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Factors in Planning Health Interventions

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Published: 27th Nov 2017 in Health

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  1. Identify, assess and discuss both direct and indirect impacts on health the following determinants have with regards to planning, implementation, and the evaluation of health interventions.

Determinant factors

  1. Demographic distribution of populations
  2. Political values
  3. Religious beliefs
  4. Human values
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Traditions

Numerous aspects unite collectedly in order to influence the wellbeing of a person and the society. There are factors that cosiderably affect the individuals by the conditions and the environment whether the individuals are healthy or not. These factors are the environment that we live in, our status in life, literacy, and our associations to the people that sorrounds us ( World Health Organization WHO, 2014).

Determinants Factors

a. Demographic distribution of populations

Distribution of population is the number of people living in one place. Demography is focused on the analysis of the population size and structure, specifically in connection to its determinants, fertility, mortality and immigration. Demography has a lot of major issues in its root like global population growth, the challenges of population and the effect of different issues faced by the environment. This could also be rooted in their knowledge about the effect of their actions. Some places aren’t learned enough on the consequences they need to face in doing something. If the population size is big, lesser focus on each family will be given and any help wouldn’t be lend to them, which might result to poverty and hunger that will soon become an illness. The major reason for population changes, whether in an individual country or for the whole world, is the change in birth and death rates. Thebirth rateis the number of live babies born in a year for every 1000 people in the total population.Death ratesare number of people dying per 1000 people. When birth rates are higher than death rates the population of an area will increase (InternetGeogrphy, 2014).

b. Political value

Political values are one of the determinants of health. Somehow, it can affect one’s health through their perspective. How they perceive the political values that are instilled to them could be one factor. It depends on the mind setting of the person, if they rely so much on the politics’ promises to create their lives (Levine, 2012). If they think the government can support their needs, which, in reality, is very rare, then their health might be at risk. One must understand the politics’ issue and how it runs in their country. And this belief may result to poverty/hunger, which later will cause illness to the people. Stress may be considered as one of the indirect impact of political values, stress is considered as one of the major causes of different illness recognized and some political values that are not met and was discouraged may lead into giving stress to people.

c. Religious beliefs

Religious belief doesn’t have that direct impact on their health but indirectly with the belief they stand in for their religion, it may become a determinant of their health. With respect to each all religions, each of it has their own belief and perspective in all aspects. Having a religious belief may have both positive and negatives impacts on health and morbidity. Some religion might consider one thing a bad habit while the other doesn’t even mind it. There are few who have cited several possible reasons basically related with lesser stress levels in a religious community. It has been found that going to church increases life expectancy (Hummer, Roger, & Ellison, 1999) with a life expectancy at 20-83 years for often-regular attendees and 75 years for non-attendees. The result however does not necessarily mean that you can rely your life expectancy by the number of visits you have on churches thus it will help you with your health issue with consideration on the belief they stand. People having strong faith were found to have lesser suicidal characters than those atheists. Another factor for this is the food that each religion is allowed to eat. There are foods that is not allowed in some religion which lead them into a healthier living and other religions which has no restrictions that leads to neglecting the right food to eat and eventually may cause illness.

d. Human values

Human values just like political values have an impact in people’s health. It is more of their disposition towards themselves. How they value and believe in something that might happen in them. This is more on their self-concept and the importance they give in themselves. Human values also consider factors like eating the right food for a long lasting living and eating or practicing whatever they have been used to without even considering their health. Also it can be rooted on what they have been used to since then, this will be the result of their health. There are different kinds of people who does not believe in taking a lot of care of them and might as well believe in destiny, which refutes the belief of having good health for a long lasting life, this may be considered as the indirect impact of human values.

e. Ethnicity

Ethnicity is one of the influential socio cultural factor that affects nutritional and health status. It has a vital part in determining culinary practices. The idea of ethnicity is the person’s culturally used practices that comes from its pith place which means, what has been practiced since they were born. Discoveries say that acculturation tends to show relevant differences in person’s health and dietary practices once they become acculturated to their culture (Wikipedia, 2014). This has something to do with how they deal with others who are within their ethnic group. It is what the people in the place they live in that has an effect of what they practice. This is one of the determinants of the health of people, their ethnicity that brings them to what are practicing until now because they have been used to. The state of their health might have something to relate with in their bloodline.

f. Traditions

Tradition refers to one’s belief that is being passed by their elders. It is their practices that has significance in the past and is still acknowledged until now. This has a great impact on one’s health. It is more on what practices or intake they have been used to since they were young and relatively, it may have an effect on their health later on. It is the summation of their cultural experiences is what somehow defines their health. With the continuous practices of these, surely it will have an impact on one’s health. This is with regard to their values of their elders, how they respect their culture. Indirectly, it has in impact on their health in a way that it defines their health in the present time.


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