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Policies for Safe and Secure Treatment in HSC

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Published: 5th Oct 2017 in Health

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Health and social care provides amalgamated services. Health and social care is particularly known as “HUMAN SERVICE”. It tries to provide security to the patient and make sure safety so that they don’t face any problem during treatment. They can demand safe and secure treatment. There are several principles about it. These are: Confidentiality, Communication, Promoting anti-discrimination, Rights, Acknowledgment. Here confidentiality means keeping information private. Patients are often unwilling to reveal their records. Communication is an integral part of this sector. It is an easy access between two persons to know each and every thing properly. So the hospital manager should ensure the roper flow of communication.

Task 1:

  1. Principles and procedures for young child undergoing physical abuse:

There are various multitasking an interpersonal agencies that are working to help the children. These companies are following various principles and procedures. The principles and procedures are guiding the agencies to direct their work activities. The principles can be listed as using occupational therapist, using specialist groups, using other medical groups to help the children as well as the others. The mental support groups can help the children overcome the problems that they have suffered also others in the house. The adults in the house will be given the support to ensure a proper behavior toward the children who are being abused.

They can also apply home care principle to protect the children. In this case a special home care system can be ensured for the victims. This will protect the children from being abused in their home. Social services managers in this case can help the children by raising social awareness. The social movement toward protecting the children and ensuring a proper environment for them to grow up can help in a great scale. The social movement and activities done by thee groups will create awareness toward proper childcare and proper behavior towards them.

  1. Principles and procedures for victims of domestic violence:

In order to protect the victims of domestic violence multi-agencies and inter personal agencies are working to formulate policies and principles. The policies and principles are helping the organizations to help the victims. The victims can also protect themselves by taking shelters under these principles and procedures. The principles can be termed as the strategies seen regular by others may not be the proper solution. The victims are in the best position to understand whether they want to select the remedy. Sudden separation may not be beneficial in every case. So, the victims would be able to take the decisions that are best for them. And they are not to be forced in anyway.

In this case organizations can follow these procedures. Understanding the situation is the first and foremost thing. The activities of both the victim and the blamed party should be examined. After proper analysis of the situation the organizations should evaluate the risks and the benefit of certain step. The results of the steps should be properly judged before actually implementing them. Then focus should be given on reducing the risks. A proper situational analysis is imperative to understand the upcoming risks and to reduce them. Then the victim’s choice should be learned and given the top most priority. And zero tolerance should be applicable in case of the abuser.

  1. Principles and procedures for young person with learning disability:

The multi-agencies and inter person agencies are working to ensure a better environment for the people with learning disabilities. These people face various problems both inside and outside their boundary. To ensure a proper life for these persons organizations are following various principles and procedures. These guiding principles and procedures are helping the organization to provide security and sustainability to the troubled ones. The people with learning disabilities are usually protected through these principles and society in aware of the procedures to protect them. The principles are proper training arrangements for the people who will take care of the disabled ones. These training should include all the mental trainings and other guidelines. Adequate training is required by all the managerial staffs. Then there should be health checks. The annual or monthly health checks for the learning disabled will help to observe their health situation. This will guide others of their actions. Betterment or worsening of the situation will help them to better evaluate them and treat them. Plus there is a principle for legal advocacy of the disables. They can use this to protect any type of injustice done towards them this principle provides them with the legal right and also the legal aid. The victims can use the legal aids in their favor to fight for their deserved right and equity. Also, these principles let the society know the right of the disabled ones.

Task 2:

Policies are the actions to manage the government, a department, a person or an organization. Policies which are written consist of code of conduct, an effective strategy and a particular goal. Local policies can be developed and these can cope up with the national policies if it can ensure clear outline of the obligations, transparent communication process and timely work procedures.

Care Standard Act 2000:

“Care Standards Act 2000” was activated on 20 July 2000. It aims at enhancing the rules of social care. It also follows two white papers which are produced by the Government. During 1998-1999 it I known as-

  • “Digitalizing Social Services and preparing for the Future”.

