

The three countries all have framework which all the policies, guidelines and legislations are based on.

Differences among three countries:

The policies on aging for New Zealand and Australia are centralized, not for Canada. National Framework for Aging is being followed by the whole country except for Quebec which follows the principles.

Three countries use different terms. New Zealand uses the term Positive Aging and the other two countries does not.

Canada’s national framework was established through a consultation with the elder people in the society while those in New Zealand are established through a group of representatives assigned by the minister.

Only Australia talked about the delivery of world class care. The two other countries have not mentioned anything about it.



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