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Review of Hydro Boost Water Gel

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Published: 9th Aug 2017 in Health

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Neutrogena, a long visible player in the hair and skin care industry, has produced many products that has been proven to give positive results for clearer, softer skin and cleaner, healthier hair.   Hydro Boost Water Gel is one of the many products that promises better skin.  This is our review of Hydro Boost Water Gel.

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What is Hydro Boost Water Gel?

Hydro Boost Water Gel is a unique skin cream made with purified hyaluronic acid that provides long-lasting moisture to dry skin.   Its noncomedogenic, oil-free formula is designed to be absorbed quickly into the skin to hydrate and seal in the moisture.   It dries to a matte finish so you can wear it underneath makeup and it will not clog pores.

How Does Hydro Boost Water Gel Works?

To get the best results from Hydro Boost Water Gel, you must first start with a freshly cleansed face.  Gently smooth on the cream onto the skin. The hyaluronic acid holds up to twice its weight in moisture which makes the skin feel plump and moist.   The glycerin in the cream helps to seal in the moisture molecules to keep it from evaporating from the skin.  Sealing the moisture in will help you to avoid the need to reapply the cream throughout the day.  Your skin will keep the hydrated, fresh feeling all day.

The product is pale blue in color and it feels cool to the touch.   It has a crisp, aquatic scent with a cooling sensation when applied to the skin.  The product absorbs very quickly into the skin much like a gel, but it has the lasting properties of a cream.

Hydro Boost Water Gel Pricing

Hydro Boost Water Gel is available in many stores and online.   Amazon is selling a 1.7-fluid-ounce jar for $18.99.

Who Made Hydro Boost Water Gel?

Neutrogena, the self-professed number one dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, is the creator and distributor of the Hydro Boost Water Gel.  This company was founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff under the original name Natrone.  Years later, the company changed its name to Neutrogena, which is the name of its most popular bar soap.   It is currently a brand owned by the famous Johnson and Johnson Company and it manufactures and sells skin and hair care products in over 70 countries.

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Hydro Boost Water Gel Reviews

The Hydro Boost Water Gel has been very well received amongst its customers.  On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.7 out of five stars and over 97 percent of the customers actively recommending it to others.  Many people have stated that they were very impressed with how quickly the cream absorbed into the skin.  They stated that the cream left no greasy residue and they could apply makeup over it with no problems.  They also stated that they did not feel the need to refresh the cream throughout the day, verifying that the cream lasts for all-day wear as advertised.


  • It is oil-free and will not clog up your pores
  • Contains purified hyaluronic acid
  • Has a very fast absorption rate
  • Dries with a matte finish for wear underneath makeup
  • Created by a company with a highly successful history with quality ingredients
  • Has received very good ratings from customers
  • There have been no reports of allergic reactions to the cream


  • This formula is tested on animals
  • The amount of hyaluronic acid is relatively low compared to competing products on the market
  • The jar packaging can create a hygiene and freshness issue with the product as it does allow the introduction of air into the cream, which could degrade the effective of the product and introduce bacteria into the jar regardless of method used to remove the product from the jar for use

Should You Use Hydro Boost Water Gel?

The Hydro Boost Water Gel is a moisturizing product that was created by Neutrogena, a juggernaut in the skin and hair care industry.  This product imparts moisture into clean skin and then seals in the moisture to retain hydration.  Many people have had impressive results using this cream, with most of them marveling at the speed of absorption of the cream into the skin.   Since this product is available in so many places, you should be able to walk into your neighborhood store and purchase it if you don’t want to wait for Amazon delivery.   If you are looking for a long-lasting cream that can keep your skin hydrated all day and wears well underneath makeup, then you should give this product a try.


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