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Factors Influencing the Future Subspecialty Choice

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Published: 11th Oct 2017 in Health

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Research Title: Assessment of Factors Influencing the Future Subspecialty Choice for residents of the Saudi Program of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.


Several Factors determine residents’ choice for future subspecialties. These include interest, working hours, income, and future job opportunities. Moreover, choice of future subspecialty might be influenced by gender, marital status, financial status, and sponsoring institute. These factors are different in different regions in the world, and determining them carries many benefits to residents, program directors, and recruiting officials in health care institutes.

A Medline search was carried on and apart from a study carried on medical students, no study assessing factors influencing future career/subspecialty choice for Saudi residents was found.

  1. Research Problem:

Subspecialty choice in otolaryngology resident is challenging decision make. This decision is usually influenced by several factors in variable significance. Determining these factors allows modifying them which benefits both residents and institutes.

  1. Research Significance:

Variable factors influence residents’ future subspecialty choice. Determining these factors and their significance allows modifying them in favor of attracting the brightest trainees to specialties in need.

  1. Research Objectives:

What factors influence residents’ choice for a subspecialty after finishing residency?

Of these factors, what are the most important?


  1. Research Methodology:

Cross sectional survey-based study carried on residents of the Saudi Program of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Riyadh region.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


College of Medicine

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

المملكة العربية السعودية

جامعة الملك سعود

كلية الطب

مجلس أخلاقيات البحوث الطبية

مقترح مشروع بحثي

Research Project Proposal

فضلاً، تتم الطباعة إما باللغة العربية أو الإنجليزية Please, type either in English or Arabic





الرتبة العلمية

Academic Title

أسماء الباحثين*

Investigators Names*


مدينة الأمير سلطان الطبية العسكرية. . قسم الأنف و الأذن و الحنجرة

طبيب مقيم في برنامج البورد السعودي لجراحة الأنف و الأذن و الحنجرة و جراحة الرأس و العنق

1-د. محمد بدر السميري


مستشفى الحرس الوطني. قسم الأنف و الأذن و الحنجرة

طبيب نائب اول

2-د.اماني عبيد


مستشفى الملك عبدالعزيز الجامعي . قسم الأنف و الأذن و الحنجرة

استشاري و استاذ مساعد

3-د.خالد القحطاني

* الاسم الأول: الباحث الرئيس.

الاسم الثاني: الباحث المشارك الذي يرشحه الباحث الرئيس ليتولى القيام بالبحث في حال تغيب الباحث الرئيس أو تخليه عن البحث.

First name indicates the Principal Investigator (PI). *

Second name is the co-investigator designated by the PI to assume all responsibilities,

in case of the absence of the PI.

NOTE: For principal investigator from other college/hospital (outside KKUH) please provide contact details:

Office Tel. No. 0114777714 ext 40805

Email: drmohd5@hotmail.com

Mobile: 0544660000

مشكلة البحث و أهميته

Research Problem and Significance

Subspecialty choose in otolaryngology resident is difficult to decide and have many factor which related to work or not related. Therefore, study the factor and try to improve it will help the resident and the program .

These factor which will change the residents choose by this study we can help them and know the most important factor in our Riyadh otolaryngology resident which can influence the career . because our country have it own factors that can change the career .and there no study have the same significance in otology or any Saudi Arabia program.

أهداف البحث

Research Objectives

Why do resident change there subspecialty during the program ?

And these factor ,we can study it and improve it.

And also help the otolaryngology program for improving the program

directors devise strategies to attract the best and brightest


أدبيات البحث

Literature Review

Choose the career is one of the most important question which most of the educated countries try to help the people to

Improve the work and rise the work professional ,which is improve the out come of the countries . our live in saudia Arabia have different factor than the others which play a big roll in choose the career .

There was no study in literature which done in our country to study the factors and try to improve it .

منهجية البحث

Research Methodology

Cross section retrospective study

Which is survey that distributed to 50 otolaryngology resident in the weekly ground round and the absent resident we send the survey by e-mail in 2014 .



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  5. Correspondence: Saud Al Shanafey, MD Department of Surgery, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, MBC 40, PO Box 3354, Riyadh 11211, Saudi Arabia T: +966-1-442-7754 F: +966-1-442-7772 ; Email: sashanafey@kfshrc.edu.sa Accepted for publication June 2009
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  • Section of Vascular Surgery, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia
  • Reprint requests: Keith D. Calligaro, MD, 700 Spruce St, Ste 101, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Investigators Names

Brief Description of the Role of Each Investigator


الميزانية التفصيلية

Detailed Budget

المبلغ المطلوب

Funds in SR

Details التفاصيل

مقدار الجهد بالشهر

Effort in months

أسماء الباحثين

Names of Investigators

1200X( شهر)=



1000X( شهر)=



1000X( شهر)=



1000X( شهر)=



1000X( شهر)=




Total(1) مجموع البند (1) (لا يزيد عن 40% من الميزانية الإجمالية للبحث)


المبلغ المطلوب

Funds in SR

مقدار الجهد بالشهر

Effort in months




(أ) مساعد باحث ( ) a) Research Assistant ( )



(ب) فني مختبر ( ) b) Lab Technician ( )



(ج) طالب جامعي ( ) c) University Students ( )


(د) إداريون ( ) d) Secretaries ( )


(هـ) مهارات أخرى( ) e) Other professionals ( )


مجموع البند(2) Total (2)


** في حال أن هذا البحث مدعوم يرجى إعطاء التفاصيل التالي:-

1- الداعم.

2- تفاصيل الميزانية.

** If the project is funded, please provide:-

1- Name of Sponsor

2- Details of the budget





(أ) الأجهزة والبرمجيات a) Equipments & software)


(ب) المواد (b) Materials


(ج) التجهيزات (c) Supplies


مجموع البند(3) Total (3)


الرحلات الداخلية Domestic travel


خدمات الحاسب الآلي Computer services

خدمات أخرى Other services


المجموع الكلي Grand Total

الخطة الزمنية للبحث


تاريخ بداية البحث: 15 / 7 / 1435 هـ starting Date : 15 / 7 / 1435

البند Items

التوالي المخطط للأعمال الرئيسة

Planned sequence of major tasks

السنة الأولى First Year

السنة الثانية Second Year


























Data Collection



Data Analysis and Results




Final writing and proofing






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