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Issues Caused by the Anti-Vaccination Movement

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Published: 23rd Sep 2019 in Health

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 Last year over 100,000 people died from Measles, most of them being under the age of 5. This is extremely sad and troubling the main problem though. Since 1971 there has been a safe and effective vaccine to stop people from getting the disease. But some people seem to believe that vaccines have deadly side effects and the risk out the way the reward of getting the vaccines. This recent movement called anti-vaxxing has seemingly brought almost eradicated disease by to the forefront. This has brought huge backlash and questioning to the FDA and CDC on the safety of vaccines. Vaccines have so many benefits that not only help one person but the whole population. Vaccines save kids lives, provide herd immunity and provide economic benefits to society. I believe that vaccines should be required for kids due to these benefits.

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Before Vaccines were developed the world was ravaged by diseases today we don’t see.  Diseases like diphtheria: a serious infection of the throat used to kill 15,000 people a year.  In 2015 there were zero cases in the US. 20,000 people used to be crippled by Polio each year in the 50s. Today we are years away from completely eradicating the disease from the world. Measles a disease that has been pushed by the Anti-vaxxing community as nondeadly and safe used to infect 500,000 thousand people (People). Today due to the efforts to push vaccines since 2000 over 20 million lives have been saved due to the measles vaccine alone and between 2010 and 2015 about  10 million deaths were prevented due to vaccines (Power). Vaccines save lives, the proof is in the numbers the only question is why people still fight against and try to prove why vaccines are giving people autism or that the vaccines are the things causing the infection. Vaccines don’t just help the individual they help the whole population fight the infection.

One of the many points of the anti-vaxxing argument is that most of the diseases that vaccines fight or extremely rare today so what’s the point of getting vaccinated for a disease nobody sees anymore all your doing is increasing the risks of having side effects from the vaccine. The main reason is for Herd immunity. The idea of herd immunity is that if all or most of the population in an area is immune or more likely vaccinated against a disease it can contain the disease and stop outbreaks (Herd).  This helps protect people who have weaker immune systems from diseases like HIV or AIDS, elderly people and even the people who can’t be vaccinated due to allergies or never got vaccinated. Vaccines not only protect you when you’re at home but there are a ton of places outside of the US were vaccinations aren’t as common due to lack of funding. Due to this lack of funding and knowledge mostly there is a ton of people, normally in third world countries that aren’t vaccinated. Just last June the World Health Organization declared a measles outbreak in North Seria Leonia. Being Vaccinated protects you from these diseases but it also helps the people around you less likely to be infected. If you’re immune to the disease then you can’t get infected which also means you can’t infect others around you. This gives them a little more protection which can end up saving there live. Vaccines not only keep you and your neighbors save but have been shown to supply an economic benefit to keep more money in your pocket but for everyone’s in the whole country.

The World runs on money and economics. The biggest points talk at debates and the most important question to Americans is all about the economy. Everyone is focused on how to save as much money as possible. But what if vaccines could save you money. Vaccines supply an economic benefit like nothing else. It’s such an important topic that research papers, WHO and Bill Gates have all talked about. The way it works is when you are a kid you get vaccinated this leads to you being more likely not to get a serious illness which leads you to participate in school more and your family saving money that otherwise would have gone towards your medical bills. Since you’re at school more you do better and get a better job. This leads to communities becoming more economically stable to do the better jobs people have which leads to a better economy for the whole country(Gavi). How can you fight Vaccines when they improve the economy and prevent deadly diseases. The money that’s made from saving can then be used to research new vaccines for deadly diseases like AIDS and Ebola.

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Vaccines save lives grant herd immunity and provide economic benefits. There will be people who are don’t understand the facts and can just be plain ignorant should their mistakes really put their children  and thousands of others in danger?” Incorrect, contrary to the findings of an earlier investigation.” this is what the Lancet the paper that released an article about how vaccines cause autism after said after investigating the article. How do people keep fighting for something the creator said was wrong? If they had their way this world would see thousands of kids and adults dying from preventable diseases. If this is not taken care of we could see an outbreak never seem since the smallpox outbreaks. This is why we need to fight for vaccines and spread awareness for all the great things they do.


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