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Responsibility for Health in New Zealand

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Published: 7th Sep 2017 in Health

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The government has an important role in promoting health care, thus, the people are so lucky for being a citizen of New Zealand. Health is number one priority so the society has a continuing research to be able to provide the best health care to all the New Zealanders.

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Responsibility for health

The responsibility for good health is a give and take process. It is a collaborative procedure between the New Zealanders and the society they belong. The people should broaden their minds about health care so as to avoid any kind of illness which will endanger their lives. Many of the citizens in New Zealand ask for medical assistance in order to make them well. That is one of the reasons why the government provides education for safe sex, urban planning, drug addiction, among others. The country has a public health institution that will advise those sick people not to be in contact with healthy individual to avoid contamination and spread of diseases.

Every individual has its own way of taking care of their own health. One factor for this is their lifestyle. The New Zealanders have different lifestyle and so different illness or diseases contribute to the problem of health care in the country. It is true that everyone takes care of his health but the society has his on share to give medication to the people. Many are not well informed of the consequences of their daily routine or lifestyle, like the effect of smoking both to the smoker and the people around him, of not eating a well-balanced meal even the effect on the body of those who always work on a graveyard shift. The society got a responsibility over the health of every individual. And so proper dissemination of prevention of illness and promote good health should be done by the society particularly the government to help individual take care of themselves.

There are many factors affecting the health of an individual like pollution, drug addiction, sanitation, food, water, health awareness and the spread of communicable diseases. The government have a thorough research on the prevention of diseases because the society believes that it would be easier for the individual to know what they should do to prevent diseases in order to lessen the pains and suffering on the part of the patient. All the people in New Zealand will be benefited, not only the sick ones.

The urban planning is a nice strategy of the government to promote health care to the citizenry. Here, the people are given the options to have healthy choices for transportation and to avoid means of transportation that would be detrimental to his or her health. In urban planning, people likewise shall have a good recreation centers where they could engage in sport activities or do any of their preferred recreational activities. In addition, a good planning shall likewise provide the population of the work or job they would engage in that would not endanger their health. As what was said earlier, that it is a collaborative process, the people should be responsible of their own respective health and pay for their own health care. The responsibility of the society is to maintain and promote good health to every citizen and to provide financial support for the health maintenance in the country. Everyone knows that personal responsibility contributes much for a better health care. The people especially in the rural areas should be well informed on personal hygiene and the importance of cleanliness of the environment. Sanitation and cleanliness are great factors for a sound mind and body. The physical environment is also a contributory for good health. The government agencies prohibits any acts of pollution affecting the health of people. Pollution affects the lungs especially for the most vulnerable ones, the young kids and the old ones. Food is one of the needs of the body that everyone should know the right kind of food in order to have a healthy body. The government with the help of all health care providers shall see to it that healthy foods should be made available all the time so as to prevent the high rate of diseases related to diet and food intake in the country. To achieve this, people should be informed of the good effects of eating healthy foods and to discourage people to eat unhealthy foods.

In view of this, all efforts of the government to promote health and improve health care, the people must be responsive and to take responsibility to take care of their own health.

Health care is a global priority because all citizens in the society are after their health. Health institutions in New Zealand shall give special attention to health care for the benefit of all its people.

Education and training

Policy on education and training play a very vital role in the prevention and cure of illness and diseases. The policy on these must be prioritized to ensure achievement of a health society. The society and the family have their own respective roles to achieve the balance for health care insofar as education and training are concerned.

The society includes among others, the government. The government should take a lead in educating and disseminating information pertaining to health care. It must set laws and rules which the population shall obey and abide.

As the government enforces its laws, it must have programs that are acceptable and applicable to any type of sectors of the society. This would help the people to adapt easily and apply in their respective families and ultimately becomes routinary.

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All of this endeavour of the government must be supported by the private sectors. Extensive education, training and re-training by the government are futile without the cooperation of people. Everyone must be receptive with the laws and rules set by the government. It is the people that would transcribe the law into policy. Families, which are the basic unit of the society, have the greatest responsibility in the achievement of the goal. Each member has a responsibility to teach the whole family one way or another. Other members of the society that could be influential to these would be the schools, health care providers and the church.

Upon the enforcement of the laws and cooperation of everybody, there shall be changed in the behaviour of the individual and eventually of the society and country to achieve such balance.

Business regulations combining work and care giving

As part of the implementation of the program of the government to achieve balance of responsibility for health care of the society and family, all work places must have regulations that combines work and care giving. Offices must have facilities that would allow employees to perform their duties as parents especially for their needy children. A common example of this is breastfeeding areas for nursing mothers. The office shall have a private place to allow nursing mothers to express milk for their newly born babies. Practices like this would encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies and providing them breastmilk, which are far more beneficial for the newborn babies than any other commercially prepared milk, thus, promoting good health.

Strict implementation of such policies likewise needs the cooperation and involvement of everybody to help achieve the balance of responsibility for health care between society and family.

Tax benefits and payments to caregivers

In order to encourage all caregivers to provide a quality healthcare and to entice people to pursue a career as caregivers, there should be a good and steady tax benefits and payments for caregivers as one of their incentives.

The government shall take a lead role for the implemention of this. The private sector shall only apply such rule if there is a strong political will.

Once these policy intervention solutions mentioned above are established, we could be assured of the achievement of an equal responsibility for health care between the society and family.


Taking care of oneself, help of the government and the care of the caregivers is a collaborative way of having a healthy individual in the society. If everyone help each other and not blaming is a very wise thing to do. We cannot control or change the so many factor of contributing to bad health but if we do our part in making our community a healthy one then we should accept and take responsibility that we are liable to our own health and everyones health.


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