The aim of the Care Standards Act 2000 is

  • Make a confirmation of care to the vulnerable people,
  • Proper regulation of various types of housing,
  • Improvement of the care standards and
  • Make stability to the regulation of provided services

This Act introduces a regulatory body for social care which is independent in nature. It is known as “National Care Standards Commission”. It monitors the care homes nationally and local inspectorate units no longer regulate them. As-

  • It is the duty of the Government to introduce necessary standards of health and social care

Care standard act is useful for:

  • reducing the poor providers
  • introducing independent observation
  • protecting the deprived people

Care standard act is not helpful because of:

  • Inconsistency in the requirement of the application of the register and standards
  • Incompatible in achieving a domestic environment as well as the resident choice and
  • Lack of control in the incompatibility of tenants’ rights with the observation of the requirements for Registration
  • Resident’s limitations such as:
    • Disposable income,
    • Less entry to benefits,
    • Incentive to work,
    • Less independence and
    • ordinary life

Because of the above all reasons Care Standard Act 2000 is playing an important role in maintaining the standard of health and social care.

The Care Homes Regulations 2001:

A care home must be registered. Accommodation can be registered if they provide standard degree of care and it must include bodily functions in which assistance should be required. It does not define the individual care. It also defined that personal care should not include any activities which are done by regulation. So it is easy for the Government to exclude particular activities that can define personal care.

Care home standard is now working under the new functions of domiciliary care. It seeks a proposal to amend “The Children’s Homes Regulations 2001”. It is amendment with relation to

  • “The Care Standards Act 2000”
  • “The Registration Regulations 2010”, and
  • “The Fostering Services Regulations 2011”

That Care Commission started work independently in April 2002 under theregulation of Care Act 2001. The key objective of it is:

  • Regulate the care services
  • Keep people safe
  • Promote dignity, and
  • Support independence

The regulated services of the “Care Standard Home” are given below:

General Social Care Council (GSCC)

It is the workforce for social care. It is running their activities in England. It is a “Public Body” without any department. It is built in October 2001. It has a extreme relation with the Care Standards Act 2000. It is patronage by The Department of Health. It also runs their activities closely with

  • the Department for Children,
  • Schools and Families (DCSF) and
  • young people’s care agenda

The GSCC also works to enhance the standard of social care agencies. It is beneficial for the people who take the favor through the activities of any workforce and also its contribution of the educational social work. It is doing three basic functions. Such as-

  • It concerns and divides some practice code for social workers and also for their employers
  • It maintains the registration for social workers and
  • It functions for education and training.

Task 3

The women who is married recently and she is over 35. But unfortunately if she become lose her husband or beloved person then it turn into curse for her. In this modern era there a huge number of women are suffering from this kind of problem.

There problem are discussed below from the sphere of social and emotional.

Social impact:

  1. There are various kinds of rumor who are recently lost their husband whose age is over 35. People always talk against them make them wrong toward the society.
  2. There is a great impact of bad eye to them. Some dirty minded people in the society always keep a bad eye on them and blame them so that others people can get them wrong.
  3. As a punishment of loosing husband is sometimes becomes the result of leaving the family for most of women. Family becomes unwilling to give them shelter. This is really a great punishment for them.
  4. This kind of women considers as the curse to all. That is why they are not well-accepted to other people.

Emotional impact:

  1. These types of women always feel alone which is the reason of their depression.
  2. They think that they are not good for their family and this kind of mentality turns them to result in various kinds of mental diseases.
  3. From the feeling of loneliness they become very much depressed and this turns them to commit to the suicide.

Few number of member family: In a family which members are very little in number is either good or bad. This is good in the sense of society and there is a proverb that “little family, happy family”. But it becomes very bad if the father or mother has to go abroad or there is not a good relation between them.

Social impact:

  1. This kind of family is not well-accepted .because people always think that they are not considering and sacrificing. They also think that they are not social, don’t know how to behave and get angry on a little over things.
  2. Their mental growing up is not going up to the mark. For that reason, people don’t want to meet them up.
  3. Because of the lacking in the proper family bonding they often don’t know the culture of the family.

Emotional impact:

  1. Lack of proper mental growing up: as the children are not on the eye of their parents, they become rude in nature.
  2. The children of this kind family often think that they are very alone, they have no-one.
  3. The children of this kind of family become drug-addicted on a large number as they have no proper care of their parents.
  4. They are very much egoistic and they don’t know how to cope up with the changing situation.

Twin-baby: if any twin baby becomes separated from their birth from their father or mother, there is a huge negative impact. These are discussed below:

Social impact:

  1. Their acceptance is not so easy to others. A people think that their blood I not good.
  2. They become the part of being laughter which becomes so much irritating for them.
  3. The children of his kind of family feel uneasy to go to school or any kind of social organization or program.
  4. They are considered the worst person though they are very good.
  5. These kinds of children have no idea about family, family culture and family bonding.

