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Future Directions of Health Care

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Published: 16th Oct 2017 in Health

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In the future the health care system faces several challenges. In stirring ahead in a strategic direction challenges they countenance are: technology advancements, health care reform and legislation, access to health care, advancing age of population and maintaining a skilled workforce. These regions afford challenges and there are a great deal requirements for reforms and changes. I will address in this paper five areas with challenges in strategies organizations and health care can become accustomed to obtain a strategic direction.

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The use of information technology (IT) in healthcare includes a wide range of technologies integrated in sharing and managing electronically information of patient as a substitute of records of paper which have the prospect for errors. IT has the prospective to develop safety of patient, quality of health care, effectiveness, and collection of data. This can aid to prevent costs rising with sturdy statistics that can establish itself. “Our country’s IT infrastructure of healthcare will facilitate and control these significant efforts-making probable the types of basic changes in delivery and access of health care projected in the fresh health care law”. (Buntin, 2010). For health care organizations there are health care incentives payments that can exhibit employ of EHR’s in an efficient and safe manner. Consecutively to meet the criterion for incentive payments, hospitals and physicians have got to exhibit evidence of significant use of technology whilst executing the subsequent: Certified EHR Technology-Utilisation of a certified product as established by the Health and Human Services Department (HHS), which has got to be incorporate the employ of electronic structure, Information Exchange-EHR have got to be connected in a way that offers health information electronic exchange to advance the health care quality, this comprises promoting synchronization of healthcare, reporting on measures by means of EHR have got to conform with reports of submission on quality measures of clinical. Physicians and Hospitals that implement EHR systems will advantage mainly. Physicians can earn extra above time by leveraging a Medicaid or Medicare program of incentive. Providers might obtain benefits beneath merely 1 of the 2 programs. Physicians and Hospitals must adapt their strategic direction to put into practice this technology in their organization consecutively to obtain the incentive program benefits. This counterbalances the technology costs and prevents them from cutbacks in funding of Medicaid and Medicare.

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 marks a fresh period in health care of American. This Act will commence to have a constructive outcome on business owners, families, and employees. It decreases the premiums price in the course of tax relief. Policy makers have extensively afforded with means to construct costs of health care affordable and yet offer quality care. Physicians are worried above the health care high costs and that it “is not connected with high prominence and effectiveness in the services delivery or improved outcomes of health”. (Moseley, 2009, p.1). Future budget reductions to academic medicine intend challenges. Interventions of Prevention are a substitute to health care reform improvement. Reforms must be spotlighted on the issue of coverage, increasing quantity, increasing value, with a foremost spotlight on maintaining the healthy population. In due course the objective must be to improve on the bills of health care in the course of costs regulation, performance measurement, extension of coverage, increase of sponsored government- insurance, and inducements for wellness programs.

Each American must have access to affordable quality, coverage of health insurance. Millions of Americans devoid of coverage are deprived of access to desired care, medications by prescription, and additional essential services. “Not merely has the figure of uninsured increased, the increase has as well excessively affected the majority susceptible groups”. (Bloom & Canning, 2011, p.1). Obstacles that the uninsured countenance is the distinction between preventative cares and need for further composite medical care. The financial effect is brutal and a lot of people effort to meet up their daily requirements. Strategies that firms can deem comprise: providing a group of skilled individuals to assist take advantage of participation in programs of public health insurance. Statistics require to be computed consecutively to sufficiently recognize the uninsured demographics. Offering free clinics and additional information on healthcare that is being offered will support to construct improved outcomes of health. The objective is to resolve problems generated by cultural, geographic, and additional precise barriers. All the states consecutively to move forward must embrace services of community based that are provided in the course of the Affordable Care Act.

“Even though a healthcare organization countenances no competition in any way, it had to depend on world about it changing-both the external and internal environments”. (Moseley, 2009, p.9). There are a lot of challenges in offering finance costs and needs of health care for the aging populace This is since further people are living longer healthier life owing to medical technology advancements. The elder age groups are on the increase and will carry on rising in a growing trend. A solution to this concern is to capture data with particulars on data of demographic similar to specific age with respect to productivity, to employment, capabilities, and links amid aging and macroeconomic performance to estimate superior results. As people age they stay in the labor force longer and their needs of health are different from individuals who are younger.

As the segregation develops amid the elderly population, the matter of maintaining and educating, a skilled work force in the industry of health care is definitely a rational concern. Resources can be described as tangible or intangible- idle sitting, they merely do not add to productivity in a great deal. “What creates a distinction is what they are able of achieving when they are in operation or action. This hidden prospective of resources comprises a firm’s competencies. An ability that is activated is an activity”. (Moseley, 2009, p.40). Health care is a labor intensive industry that needs all levels of skill sets. In a strategic business unit Managers take into deliberation when hiring, the mainly efficient mix of staff that can accomplish the broadest workload in their resources. The amalgamation of skill sets and job descriptions required for every job in the organization is one mean to get extra for the money. A few of the skills and duties might extend beyond into diverse areas of the SBU’s. Employers require investing in a skilled labor force if they are to meet up their financial objectives, particularly with the challenges of the present economic surroundings. With the job market challenges, forging local and state partnerships with employers consecutively to advance inferior skilled workers is vital. Offering reimbursement of education as an advantage to employees to acquire a higher degree is important. Advancing the improvement of lower skilled workers can be simpler when labor is in demand. Employers yet have got to maintain skilled and low skilled workers. It is significant to access training to advance employer’s competitiveness and productivity, performances of workers, and opportunities of future job. Building a relationship of team allows providers to retain, train, associate, work in the course of hard times, and grow when the economy permits.

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In America there are a lot of challenges faced by health care today. Organizations of Health care can make use of strategies to become accustomed to these challenges. It is vital to carefully examine the challenges we countenance and accustom strategies to these challenges. To meet up these challenges we can make use of experience and technology. Strategies can aid to prevail over hurdles and incessantly improve on the process.


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