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Domains of Culture Chart

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  • Cynthia Lane




American Not Hispanic


White Not Hispanic




American Indian




Overview, inhabited localities, ethnocultural


Colored, Black, Black American,

afro American, Africa, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Greece, Black Jews, Islamic

white, Caucasian, skinheads, trailer trash, cracker, Europe, Africa, Mediterranean, middle east, Greece, Jews, Islamic

Orientals, Chinese, Slant Eyes, Yellow

mixed culture of races

Spain, French, Portugal, Latin America


American English, body language, hand language, humorous

American English, stiff dialect, long winded, stiff, impersonal

Maintain face, direct communication

More than a hundred dialects

Spanish, Latin, English,

Family roles and organization

single parent,

grandmother, aunt, orphanage

father dominant, single parent, grandmother, aunt, school drop-out, housewives

Males are valued and women are less valued, both parents make family decisions

Civil head of tribe is called sachem and the military leader is the Chief

Strong cultural values, consists of a nuclear family system, the whole family is involved with making decisions

Workforce issues

middle-class, low-job status positions, labor work, prejudice attitudes toward blacks

father breadwinner, labor work, high paying jobs, prejudice towards other races, high-job status positions, stay home dads

Difficulty with speaking English, Men have higher education than women, less likely to have health insurance

Men do the hunting and fishing while the women do the manual labor work

Lack of education and verbal communication, good workers, but training issues due to cultural barriers

Biocultural ecology

dark skin, light skin, red skin, white skin, various skin colors, Mr./Mrs./,Ms./Miss, Reverend, Pastor m Madea, Madame, Mama, Daddy, Ma, Dad

white, fair complexion, Mr./Mrs. Mr./Mrs. Jones, Mr./Mrs. Smith, Mr./Mrs. Thomas, Miss, Ms. Madame, Mother, Father, Nana

Difficulty with verbal communication, isolation from other cultures

Dark reddish-brown skin color, long black straight hair

Sickle-cell disease, cystic-fibrosis most common diseases for Hispanics, no other specific diseases to associate them of their culture



American Not Hispanic


White Not Hispanic




American Indian




high-risk behaviors

smoking, alcohol, HIV-AIDS, STDs, drugs, violence, rape, teenage pregnancies

smoking, alcohol, HIV-AIDS, drugs, violence, rape, teen pregnancies, sex, STDs

Sexual behaviors amongst adolescents throughout their life; HIV/AIDs, STDs. Heart Attacks, Diabetes, alcohol, Cancer

Smoking, drinking alcohol, suicide, heart disease, obesity, hypertension

Alcoholism, cirrhosis of liver, pneumonia, hepatitis, increased childhood diseases


pork chops, neck bones, greens, sweet potato pie, hot peppers, okra, ham hocks, corn, corn bread, salt pork, pork and parts, chicken and parts, beef and parts, eggs, turkey

pork chops, steaks-beef, corn bread, chicken, cows, pigs, chicken, turkey, wheat, maize, potato, sugar, cow’s milk,

chicken eggs

Legumes, rice, nuts, whole grains, read meats, sake, beer, tea, wine, chicken, fish, sweets, small intake of dairy products

Maize, potatoes, corn, fish, shell-fish, chicken, ducks, turkeys, dogs, pumpkins, peppers, sweet potatoes, eggs

They eat four or five meals a day, consists of soups, tortillas, eggs, coffee, deserts, meat dishes, rice

pregnancy and childbearing practices

oppose abortion, after the birth stay in the house six wks., children care for elderly

parents with young children; divorce is common; personal desires over

family well-being, Late age pregnancies.

Believe in hot and cold theory, soy sauce is omitted from diet believe it makes babies darker, soups and tonics for strength

Herbs and teas to stop bleeding, whole family is involved, and mother is in a squatting position to deliver.

Milk is avoided said causes large babies and difficult deliveries,

Air conditioning is dangerous to the pregnant mother

death rituals

Family gathering, least likely to donate body parts, families are not ready for member to die, pregnant women not allowed in sight of death.

Visitations, Funeral Services, Family gatherings, Private Services, Burial Services, Feel they will go to Heaven

Always brings a feng shui to help find burial site, Funerals known for length, intricacy, beauty and unwavering display of respect. They often look to ancestors for help and guidance

They believe the journey is long and give them food, herbs and gifts to prepare for their long journey. For a safe journey they wash the dead with yucca suds and dress them in traditional clothing

The dying relative is cared by the females family and refuses help. The dying relative stays home to die. Nursing Homes or other facilities are not acceptable.


religion is serious, owns a family church, expects results from prayers, Atheists.

a private affair, mainly Protestant and Bible-based, Catholic, Jewish, Atheists

Hinduism, Christianity,

Buddhism, meditation, Islamism,

They believe in a Supreme Being and Evil Spirits, Christian ministries

Catholics, They believe the dying person moves onto another life

health-care practices

Only see if necessary, natural healings, old remedies from grandparents, mothers, not easy to adhere to medication instructions.

Males may not seek medical attention, Women will seek care for their family and children, Over-weight children, Anorexia, Bulimia

Health is a state of spiritual and physical harmony; the healthy body must be balanced

Avoid prolonged eye contact sign of disrespect, respect the elderly, respect their tribal beliefs

Men do not complain to outsiders, they solve healthcare issues at home with elders before asking for outside help

health-care practioners

Prefer HCP of same gender will see a nurse (female) before a physician (male or female), resent taking orders/instructions from outsider.

Some prefer their own race or gender

Some prefer practioners of the same gender, seeks pleasant speaking practioners, inspects the medical office of artwork and cultural beliefs and values

Some healthcare services is provided by the Indian Health Services; some American Indians do not use the Indian Health Services because of certain historical trends

Respect their spiritual side of their complaints, all the family is involved in their healthcare decisions, show respect at all times, adults should be addressed by title names


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