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HTC and Samsung Organisation structure

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Published: 1st Jan 2015 in Health

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HTC Corporation was established in 1997, by 2009 it become the word first smartphone manufacturer which run Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. The company first made notebooks, and after it become to made smart phones. The company made the first Microsoft powered smartphone and the they made the first Microsoft 3G phone. And the made the first touch screen mobile phones either. The company has two segments. The first is to manufacture the design of the phone the second is to manufacturing mobile phone for branded handset companies and its smart phone operator business. In 2006 HTC got in upon branding phones at its own label. Their first 3G smartphone was the android phone called HTC Dream. It was first introduced in US. The first 4G smartphone was released in 2010 June it’s called HTC Evo 4G. The CEO of HTC are Cher Wang and Peter Chou.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Corporation

Organisation structure:

HTC’s chairwoman is Cher Wang. Peter Chou is the CEO, and HT Cho as Director of the Board and Chairman of HTC Corporation. HTC’s CFO is Hui-Ming Cheng. In the cast to being chair of HTC, Cher Wang is also sharing chair of VIA Technologies. HTC’s main section, including the Information Appliance engineering section and the Wireless Mobile engineering section.

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The company’s advance has grow dramatically since being chosen by Microsoft as a hardware platform advance partner for the Windows Mobile operating. HTC is also presently working with Google to build mobile phones running Google’s Android mobile OS. It was classified as the fastest-growing tech firm in BusinessWeek’s Info Tech 100.

HTC’s North American headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington. This expound its powerful connections with local companies Microsoft and T-Mobile USA, as well as the technologies and services they provide.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Corporation

HTC mission: HTC’s mission is to be the leading innovative supplier of mobile information and communication devices by supposing value-added design, world-class fabrication and logistic and service capabilities.

HTC is devoted to driving the rise and capabilities of smartphone technology. Since its formation, the company has developed strong R&D capabilities, pioneered lot new designs and product innovations and started state of the art PDA phones and smartphones for attendant and distributors in the global telecoms industry. It has invested in a strong R&D team accounting for 25% of the total headcount and a world-class high-volume manufacturing facility, both based in Taiwan.

Reference: http://www.htc.com/www/about_htc.aspx

HTC Values:

At HTC, rates are at the abstract of all that it do. From medium secretion to achievement appraisals, the rates are used as the basis for the resolution and feedback.

Throughout every interaction and initiative, HTC values are lived. They are our basic elements. 


Always do what it right. If we stay in this right path it will effect a long-term relationship with the clients. This is a very important thing.


There is a demand to always give the best where ever you are and try to enjoy doing it. Passion is very important for the company, without passion there will be no gain, moving forward.


If you imagine something, do it. HTC can grow more if we build trust with the clients.


HTC always change. Because of the fast moving environment, we have to keep in touch. So Change is very important factor for HTC


HTC company has to have new inspiration, without inspiration HTC couldn’t grow this big. The more you do, the easier, better and more enjoyable work will be.

 Reference: http://www.htc.com/www/

HTC Vision, Objectives, goals.

Htc goal is to maintain profit. The objectives are to increase costumers to buy their product. HTC vision is to have a good costumer based market, who buys their product. HTC are trying to make a name for themselves by being the most reliable and the most innovative technology in the smart phone business.

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Samsung Mobile history, organizational structure:

The Samsung Group is a multinational company which is in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. Lee Byung-chull was the founder of Samsung Group in 1938Samsung mobile become in the 1983. The parent company is Samsung Electronic founded in 1969. This company makes televisions and other home appliances. Samsung mobile grew throw Sony Ericsson and Motorola mobile companies. Samsung mobile has the first product for car phone and its introduce in 1986. This phone wasn’t successful, because of the bad reception and sales. In 1993 Samsung Mobile dropped out the SH-700 series, which was a small a great design better reception mobile phone. With this product and with strong marketing activity it became a very successful business. In 1996 the Samsung mobile get into the American market. Samsung mobile partnered with Sprint company. In this partnership they can sell full capable mobile phones. In the US and in Japan they were astonished by the Samsung great design. In 2009 Samsung Mobile was the 2nd largest (just before Nokia) mobile phone selling company in the world. Nowadays Samsung Mobile have an agreement with major cell phone services just like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Group

Samsung mission:

Samsung mission is to be the biggest and greatest mobile phone company in the world. Samsung mission is to have the best designed cell phone in the industry.

Samsung objectives, vision, values and goal:

Samsung objective are to maintain and create more profit for the company. The vision for Samsung mobile company is to have more mobile device in a great innovative quality. Samsung goals are to have more clients to sell their product.


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