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Support Planning for Geriatric Health Conditions

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Published: 17th Oct 2017 in Health

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Joan Ravela



New Zealand belongs to one of many countries that have an increasing number of ageing population according to research. The aged population for elderly such as 65 years and above is going to elevate two times for about one point five million at the year of 2035 and for the coming twenty years it is also expected to increase up to one hundred thirty percent of the population. On the other hand the population of the young ones were going to decrease.

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There are common problems in geriatric patients such declining physical and mental health. To be more specific it includes issues such as heart disease, depression and anxiety that continued to experience by them compare with other young adult or people. These problems can be cured, mostly through the use of early medical diagnosis by the professionals but if there are disease that can be cured, there are also existing one’s that cannot and the only solution is to give support to the patients to condition such dementia and Alzheimer.

As the population of elder people are growing, there are health problems arising that are related to their health that caught the public’s concern. One of the most common problems of the elderly is having dementia wherein a group of symptoms affects their cognitions. Symptoms may include personality and behavioural changes, physical activity that they usually do begins to be forgotten by them, there are changes in language use that affects their communications with relatives and friends. This particular health condition alarms the public because according to survey it is the fourth leading cause of sickness into aged 65 and over in New Zealand. (http://www.mayoclonic.org/diseases-conditions/dementia/basics/definition/con-20034399;http://www.alzheimers-support.com/en/alzheimers-stats-new-zealand.html). Increase of financial costs happened together with an increasing population that is why the government are doing the best they can to support the needs of people having this condition.

Dementia condition is irreversible but the healthcare professional’s main goal is to somehow delay the abrupt spread or worsening of the disease by having an early detection. How to manage the disease progression is very challenging especially in the part of the relatives and healthcare professionals because of the signs and symptoms brought by the condition hence, critical plan of action is needed and it includes the knowledge and experience that the healthcare professionals possessed.

Task 1 Kinds of support and access to community support services to clients in Kindly Residential Care Rest Home to address problems regarding what is written in the article provided by the management.

What are the emotional supports with individuals in early stage of dementia involved in decision-making?

These include personal care and understanding about the situation of the patients, companionship, assistance, and supervision of medication.

What are the support organisations and services for geriatric clients and explain how their services assist the elderly with geriatric problems

Super Gold Cards

This card is being issued to those who are eligible senior citizens and veterans whom are being known by the country of New Zealand for their contributions to the society. The card serves as a discount card that gives the eligible people the right to get discounts and special offers to such business, discounts include free of travel to designated areas of New Zealand. The criterion to receive the card includes reaching the age of sixty-five and above and they should be a legal resident of New Zealand.

The card can be use to sustain some financial problems about medications and other expenses with both sick and healthy elder’s. Being old could lead into decreasing physical activity that results into incapacity to work and earn money to support such needs that is why this card plays a vital role in elder’s daily life. The card also support not only the health maintenance hence, the recreational activities of the senior’s because they can have privileges also from hotels and resorts around the country.

International Federation on Ageing

This international and non-government service organisation service’s goal is to enhance senior’s lives for the upcoming years around the world. This organisation serves as an eye opener of the elderly regarding their rights and practices. They were aiming to work together with private sectors as well as the non-government organisation. The organisation is working on delivering information concerning the privileges of the elderly through the use of media publication and reports.

One good example that the organisation do is to gather information’s about specific diseases like dementia and building strategies on how to deliver and inculcate to the minds of the people issues concerning that condition.

United Nations programme on Ageing

When it comes to ageing, this serves as the heart of the United Nations system.

The aim of the programme is to introduce the Madrid international plan of action about ageing. To address the issue of ageing the organisation has made a guideline. In New Zealand strategies are focused in promoting the health and well-being in advance manner as well as making the environment a very supportive in nature. Since the programme has set its guideline it will be a big help in resolving issues immediately as long as they will continue to monitor the progress of the solution made using evaluation to measure whether it is effective or not.

Grey power New Zealand

This is an organisation formed in year 1986 in the month of February wherein it is composed of people over the age of fifty. This organisation was built because people want to fight for their rights against the government’s idea on applying an additional charge to their pension. The group was formerly based in Auckland and it was known because it captured the attention of the media, from their beginning others association started to form also. The small group turns into the development of the grey power federation and the scope of the policy has widened because they become keen in handling those matter of healthcare and subsidies for those over fifty years.