Emotional impact:

  1. These kinds of children are very much negative in nature.
  2. They cannot consider a normal thing in an easy way.
  3. They are very much high-tempered
  4. They become drug-addicted highly
  5. There is a lack of accountability among them
  6. They don’t know to help the people, respect others and build friendship. O thy think that they are all in all everywhere.

Analysis of the impact of the social processes on the users of health and social service:

The standards of care centers include –

  • Accessibility
  • Accountability
  • Gestures and postures
  • Good behavior of staff
  • Consistency of care workers,
  • Proper flow of communication flexibility
  • Privacy
  • Dignity
  • Reliability and
  • Skills, responsiveness, knowledge as well as the trustworthiness of staff s

As our social process is upgrading day by day and the livelihood of the users in also being standard so the manager should ensure the quality f the service rather than meet the needs only.

Task 4

Duties and responsibilities of the hospital ward manager

Ward managers are the very important part of any hospital. They manage all the work in the proper flow. It ensures the effectiveness of the hospital. The responsibilities of a ward manager are given below:

  • Ensure an effective and safe clinical practice
  • Accountable for the impact of any clinical decisions to the subordinates
  • Keep a concern eye on the audit process of the hospital
  • Development of any safe procedure to make a super hospital systems
  • Make an effective hospital planning
  • Make any feasible decision to attain the goal
  • Maintain the clinical practice to enable the participation in hospital decision making
  • Make a clear public statements
  • Enable safe and ethical clinical participation to ensure the competency
  • Provide additional facilities to the patient and their kith and kin
  • Provide secrecy to the patients report.

Here is the resume of the duties and responsibilities of the ward manager:



Dr Mr Mrs Ms (please cride)

By Cheque

First Name:

By Invoice Please send an invoice to



Job title:

(If Applicable)

Please note if you are requesting an invoice

Number to be provided. If you do not provide this number this may slow down the processing of this







Delegate place.



By credit card Please debit my Visa/Master card/Switch

Please specify any special dietary or access requirements

This form must be signed by the delegate before we can accept the booking


Please send your BACS remittance form as confirmation of payment:

Your BACS Reference:

Cardholder’s Name:


Issue No. (switch only):


Valid From Expiry Date:


Card No.:



My role which influenced the policies and practices on the ward:

I have tremendous duties to run a hospital in the effective way as an ward manager. I really want to do something great to the hospital because my main duty is to run the hospital more efficiently. I have flourished some policies which are very much beneficial to gain the maximum benefit. My roles are-

1. I have strongly introduced the two-way communication system. Here, the employees ensure the effective

  • Public health service
  • Mental health service
  • Community care service

2. I have also a strong managerial team to measure the performance of the overall hospital. It helps to ensure thee each and every need of the patients.

3. I have introduced the system of providing consultant too

4. I have an effective plan to the annual service and the audit process.

5. My last introduction to the hospital is- I try to maintain the collaboration to enhance the quality of our service as there is a huge change in the people’s needs.

Recommendations which make good practice of my policy:

Policy means the written statement which maintains the internal and external factors very effectively. Good and effective policies are enough to attain success.

Here are the recommendations of my introduced policies:

  1. I have introduced two ways communication process because if there is lacking of communication, employee will never be able to know about their duties and also how they should conduct their work. Communication is the integral part to any kind of organization. So it is very necessary to maintain a good flow of communication.
  2. I have introduced a strong managerial tam because it is very hard to govern the whole work for a single person. If there is a strong tam to measure the performance of the employees at all level they will do their duties more effectively and carefully. It will ensure long-term benefit.
  3. I have introduced providing a consultant because it will be helpful for the mental patient to diagnosis. By maintaining a friendly relation they will able to get a happy life which is the long desired way to lead life.


Health and social care provide security to the patient and strongly ensure that they won’t face any problem during the treatment. The standard of living is upgrading day by day so the ward manager should keep a concern eye on that. Nowadays people believe in quality. So the manager should ensure the quality. There are many social and emotional problems of the women, little number consisting family and also to the separated twin baby. These often cause of the mental distress to them. There should be proper protection for them. There are various types of acts which provide a clear view of the proper management of the health and social care.


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