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Health Prevention Event for Smoking

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in Health

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This assignment will be focusing on an individual analysis of the experience in working in a group following the health promotion event; this will include a rational for the topic chosen with a link to the correct government policy that links to the chosen topic and the relevant research. Also giving justifications of the chosen target group, the setting the health promotion event would take place. As well as the model and approach utilised, giving an account of the experience of working in a group using group formation theories. This assignment will then be finished by giving a conclusion.


The chosen topic for this assignment is Smoking. Smoking is the inhalation of tobacco smoke. This topic was chosen because smoking is the most common addiction today and is very popular amongst younger people. The topic was chosen to try and educate the younger generation under 18s on the effects and harm of smoking as many younger people are not aware or choose not to be aware of the dangers of smoking due to the fact that they see it as not a major problem, due to many influences around them that showcase smoking as being “cool” or a normal thing that everybody is doing so they see it as being a norm without knowing the effects and damages it could cause. According to the National Statistics (2018) it was shown that in 2016, 19% of pupils reported they had tried smoking at least once, and 6% of pupils were current smokers with 3% being regular smokers. The chosen policy that was chosen for this topic was the “Smoke free- Generation: Tobacco control for England”(Gov.uk, 2017) we chose this policy as it best suited the topic, as it aims to create a smoke free generation as well as reduce the number of 15 year olds from 8% to 3% or less, reduce smoking amongst adults in England from 15.5% to 12% or less, reduce the inequality gap in smoking prevalence, between those in routine and manual occupations and the general population and to reduce the prevalence of smoking in pregnancy from 10.5% to 6% or less. And the aim is to achieve these objectives by the end of 2022 (Department of health and social care,2017).The setting that was used for this event was in colleges, schools, secondary school halls, this setting was chosen because it hits our target group which is the younger generation under 18s, and this was a good platform as it would educate them and also gave them an open view of the visual posters, leaflets showing the effects of smoking as well as the power point presentation supported by teachers and staff of the school.

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 The aim for this topic is to add additional value to help promote the well-being of the young individuals as Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the UK. And in 2015 it was shown that 79,000 deaths were linked to smoking in England (Office of National Statistics, 2016)) so to also encourage young individuals to pursue a healthier lifestyle. To approach this educational approach is used to educate younger people on the negatives of smoking and the effects and using the Tannahill Model we aimed to help aid young people and the younger generation on how to not pick up smoking based on influential people or peer pressure, the Tannahill (1990) is the process of enhancing health and reducing risk of ill-health through the overlapping spheres of health education, health protection and disease prevention –Phast. Department of Health, (2017). With health education young people come to understand the effects of smoking and have the knowledge of how it effects our health. Prevention – to prevent smoking using things such as nicotine chewing gums or patches or as a health education prevention getting leaflets as well as getting smoking advice from health care professionals like GPs. Health protection such as smoking policies around working places and schools  promoting no smoking and having designated areas for smoking. And objectives to these are increasing smoking costs, reducing access of tobacco products to minors, increase anti-tobacco policies and introduce more smoking programmes in schools. By implementing these policies, will reduce smoking amongst younger people and encourage them not to pick up smoking and to take the importance of having a good healthy lifestyle a part of their everyday life.

The theory on group work, what is team/group work? A group can be described as any collection of people defined by a common purpose: located together, classified together or sharing beliefs and according to Naidoo $ Wills (2008 p.298) in an organisational context, a team may be defined as a group of workers selected by an organization for a defined purpose. According to Tuckman, (1965) there are five phases in group life Forming, Storming, Norman, Performing and Adjourning. Forming at this stage individuals in the group are independently behaved, getting to know one another so there is a case of politeness and goodwill, but mutual trust has not been established within the group. The group then focuses on the task giving and a discussion is then brought up how to approach the task; the group relies in a leader for guidance and direction. In relation to this Belbin(1981) believes that the team needs to get to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, but not working together for a long period of time there cannot be no team feedback on each other. Having a good Co-ordinator which brought the team together in order to be able to identify how each person can contribute. But this can bring the group down as members won’t want to address difficult topics for they think this might cause a conflict within the group. Members that are team workers might be uncomfortable about arguments, but this can be crucial in the group in order for them to be successful. Complete Finishers and Specialists in the group bring broader discussions that are detailed.

Storming refers to the group brainstorming on ideas and competition with one another starts, each individual in the group begins to from opinions about the characters that are within the group so relationships can be made or broken at this stage. Any disagreements that are formed and personalities that may clash should be resolved or this can lower the motivation in the group. Belbin believes that during this stage the group needs to come up with new ideas and the Monitor Evaluators in the group analysed the ideas giving by the team. Teamwork in the group can help build relationships. Having too many Plants can lead to competition of ideas or a feeling of de-motivation by the Monitor Evaluator who points out the faults in the ideas in the group. Shapers are useful but if there is a competitive side turns aggressive or confrontational this should be addressed to make sure that relationships are good within the group in order to move ahead with the task giving.

Norming here roles and responsibilities are made clear and the group moves towards work practices. The working process creates discussion in the team, the team is now more aware of the competition within the group and there are more co-operations within the team, Belbin (1981) terms that the team needs a clear understanding of who does what in the group. Knowing the team role strengths and weaknesses will benefit the team leader and the other group members to be able to identify who is suited for whatever work is going to be done in the task. During this stage Plants can cause disruptions by trying to interest the team in a new idea.

Performing stage the team understands the purpose of the task and its goals and is more motivated and has now acquired more knowledge; at this point the team can make decisions without the presence of the group leader. And disagreements can be positively resolved. Belbin argues that the team needs a good understanding of group roles and management in order to perform at a higher level.

Adjoining is where the team conducts assessments and implements a plan for transitioning roles and recognises each member’s contributions. And with good communication and understanding the team can deliver in both team work and in the task.


To conclude on the assignment an understanding of how teams/groups were outlined. The Health Promotion event was to give younger people an understanding of the health risks that accompanying smoking, giving the relevant policy that links to smoking as well as the statistics. Providing visual posters and leaflets and setting out aims and objectives followed by evaluation methods which would be implemented to hopefully decrease the smoking in younger people today.

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