The aim of the policy is to give benefits to those who are aged 65 and over in the form of receiving a regular amount that came from their salary contribution being made and put into fund at the time that the bearer was still capable of working and gain salary. This tax-funded by the employer is being reserved for the time of retirement of the bearers.

Because of the growing population of the organisation, people tend to join them because of the benefits and this made them stronger and being successful in aiming what they are fighting for. Another good impact has brought by this organisation is to give the other country an idea on forming their organisations too to address existing problems being encountered by the age group.

Carers New Zealand

This is a strategy action plan which is launched by the minister of seniors last 2014 to 2018

The main focus of the strategy is to give support to the carers of the clients with disability, health problems and other condition. The carers are the one who give care for someone who wants to take care of their family or friends because they cannot do it for some reason such as being busy at work, the tendency which is common in New Zealand’s people is to send their loved ones in rest home. Usually the carers are called healthcare workers or care giver.

The role of a carer is not an easy job because they have to give their full attention to the clients with different health conditions. Actually it is a very challenging role to the part of the carer as I am a person who is working in a facility I have to be careful on how to handle each patient because I have to use different approach of caring in each of them. Some have dementia, mood swings; some will just annoy you by keep on repeating such words all day that is why being a carer requires a never ending patience to help the client live as comfortable and happy as possible.

What do the carers receive in exchange of the care they are giving to clients was the financial needs in this programme. It serves as their rewards for taking care of the one who are not related to them. On the other hand the effect to carers is losing their social life with friends and for those who are new to being carers, they become stressed but the good thing is even though they are new, most of the facilities provide an in-service education on handling the patients properly.

Select services provisions and explain how they assist the elderly with common geriatric conditions.


When in terms of handling wide range of client’s condition, hospitals are the most reliable place to bring the clients because it has complete laboratory tools that is needed to monitor well the health condition of the clients. The laboratory tools are being used in the identification of the disease through getting blood samples from the patients. Hospital also offers both short and long-term care and decides whether the clients need to be discharged or to continue to stay at the facility.

Nursing Homes

There are different kinds of nursing homes in New Zealand, based on my experience as a health care assistant. There are facilities that are operating only as a rest home but there are also being operated as both hospital and rest home. Due to an increasing population of elderly all of them cannot enrolled into the hospital that is why the number of rest home facilities in new Zealand are growing so that the needs of the clients even just to make them comfortable everyday while having a shelter and providing them the special care they need. As what I have said that there are different kinds of rest homes with special patients condition are only allowed such dementia facility because they need different form of care compare to older people.

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Nursing homes serves as the client’s home. There are routines being done in their everyday lives. The facility also provides some recreational activities that suit the client’s condition which make them at ease and feel that there’s still a family in their homes.

Psychiatric services

This facility are responsible on handling clients whom are experiencing a progressive mental and emotional condition that cannot be handled in a rest home facility or hospital because their services only have a specialization to such disease condition like dementia. The thing is that the family plays an important role in giving support to clients in this facility because people around the family are the one who knows the client well and they are themselves needs to be engage in the process of giving care and counselling as well because they have to understand what are the patient’s experiencing.

Other health and social care workers

Again because of the increasing number of the elder population, different types of workers are in demand in this country but its unique focus is to provide a holistic care to client mostly in far places that needs the care of the clients. The New Zealand has its programme coming from the district health boards in which health care providers have to be sent in different areas with limited hours just to give and provide cares to the clients who can’t afford to stay in a hospital unit because of financial problem.


Since elder patients are experiencing a decreasing physical activity in relation to ageing. Ability to have an intake of nutritious foods is declining as well. This service helps a lot in the way of gaining back the healthy condition of the clients because of having a specialized and strict diet plan for the patients, their nutrition is not going to be compromised.

General practitioners

They have a general knowledge about all kinds of disease and their roles are significant to the population of elderly experiencing health problems especially for those who need an emergency procedure. Even though they don’t have the specialty, they can do some referrals in case of more serious illness needing special procedures such heart operations etc. The general practitioners also can do maintenance and regular monitoring of the condition of the clients in which elder prefer to seek their help.

Task II identify and analyze the support necessities of individuals with common geriatric conditions and make recommendations concerning the negative and positive impacts of stereotypes and myths related to conditions in Kindly Residential Care Rest Home. The management of Kindly Residential Care rest Home wants you to provide a booklet wherein the family members, individual client and other healthcare staffs can easily be guided on the facility by giving them a brief education about the clients common condition as a whole as well as the positive and negative impact of some myths, stigma’s surrounding dementia and stereotypes among elderly. The following are the stigma impacts:

Social isolation of the individual and the family

The word stigma is being described as the situation of a person wherein he or she lives and that environment affects them on how to cope or handle situations coming into their lives. Sometimes it does bring a negative impression to society depending of the judgment of the people around knowing where a person comes from. Social isolation of an individual is just one of the stigmas being experienced by the clients of kindly residential care rest home because residing in a rest home gives a distance to the client’s normal life with friends and loved ones. Health condition such as dementia is a vague because there are symptoms like the patient tends to forgot the people who used to play a big part of the patients life where in the impact of this to relatives is very distressing. In our facility this kind of event usually happens as we care givers can witnessed the lonely members of the family because there are instances that the own children of the client is being forgotten or being shouted and saying foul words by cause of the situation and this resulted into loneliness of both parties.

Good support that is given by the family members is very important in managing this kind of condition. Just like what the relatives are doing in a rest home like visiting the patients regularly and having a good conversation somehow help the residents feel they are still protected and surrounded by their family hence, improving their quality of life.

Assumption of automatic loss of independence

Wrong beliefs of a person can result into emotional distress. Most of the people have a belief that ageing makes them weak, dependent and useless. It is really stressful in the part of old people in a rest home especially the one who can still think properly because their emotions affects them and they can assume why did they are living in a rest home and being just cared by the people who’s unknown by them. The tendency is that the residents would feel that they are dependent because in a rest home there are routines everydays and they can feel that it’s not making them independent.

Unable to make decisions about own care

Due to dementia, residents who are affected tend not to think normally and this condition results into being dependent of the care being given to them by the people around them. Gradual impairment of judgment by the client can be frustrating to them because they will feel useless and it is manifested by change moods and being grumpy at times. Care for these people needs to be planned carefully. The carers has a big impact on the clients situation by being patient to the clients as well as being supportive because they can still let the patient do few things depending on your approach and by this they can feel that they are not useless. We can’t prevent them to think poorly but letting them do little things we think they can make difference.

Uncertainty of support services and treatments

Deterioration of thinking process affects doing the proper care to clients by refusing of the medications and treatments given to them because they get upset of receiving these things knowing that their conditions does not make any difference and getting worse. Different approach by the carers can be a huge help especially for the healthcare assistant who use to have long-term contact with the patients because they already knew what are the clients wants, what to do and not to do to them. Building rapport to patients plays a vital role because once the carer has built this; he/she can easily do the proper care to patients without being stressed just like others who’s becoming upset when they can’t give what the patient wants. Good example is when the family members are visiting the patient compare to caregivers, the patient will do what is being told by the caregiver instead of what is being told by the family member because of the approach.

Dissatisfying interactions with the medical community

Patients become unsatisfied into whatever cares they are receiving from the healthcare professionals, patient thinks that cares are not helpful to them because sometimes group of symptoms are manifesting and this result into losing of trust and being uncooperative. Whenever this situation happens, the only management should come from the patients and caregivers support.


Because of an increasing individuals experiencing dementia and other conditions, the healthcare facilities all over New Zealand should put more efforts on how to support these people by putting various services that will address their needs such as giving a seminars to the old ones about the common conditions being encountered by them and the supports and benefits they have in accordance with the governments services.

Stigma can be a big factor of one’s improvement upon his own condition but support from the carers and people around the clients are the most powerful thing to give them to cope with the situation. Supporting people and making them independent up to what they can will have an impact on the part of the clients and will give them confidence and will feel that they still belong in a normal society.

All of the supports for the clients are important but the best should come from the relatives and friends because it is real and more intimate. Sitting and having a conversation with clients are also important because this can make the client share their thoughts and will make them feel comfortable and they may not feel alone and helpless anymore. Equal treatments should give to them because they are no different compare to others even though they have needs which are not the same to another.


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